Easy1Up Review 2020 – A Scam Pyramid or Legitimate?

It is always better to research before investing. I did lose a lot of my hard-earned money at the beginning of my online career by investing in shining objects.

Therefore, I know how one feel after losing the hard-earned money. Trust me, There is certainly no worse feeling than losing cash due to a scam.

The claims that easy1Up can remove all your financial problems if you utilize their system to make money online must be thoroughly  examined before investing time and money.

You have landed on the right page to find if Easy1up is legitimae opportunity or a Scam?

Well I did extensive research to determine if some of the Easy1up Review claims of easy cash were actually real.

Unfortunately just what I uncovered is different from the claims. You read this Easy1Up review to learn the truth about the company.

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Easy1UP Review - Quick Report

Website: Click Here
Owner: Peter Wolfing
Price: $25 onwards


Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

What is Easy1UP ?

Easy1Up is an Educational based MLM.

It offers training videos for business owners starting from $25 and goes up to more than $1000.

Besides, it offers an Opportunity to make money with its Network Marketing Program.

Easy1Up is both, an educational Platform and an Opportunity to make money by selling its Products.

Easy1UP have created 5 different Products or Training Courses to teach you everything you should know about making money online.

The Easy1Up want to be treated as an online marketing Training center.

I don't have any problems if they are providing training in online marketing or affiliate marketing.

But reality is a bit different

The main objective of the platform is to train you on recruiting people by selling them the same training material and make money.

Easy1Up operate like an MLM (Multi Level marketing) business and not a training platform. It still may not be a bad thing if they share this with you transparently.

You may join them treating them to be masters in affiliate marketing training but would end up trapped in recruiting network.

Affiliate marketing is a Legitimate opportunity for making money online and your truly also make full time income as an affiliate marketer.

Like you I also did not know anything about affiliate marketing when I got started few years back I was fortunate to found the best training platform run by the leaders in industry and thankfully today I am making regular $10000 or more every month.

In case, you are sincere about making money online, you can try the same training as a starter member for free.

Products Offered by Easy1UP:

Elevation is the cheapest product that offers only basic information about Multi Level or network marketing and How to generate leads using social media.

As a general practice, the first product is more about what you would get in advance level and deals less with some specific information.

I don't this product will be much useful if you just want to learn online marketing or even MLM

1. Elevation Basic ($25 + $5 admin Charges)

Elevation is the chepest product that offers only basic information about Multi Level or network marketing and How to generate leads using social media.

As a general parctice, the first proudct is more about what you would get in advance level and deals less with some specifc infomation.

I don't this product will be much useful if you just want to learn online marketing or even MLM


2. Elevation Elite ($100 + $10 admin Charges)

Elevation elite mainly deals with the video aspect of online marketing especially on social media, including Udemy and YouTube and exactly how to increase sales.


3. Vertax ($250 + $10 admin Charges)

The Vertax focus more on affiliate marketing using search engines and social networking and improve your money making capabilities.


4. Vertaax Elite ($500+$50 admin Charges)

Vertex Elite shows how to generate free traffic and making money with dropshipping business.


5. Vertax Pro Cönnect"($1000 +$100 admin Charges)

In This training, you will learn to create Facebook ads. You will also be trained to market on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc.


6. Vertax Live ($2000 + $200 admin Charges)

This is their latest training and mainly provide training on different topics related to affiliate marketing like creating funnels for email marketing, content marketing and CPA. Moreover, you get 2 Tickets for live event related business acceleration. Additional Tickets can be purchased at $295 each.


According to easy1Up, all these courses combined together cover almost every topic related to online marketing.

Most of the training available is in the form of videos.

I will never spend such huge money on a video course unless I want to make money buy recruiting others.

The problem with the video course is that you can not get answer to your questions and your doubts remain unresolved resolved.

I joined an online training program where you have access to love chat 24X7 basis and you can ask question and get answers.Moreover, there is a live training session every week end apart from the regular training.

In case, you are not able to attend live training, you can watch the recorded version any time. Even all the past live webinars are available on platform. You can watch them as per your convenience. In case, you are interested, you can join the same training and follow my success journey.

How Do easy1UP Works? 

So Easy1Up is supposed to be both a platform for education and a network marketing program for making money.

This mix and match do not work anymore. Only MLM recruiters will join the program and serious candidates looking for gaining knowledge normally stay away from this kind of platforms.

There are platforms running similar type of training programs like Udemy, Wealthy Affiliate or Simplilearn.

They do allow affiliates to promote their training program but they do not force their students to sell the program for making money.

In my opinion programs like Easu1Up do not work as claimed.

Easy1UP compensation Program:

You get 100% commission on your sale which means you get your money back in your first sale.

But in case someone buys a product of higher denomination, the commission would be pass on.

If you join the system with $25 the higher products will not be qualified for commission. Suppose someone buys a product worth $500, you will not be eligible for commission.

In case, you start with Vertax Elite Pro by paying a joining Fee of $500 (+$50) then The $25, $100, $250 areautomtically included in your package and qualified for commission(no pass up required).

The second sales then goes to the person who have referred you. This is known as pass up sale. SImilarly, you will receive the pass up sale from your referrals.

How much money can you make with Easy1UP

To my utter surprise, Easy 1Up does not make any arbitrary earnings claims. They do not put any cap to how much you make. It will all depend on how effective you recruit your down line and again how efficiently they work to recruit more.

You will start making profit from your 3rd sales. First sale. Your first sale is theoretically a reimbursement of your initial investment and second sale will go to the person who referred you.

The payment will make through Bank card and PayPal.

How to Get Started With Easy1Up?

Evidently you are required to be invited by someone for joining the system. You can’t join directly through the website by clicking some Join Now button.

But finding such people and getting invitation is not very hard as hundreds of people who have joined before you are promoting Easy1Up and would be advertising for recruitment.

Easy1Up Pros:

  1. You can get started with $30 ($25 +admin Fee of $25)
  2. You can recover your payment with jut one sale.
  3. Some training is provided.
  4. If you can recruit down line , you can make lot of money.

Easy1UP Cons: 

Genrating Leads and Recruitment is not easy

Regardless of what people say, you should know that driving traffic to such programs is never easy. Converting your traffic into customers is more difficult.

Trusting you could generate leads for Easy 1Up by investing $50 on Social media ads is unrealistic.

A successful social medium campaign would require deep understating of your target audience, lots of experience and spare money for hit and trial.

You can not make money by just pacing some ad on social media. If it was that easy everyone would have been making money by promoting their affiliate links on Facebook. But the statistics implies that most social media ads fail to bring any customers.

This will never be your Own Business :

You will be given a sub domain hosted by them upon joining the program and you shall be promoting the products on that sub domain.

You do not own the domain or website and suppose tomorrow they decide to wind up the business, all you efforts will go waste. moreover You can not promote other products on that subjoin and your growth would be limited.

I am working as an affiliate marketer for past few years making full time income. I promote hot selling products on my own website and keep on adding new products as and when they are in demand.

I am in full control of my website and can use the traffic generated on my website for promoting many products.

In the event that you would rather prefer to have your own internet marketing business and be your own boss, check out My recommended training program by clicking the button below.

You must Buy an Item to Promote:

You can only make money for the package you have bought. If someone buys a package of higher value than yours through your refer all link, you will not get the commission.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you get all the commissions, you must buy the highest training pack by investing an amount of $2200.

No Refund Policy:

They do not offer any refund. This is common with most of the digital products as you can download them and then seek a refund. On the basis I can not call them a Scam but you must be careful before investing.

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Bottomline : Is Easy1Up A Scam?

Well I really won't put this program in the category of scam but I would neither recommend it nor promote it. You will not find any affiliate link related to this product on my website.

The cons outweigh the pros. The platform offers an opportunity of making money by selling its digital products.

You can join many other affiliate network like Amazon or Walmart for free and start promoting branded products.

Moreover, if you are looking for a training in affiliate marketing, you should join a program being run by the leaders in this field.

If you could learn by videos, you may find plenty of them on YouTube but just videos are not enough.

You would need a step by step affiliate marketing training and way to resolve your doubt. You need experts to answer you queries.

I was also looking for a similar platform when I got started and fortunately I found one. I learn to affiliate marketing and now helping people. In case, you join the platform, you can find me inside and I would personally be available to guide you and share all the secrets of my Success.

Meet Arun Sabharwal

The author is an experienced affiliate marketer and a coach making a full-time income online.

He was laid off from His Corporate Job at the age of 51 during Mass Lay Offs.

When his colleagues started searching for a new job, even an underpaid one, Arun Decided to start his own Business.

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