Pandemic has taught almost everyone the ways to work from home. Though people have adapted to the new scenario, they are still stuck with their old jobs despite heavy pay cuts. When you have already started working online, why don't start your own business?

if you’re not ready to take advantage of the internet for making money online working from the comfort of your home even now, you’re missing out on something big. Whereas most of the businesses are fighting for their survival during coronavirus, eCommerce is really booming.

II am not saying it's easy as there’s a lot of competition even in online marketing. To succeed you need to have a unique product, that is much in demand, at the most competitive price.

I have decided to write an Ecomhunt review as this tool takes the pain out of product research.

Ecomhunt review ?  quick review

Name: ecomhunt
Website: Click Here
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Join 

Best For : Every One 




Many newbies looking forward to start their ecommerce or dropshipping business do not know "How to find the winning products for their store.

Most of them wander here and there  In order to find the right products to sell.

Since the competition in internet marketing is increasing day by day, you need to have the hottest products which can be sold easily and make a huge difference.

I have just found this tool Ecomhunt, which can be used by beginners and experienced users for internet selling.


The Ecomhunt is software that curates the best and most popular new products every day. The tool helps provide a legit way to its user in finding winning products easily and therefore makes the conversion rate very high.

These new products are added to their database manually every day so that you don’t have to waste your time in finding the products and their sources on drop shipping websites like Aliexpress and avoiding the non-selling products straightway.

Besides giving you the winning product, the tool will also include the details like the ads are being run by your competitions and out of them which one is working.


Once you have detailed information about the products, competitors, and which ads are converting, you can easily create the list of the best products in your niche that you need to have in your eCommerce store without wasting time, effort, and money.


.After becoming a paid member, when your log on into the dashboard, you will see all the manually curated products which are working well and much in demand in the market. These are the products that can potentially earn significant profits.

The products are sorted in such a way that you will see the new products at the top and then older ones. The new products are available only to the paid members for few days before becoming available to free members. This way, the paid members have an advantage over the free members.

For every product listed on the Eco hunt platform, you will get the following detail:

  • Product Description
  • Product Images
  • Recommended retail price (RRP),
  • Costs and Margins
  • Option to Import these products directly to your Shopify Store.
  • Complete Analytics
  • Saturation Inspector to find which products are close to saturation.
  • Direct links to many AliExpress listings.
  • Product advertisements, and videos
  • Facebook advertising ideas and current advertisements
  • Social Media Engagement Ideas
  • Buyer’s Review.
  • Targeted Audience.
  • One to one Expert Consultation (through the Messenger)

I feel with the above information; you can easily turn your dropshipping store into a profitable one.

Eco hunt is a must to have tool for every drop shipper, especially for newbies who are just starting out.


The above information is more than what you should be requiring to run a successful eCommerce business but Ecomhunt has a lot more to offer. Look at the following extra features provided through extensions.


Adhunter from Ecomhunt is a Chrome extension that allows you to find, use and analyze

  1. Competitors original Facebook and social media advertisements.
  2. Amount of Traffic they are driving.
  3. How long these advertisements are running?
  4. From which country, People are clicking the advertisements.

The best part is that this chrome extension comes free with your Ecomehunt’s pro plan.


You will find many other useful Shopify apps and extensions with your pro membership. Ecomhunt will allow you to find and install extensions for your Shopify store.

If you are already using the Ecomturbo theme, these plugins are not required. However, for those who are not using Ecomhunt Theme, they can find the 5 best Shopify Themes which they will definitely be interested in.


 As a newbie, you would also be concerned about the eCommerce training and how to achieve sales. But Ecomhunt got you covered.

They have a section dedicated to webinars and step-by-step training that will help you adopt this new approach if you have never done any eCommerce business earlier.

Just not the newbies, even the expert in this field would be benefited from this advanced training that will help them in enhancing their skills further.

Normally such training is separately sold in the market for close to $997 or more but it is included in your Ecomhunt pro membership for free.


It just does not end with webinars and the training mentioned above. Ecomhunt university is a newly added feature.

Again the training here is free of cost for the members who sign up, The Ecomhunt university not only provides the complete information and videos on how to build a dropshipping business but also teach you “how to develop their Ecom Funnels”

Besides, if you prefer, you can use the pre-fill funnel available there.


There are two simple membership plans are available.

  1. Free Plan: The plan will allow you to access two products daily but with a very limited amount of data. Moreover, the newly released products will only be available to free members on the third day, rather than the date they’re found.
  2. Pro Plan: The pro plan will cost you $29 per month. As a pro member, you will have access to all the products and the features mentioned above.

A pro member will have full product information, such as links to the competitor's stores that are already selling the products, targeting a particular product, ads videos, Facebook ads, and more.

Free members can upgrade their accounts at any time to have access to full product data and information which is released every single day.


Ecomhunt is one of the first hunting tools and has been around for a reasonably long period. They offer an excellent product range and new products are added on daily basis Ecomhunt has helped their members to find the best winning easily and quickly with all the information that may not be available otherwise.

However, in order to have the full advantage, I would advise you to go for pro membership. With the free version, you will only have a limited number of products with some information that will be enough for sufficient conversion sales.

The pro members will have access to a lot of hot selling Shopify products with lesser chances of them being known by several people and there will be less competition.


This is one of the best features of Ecomhunt. The users will b able to see the information of all the Facebook ads running currently for any particular product. The details would include links to the stores that are already selling that product and members will also get the actual videos being used by the store.

These details will come in handy, especially to those who do not have prior experience in Facebook ads and do not have any videos to promote their products on social media.


If you are aware of the country, age, and interest-specific targeted audience before running your Facebook advertisements, there is a very high chance of conversions. Since you also the competition and at what price they are selling, there is no chance of failure by selling the same product to the same audience at a competitive price.

Ecomhunt helps its members by providing them detailed insights about competition and exact targeting of product.


You can further win customer’s confidence by providing them the product reviews for real buyers. This feature increases customer engagement as they get to see how many people have bought the product already and what are their opinions.


  • Free to Join
  • Affordable for Pro members
  • Complete Product insight
  • Facebook ad copies
  • Promotional videos
  • Direct import to Shopify
  • Must-Have Shopify Apps
  • Step by step training
  • Free access to Ecom University so that you can learn the whole process of dropshipping
  • Ecomhunt shows the users Facebook Ads for particular products.
  • It gives insights into product engagement for all associated advertisements.
  • It shows the information along with the date.
  • It provides information regarding the Shopify store about who is selling the best products.


Though I could not find any major drawback, I feel it should have some section for B2B products.

Moreover I would have preferred the special section for High Ticket Dropshipping Idea.


Ecomhunt is the best and cheapest tool for finding winning products for dropshipping business without making much effort on your own.

The website is easy to use and navigate. You can get the data very quick and get ready for selling and testing.

There are lot of products in different niches to chose from and therefore you may be able to find one very easily which are appropriate for your store.

Moreover, all the training guides, webinars, Ecomhunt University and can help the newbies as well as the experienced ones. 

Furthermore, you can find a lot of support from people doing same business who are part of their thriving Facebook group. If you still need any support , You can use the Live chat feature available on the website. In a nutshell, Ecomhunt Product finder is a well-researched tool and an excellent platform for you to use for your dropshipping business.


If you are planning to start dropshipping ecommerce business, Ecomhunt  Pro plan is highly recommended. The program have excellent and unmatched features for finding promising product that can increase you sales many folds and bring excellent revenue.

If you need more information about ECOMHUNT, just leave a comment below in the comment section. i will respond at the earliest.


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