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earnshot Earnshot.com is one of those programs which claims to be the fastest way of making money. The Sales Video of Eranshot.com informs that they have been around for years and have thousands of members all over the world. Frankly speaking, I just came across this name when one of my site visitors requested some information about this program.  When I landed on their website and read the claims, I was much surprised.  I decided to join the program to share with you all the red Flags so that you can avoid another Scam.

Quick Report- Earnshot.com 

  • Product Name:Earnshot.com
  • Web Site:www.earnshot.com
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free to join


Earnshot.com is a Scam. The website claims that you can make money by doing easy tasks. Once you get on-board you would be shocked to note that they do not offer any task except promoting their own website through your referral link.

Over All Rating :

What is Earnshot.com?

When you land on their website, you may get the feeling that you will have to complete some tasks like online surveys or product reviews to get paid.

But after registering, you won't find anything on expected lines.

You may read the FAQ to find out more about the program but there is hardly any information about the nature of Job.

When I joined the program and log on to Dash Board (In fact there is no Dash Board), I found that I have already earned $10 for registering on their website.

I was quite amused  but amusement did not last long.

You can not withdraw this earned money as they mentioned withdrawal option will appear after you have accumulated $300.

There is no other work except to share their website link on Facebook, blogs and other social media platforms.

As per the information on the website, you can make money in 3 Easy Steps.earnshot-3-steps

  1. Setup Account
  2. Instant Approval
  3. Work Little

You just have to spend an hour online and start making money.

Claims are totally baseless as they neither provide any legitimate work nor any training to perform the Job.

You would just be clueless that how would they be making money and how would they pay you.

Revealing all the RedFlags -Earnshot.com

They are not around for years- RedFlag 1

The website claims that they are around for years and to certify their claims I checked the whois records. I was not surprised to know that the website was just created on 7th November 2018. The domain name is registered with namecheap.com


 Thousand of Members- Baseless claim- RedFlag -2

It is established that the website can not have enough traffic in 143 days to make thousands of members. To make thousands of members, you must have the traffic of more than a million visitors. This can not be possible for a new website.

Though it was quite understood that the claims made by the website owner are totally baseless, I checked the Alexa ranking of the website to substantiate my views.earnshot-alexa

The earnshot.com website is still not ranked by Alexa indicating that they are not getting much traffic.

No Information about Companies Owner: RedFlag-3

I don't join any online program without knowing who is behind the platform That always helps to know the legitimacy of the platform and also gives an indication of what can you expect from Training.

You will be surprised to note that the owner has preferred to remain behind the curtain.

I never find any reason for the owner not disclosing his identity except that the earnshot.com is a scam and it is quite possible that the owner of the website might have been involved in similar other scams as well.

No Real Earning ways: RedFlag - 4

When you Join earnshot.com, you are informed that you can earn money in 3 easy steps. All You have to do is just create your account and complete a simple task to earn money.

After creating your account when you log on to your account, you will not find any task there.

You are encouraged to share your referral link on the Social Media platform to earn money. This is the only way of making money through earnshot.com

You will earn $5 to $ 10 for every member referred by you.

The business model does not make sense.

When the website is not making any money why would they pay you?

Moreover, you can not simply promote this type of links on social media for a very long duration.

It is highly likely that Facebook will ban you for spamming the Facebook groups.

I feel that the whole purpose of the website is to collect emails of the people interested to make money online so that they can sell the data to other online scammers.

When you are involved in promoting this type of programs, you also have your reputation at stake.

People would stop believing you and that will be a setback to your online career.

No clarity on payout methods: Red Flag-5

In case you decide to ignore the red flags mentioned above and decide to make money with this dubious program, you will come across another red flag.

The payment terms of eranshot.com are extremely poor.

They do not have any direct payment method like bank transfer or Paypal.


The thresh hold for the payment is also very high. The minimum withdrawal amount is kept at $300.

That means you can not withdraw amount before referring 60 members.

Even if you work very hard and put all the efforts, it may take close to 6 months for referring so many members.

Frankly speaking, I do not think the company will last that long.

Can You make money with Earnshot.com?

There are a lot of people making money by sharing the referral links.  But there are a lot of dissimilarities between the legitimate link referrals as an affiliate marketer and posting the spams.

There are companies like " Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank and AffiloRama" those offers legitimate affiliate programs. You can join them as an affiliate and promote their products or services.

If someone buys a product using your referral link, you will get a commission.

All the companies mentioned above have genuine products and are the world-renowned organization.

When you are recommending their products,  you can rest assured that you are not cheating with your site visitors.

But earnshot.com does not offer any product or service.

To be straightforward, you can earn money online by recommending the genuine products through your referral link and not by spamming.

 Is Earnshot.com a Scam?

Yes, Earnshot.com is 100% Scam and there is no doubt about that. I do not find any good thing about the program. I have reviewed many other Scams like Ecom Profit Spinner, Cash at Home Bonanza and  Inbox Pound but they offer some value or knowledge at least. This is the first program reviewed by me which offers no value to its members. Please stay away from Earnshot.com

Bottom Line:

It does not make any sense in joining a program like earnshot.com even if the joining is free.

You will just be wasting your time and efforts.

I would rather advise you to get started with affiliate marketing or can open a dropshipping store.

People are earning six-figure income using these methods.

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f you need any further information or have any experiences with Earnshot.com, Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.



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