DollarTrue Review:

DollarTrue website pays you for completing simple tasks on their website and you can also make money by sharing your referral links on Social Media. When I visited their website, I could sense some redflags. Is DollarTrue a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity for making money online? 

Can you really make money with DollarTrue. In this DollarTrue Review , I will reveal all the Details transparently so that you can decide if it is really worth your time.

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DollarTrue Quick Review

Name: DollarTrue
Owner: UnKnown
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

The DollarsTrue website has been created with an aim to target newbies looking for an easy way to make money online.

 I got suspicious,the moment I landed on their website and saw the claims  that you can make $10 in 30 seconds by performing some easy Tasks.

The website also gives you a $25 as a Signup Bonus.

At this moment you may think of the tasks like Online surveys or some writing Jobs but you will be surprised to note that the only task available in the dashboard is to refer other people.  

This is a Clear sign of a Ponzi Scheme and Online.

The website Owners want you to believe that you are promoting Affiliate Links.

Of Course you you share your referral links but Affiliate marketing work in different Fashion.

As an Affiliate Marketer making 6 figure income, I can tell you that Affiliate marketing do not work like this. If you just keep on sharing your referral links on Social media, your account may be blocked and rather than making any money, you will be isolated from your social circle.

Affiliate marketing is a Legitimate online Business and you can definitely make money as an affiliate marketer but not  the way DollarTrue Owner want you to do.

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How Does It Work?


Joining DollarTrue is very Easy. You have to visit the website and create the account with your eMail address.

You will have to create the user name and password as a sign up process. You will also require to fill Your Name, telephone number and home address in the Joining Form.

You will receive an email with a confirmation link. The sign up process will be completed after you click the link shared in the mail.

Now you can login  to your account using your name and Password.

You will feel good to see $25 deposited in your account as a Signup Bonus. I know this amount will remain in your account for ever and you will not be able to withdraw it. Why? Please continue to read as you will know.

Once in member area, you can start earning $10 for every task you complete and let me again tell you that you will not find any other job except recruiting new member. Once a new member is recruited through your affiliate Link,  you will make $10.

The company does not have any job posted by others on its portal. Therefore it is safe to assume that company does not make any money.

And when company does not make money, why and How would they pay you ?

How Does DollarTrue Pays You??

The Company pay you $25 as a one time Joining Bonus and $10 for each task successfully completed.

The company has a threshold limit of $300 which means that you will be able to redeem the money once you have made $300 or more.

You can be paid through Paypal, western union or Account Payee Cheque.

Red Flags: What You should Know Before Joining DollarTrue?

  • You will not find the Owner's details on the website. It indicate that the owners do not want to associate their names with the Scam.
  • You will not find any intimation about the companies office. They are just operating a single page website which would be shut down any time.
  • The Company Pays you for doing simple Job but you will not find any Job except recruiting new members.
  • The company has stated on their website that they will pay you through Pal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. During signup process, they will ask for your name and address so that check can be sent.
  • The Joining is Free and they are not making any money from paid membership. When they do not make money by recruitment, How would they pay you $10 for every recruitment.
  • You would be curious to know about how company is making Money.
    They are making Money in Two Steps.
    1. They will Collect the data and sell it to third party and make money. Afterwards your inbox would be bombarded with the Scam offers.
    2. The company has kept a Threshold Limit of $300. They know most of the People would never reach the threshold limit. But somehow, if you make $300, you would be asked to upgrade before withdrawal.
    You will not be allowed used the money earned for upgradation.
    Once you have upgraded and ready to cashout, you will be asked to complete one more offer. The offer is not free and again you will have to pay from your Pocket. By the the time you cash out , you have paid them much more than $300.
  • Any upgrade should have happened before you start making money and not after you have reached the threshold limit.
  • They do allow you to used the money earned by you for upgradation.
  • Even at the time of upgradation, they will not disclose that you will have to pay for many offers even after upgradation. These are clear sign of an online Scams.
  • The site ask you to share your bank details for direct transfer. I really can not never trust sites like these and warn you to be careful. These details can be used by hackers to harm you. I will not advise you to share such details on such websites. 

Is DollarTrue a Scam?

DollarTrue is a Complete Scam. Please stay away from this website or Else you would lose your hard earned money.

The website Lure the newbies by offering some quick money. Lot of people mostly newbies are always looking for quick ways to make money. The Scammers out there know the fact very well and keep on making efforts to catch the attentions with similar offers.

It is also possible that they may be using some tricks to take you to the $300 threshold to build a confidence into their system and ask you for a upgrade for making money.

The System is designed to make money for its owner and not for you. 

The Owner of website is only interested in collecting data for selling it to others and then upgradations.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

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