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Do you know that you can create your own trading robot with Expert Advisor Trading Software without any Programming knowledge and even without hiring a programmer?  EA Builder website claims that you can turn your trading rules into indicators for FREE. In this EA Builder review I am going to share the details about the software and how to use EA builder for making money through trading.

Trading is one of the most significant online business today. Many people are making huge money by automating trading. The best thing about Autotrading is that it does not require any technical or analytical skills for making money online.

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Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Expert Advisor Builder or EA Builder can be used by anyone who is interested to make money online through an automated trading system.

It Allows you to pick profitable entry and exit points in forex trading. 

I love Ea Builder Autotrading software as it can provide up to 80% win rate which is considered to be very high. 

EA Builder is not a Scam and is highly recommended for the people having some interest in Trading.

As far as I am concerned I  do not have much interest in Trading. However foolproof the trading software may be there are always chance of losing money. No one can predict the correct outcome every time. I have seen so many trading experts losing money and becoming bankrupt.

I believe in making money by doing a business where there is no chance of losing money even if you don't make any. 

I started this business few years back and now making six figure income on regular basis. You can also try for free.

What is EA Builder?

EA builder is a software which can be used to create indicators and strategies for Atomization of the trading process. This software can be used on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms and can easily improve your chance of winning by selecting profitable entry and exit levels.automatically. 

Expert Advisor Builder can be customized to suit own trading style. Due to this reason EA Builder has been able to attract huge trading community.

EA Builder offers a trial version for free. The trial version however have very limited features .In case you are seriously looking to build an expert advisor of your own with unlimited potential , you must buy the paid version. 

You will not regret your buying decision and will  not be letdown by the paid version. You will get the frequent free updates for your paid version so that build new strategies as per market condition.

How Does EA Builder Software work?


Automate Trading System

EA Builder has revolutionized the trading experience from  manual trading to fully automated trading.  After downloading the automated trading system, you can integrate with your MetaTrader 4 and 5 for an amazing experience.

Custom Alerts and Arrows

The paid version comes with inbuilt standard indicators and functions like trendlines, support, resistance and time of day. You can also add custom indicators or custom functions with just few clicks. The use of arrows and alerts make the trading decisions very  effective and will increase the profitability manyfolds.

Trade What You Want

EA Builder allow you to trade in various option such as Forex, Commodities, Indices and ETFs etc. You can also use EA builder for binary trading. You will reciev more than 83% accurate signals for anything you trade.

EA Builder System Pros:

Complete Training:


When you Join EA Builder , you will receive the complete video tutorials. These tutorials are very helpful in teaching you everything you must know about the EA Builder. 

Starting with the setting up the system for MetaTrader r or MetaTrader 5, you will learn to use the free indicators provided to you. Once you upgrade , you will be able to create custom indicators using these video tutorials

It is best to find such an extensive training module which will train you on very aspect of the amazing features. You will be then able to use these functionalities to make money online. Do not forget to watch the separate video on binary training before using this software for binary trading.

Simple and user-friendly:

You will find the system very easy to work with even if you have no prior experience in working with such softwares. You do not require any programming skills to create your alerts and indicators. Even the experienced analyzers have found the software very simple.

Simple Interface: 

The interface used by the software is very simple. The have used the pop up tips to explain the use of various features. 

Numerous features:

You will find plenty of features available in the software which would allow you to set the time of the trade, the duration time and even the limit of the trades and much more.

Cash Management:

Managing money in autotrading is a difficult task but this software will help you kjee thye track of all your accounts with just few clicks. 

Who is This Program For?

EA builder can be sued by anyone who wants to make money with online trading. Though system is very beginners friendly, the people having some trading exposure would be bale to derive more benefits. Experienced persons always have an edge over the beginners

As a novice, you will also found this software very helpful but you must be willing to put in some time to learn forex trading and master the features of this Expert Advisor Software.

Bottom Line: IS EA Builder a Scam

EA Builder is a legitimate tool which can be utilized to easily automate any type of trading.The system would be helpful for making money with automated trading. 

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

I do not recommend day trading or Binary trading. This is just like gambling. You put some money on some Options and outcome is not in your hand. As per simple mathematics there can only be three outcomes 

  • Stock Price will increase.
  • Stock price will decrease 
  • Stock Price will remain same.

Since the variations in this case is very fast and price always keeps on changing. the probability of price remain same is very low.

But for the simplicity, let us assume the probability of all the occurrence is same, your chance of losing the money are 66%

I do not believe in gambling and thus been working on a legitimate online money making option i.e Affiliate marketing.

I learned affiliate marketing from top most experts and have never looked back. Their effective guidance combined with my hard work has paid off and now I am making money working from the comfort of my home.

In case you are not keen in trading, you can join the same training program and start making money to support  your family.

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