Dropshiping is one of the most popular and legitimate business options for making money online mainly for the people who have limited money to spend but are ready to put in hard work.

Dropshipping allows you to sell quality products of your choice without actually purchasing them first. As you are not buying the products,  you are not required to keep an inventory in a warehouse or deal with shipping the items.

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I faced lot of problems myself , when I got started with my dropshipping business as not many tools were available and one had to list all the drop ship products manually. I was always searching for something that could make my life easier. With tools like Alidropship word press Plugin and Dropfied App, the whole business has become a lot easier.

I have already reviewed the Alidropdship plugin and today I am going to review Dropfied so that you can select the best suited for you. Both can be used with WordPress and Shopify store and in case you do not possess the technical skills to set up your WordPress site, you can start your dropship business with a free Shopify store and use Dropified App that probably is the best way to start sourcing suppliers.

Before we discuss more this Dropified App and in case you are not interested in the Dropship business, you would like to check another training program that has helped me in making $10000 or more every month in the last 2 years.


Name: Dropified
Website: Click Here
Founder : Chase Bowers
Price: $14 Per Month and Other Plans 




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Dropified is a software application that can be used to import and manage drop shipping products directly into your own eCommerce store built on a platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, and others. The application will allow you to directly ship the products sold by you to your customers all around the world without even physically storing the inventory.

You can import the products from hundreds of hand-picked vendors who will ship the products to your customer on your behalf and even with your branding. That will allow you to run a successful online business without investing a huge investment of time and capital.

With Dropified, you are not required to :

  • Spend a large number of hours in adding the products to your eCommerce store.
  • upload and edit the product pictures
  • Write SEO titles or product descriptions.
  • Keep track of the change in vendor price
  • Remaining inventory
  • Real Products Reviews
  • Fulfillment of orders

How Does Dropified Work?


In case you are interested to run a Dropshipping business, You would be required to create a web-store that is set up for eCommerce. To use Dropified, you can set up your eCommerce store with Woocommerce, BigCommerce (Both using WordPress), Shopify, GrooveKart, or CommerceHQ. Shopify allows you to set up your first store just with a click of a few buttons.

After setting up the store, you can visit Aliexpress or eBay to find the product you want to sell. Once you have identified the products, you can import the products into your store in a few clicks. All the variants of the products will be imported along with images, Product Description, and pricing.

You can add your markup profit on the back end to earn a profit. Once someone visits your store and but the product, Dropified will help you to get to the product location from the details of the product that have been added.

The whole process is automated. Whenever an order is placed on your website, an order will be automatically be placed with the supplier. You can just make the payment so that Dropshipper can ship the product to your customer

Dropified will receive the tracking information and notify your customer by sending an email to the customer.

What Can Be Done with Dropified?

Dropified can make your dropshipping business very simple and easy to operate. All the operational part will be completely automated and you just have to concentrate on growing your business. You can use Dropified to

  • Research Source and Import products to your eCommerce Store with 1-click
  • Completely Automate the ordering process and save your Time and Money
  • Tracking and fulfilling the orders
  • Tracking the orders and send email updates to customers.

Dropified Plans Feature and Benefite:

Dropified is available with the following three different monthly plans that offer further discounts on Annual membership.

Dropfied Starter Plan - Dropfied Import :


Dropified Starter Plan or Dropfied Import is meant mainly for the newbies just entering the online domain. The plan will help them to build their own eCommerce dropship business for earning handsome income to support their families.

This plan allows the members to import the products from sites like Aliexpress or eBay and automatically fulfill orders with 1 Click using the software.

Members can edit the Product titles, Description, and other details like pricing during product import.

The complete step-by-step training is available with the plan that will cost you $17 on monthly basis or $14 per month if paid annually. In addition to the subscription fee, you will be charged 8% of product cost for every fulfilled sale.

Dropified Private Label on Demand :

The product is for all those people who want to dropship the products in their own brand. You can search for high-quality products built 1 at a time with your brand name.

The product will be shipped under your brand name and would help you not only build your online business but establish your own brand for long term benefit.

The products will be made and shipped from the USA and in case you opt for some food items or oils, they will be made in FDA approved and GMP certified manufacturing facility.

This Dropified plan will cost you $97 per month or $ 83 per month on an annual subscription. Apart from the subscription fee, you will have to pay a 3% additional transaction for every product delivered.

Dropified Black :

The plan is very costly and not recommended by me. This plan comes with all the features of a Private label plan with some additional benefits.

You will not be paying any transaction Fee and also your product catalog is synched with the google merchant center and run Google shopping Ads.

The plan will cost you $297 or $250 per month for monthly and annual membership respectively.

How Dropified can be Integrated with Shopify?


Integrating Dropfied App with your Shopify store is very easy. You can either download Dropified from the Shopify App store or can register with a Dropfied account at their website.

The following simple steps will integrate your Shopify store with Dropified.

  1. Log in to your dropped account and visit the Stores page in Dropified.
  2. Click the add store button to add your Shopify store (Please add your *.myshopify.com store here). If you do not already have an account you can create one using this link.
  3. In case you have installed Dropified App from the Shopify App store, you will not find the add store option as the same is already added to your Dropified account.

Who is Dropified For?

  1. People who want to make money online with their own eCommerce store but do not have enough money to keep inventory.
  2. Existing Dropshipping Store Owners who want to automate their existing dropship business.
  3. People who want to build their own brand store.
  4. Virtual Assistant who can help people manage their dropship business.

Dropified says that its software can fully automate your dropship business and can save up to 20 hours a week for the average person. With my own experience with the Dropshipping business, I would say that this estimate is almost correct.

Is Dropified right for you?

There are many legitimate ways of making money online and dropshipping is One of them. Dropshipping can make you a lot of money.

It offers you the advantage of running your own eCommerce system without a huge investment in physical inventory and without bothering for shipping or order fulfillment.

But drop-ship business does have its own limitations or disadvantages. Some of them are described below.

  1. The biggest disadvantage being no control over the quality of Products.
  2. Manufacturers may change the model without any intimation to you and it may happen that you may not be able to deliver the exact item being advertised by you.
  3. You will also not have control over the pricing as the manufacturer may revise the price without any advance notice.
  4. Vendor at a later stage may not fulfill their warranty obligations.
  5. Return or exchange would be the bigger problem and you may not get your money back in case of return.

These problems can be minimized by having a long term relationship with your vendor and stop doing business with problematic and unreliable sources.

I would say many people are making six-figure regular income with dropship business and in case you are interested in building a dropshipping business, Dropified is one of the best options.

Is There an Alternative to Dropshipping business?

Arun Affiliate Marketer

My Reccomrndation :

I started with the Dropship business a few years back and have run many successful Dropship Stores  but now I am more inclined towrds Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing offers a lot of advantages over dropship business. Here you have the freedom of promoting any branded item of your choice available on shopping platforms like Amazon or Walmart and make money. When you promote branded products, you are not bothered about the quality of products,  warranty,  return, or exchange.

Though you do not require any software or paid App to get started, step-by-step training would definitely help you in moving ahead.

 I rank wealthy affiliate above all such training programs primarily because I am a premium member and have learnes all the tricks from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join wealthy affiliate free but I would advise you to upgrade to starter level at $19 for the first month.

Do not trust me. I may be biased for the wealthy affiliate as I am a premium member.

Join for free. Decide to upgrade, Only if you like

Hope You have enjoyed my dropified review. In case you like to have more information Just leave a comment below.

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