Evergreen Wealth Formula, EWF 2.0 is making a lot of news these days. It has created hype in online marketing. Therefore, many people are looking for complete information about the program.

For all those who want to know about EWF 2.0, I have decided to review this program transparently to see if you can make money by joining Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Ever green wealth formula review - quick report

Name: Ever Green Wealth Formula
Website: Click Here
Owner: Unknown
Price: Free to Join 



What Is Evergreen Wealth Formula all about?


Evergreen Wealth Formula was created by James Scholes to lead you into online marketing success by providing step-by-step training.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help you build an online business that can generate 6 figure income for you in 90 days.

Sounds Interesting?

Any money-making opportunity always sounds interesting. When I first came across the Evergreen Wealth formula, I thought it to be another make-you-rich-quick type of scheme.

Still, before joining, I always do intensive research to find the reality of the claims by the owner. Generally, I treat these kinds of claims are made to create hype for the product.

According to James Scholes, the Evergreen Wealth formula work in 3 simple steps.

List of Steps

Step 1

Set up: Here, you follow the step-by-step instructions given in a video to set up everything on the platform

Step 2

In this step, you will set up automated traffic streams to get quick results and run the business in Autopilot.

Step 3

Scale up your business by setting up more traffic resources.


According to James, It will take only 2 hours to set up your business and get ready to earn money online.


By reading such statements, It is natural to treat this program as another Autopilot scam. Still, when I checked his video presentations, I found them to be different from those scams.

I disagree with their marketing strategies, but training seems somewhat helpful.

Even though the training is not enough to build successful entrepreneurship, it may get you started.

But getting started is not what you are looking for. Instead, you want a successful online business.

The Autopilot program never works; otherwise, everyone would be earning online by entering into such programs.

There will then be no need to work so hard for anyone writing content, doing SEO, and waiting so long for the results.

If it is that easy to earn 6 figure income in 90 days, everyone in the world will become a millionaire.

Online marketing is a real business, and success takes a lot of time and effort.

As a beginner, you must work hard and learn the techniques rather than getting involved in Autopilot schemes and wasting your money.

Evergreen Wealth Formula may not be a 100% scam. But it is meant for experienced marketers or internet gurus who can integrate their funnel with the system and start promoting them.

Again I am not saying that earning 6 digit income is impossible. Still, all I am saying is that it will not happen quickly, not in 3 months.

And you must be ready to learn and keep patience for close to a year minimum.

Then, once you have done all the hard work, the business will automatically go in Autopilot mode and earn while sleeping.

Most worrisome 3 factors – winning Formula for James Scholes :

The Internet is full of information, and every newbie getting started will gather a lot of information.

However, excess data is always wrong and confusing. So rather than moving in the right direction, they would continuously begin to search for these topics:

  • Can a new person (without experience) start online marketing?
  • How to write content?
  • How to get traffic?

The owner of EWF 2.0 has formulated his marketing strategies around these 3 things, mainly and promoting his Program. He has hit the right area and has created the hype.
He has invoked the interest by claiming his Program to be a solution to all 3 problems.

Do  not worry about Traffic:


He claims that traffic is not a problem with his system. He assures that you will drive the traffic and scale it up to a higher level as per your requirement. And strategies take minutes to implement.

Do you think driving traffic to your website is that easy?

Content Creation not required | Really?


Evergreen Wealth Formula is offering you a premade and fully functional website with pre-written content.

For targetted traffic, you need high-quality contents which can convert your traffic into sales.

According to the owner of EvergreWealthlth Formula, you will get an unlimited supply of high-quality content in an Automated system along with the graphics.

I am still not aware of getting unlimited content. The System owner may be using some article scrapper integrated with an article spinner like the Spin Rewriter.

Still, in that case, you will get the spun contents and not the contents of the origin.

Many online marketers use these tools to write content for their web 2.0 but not for the main website, while others will get the spun contents in spintax format to rewrite them.

Unfortunately, spun or copied content directly cannot be used for ranking.

Beginner Friendly Program:


According to James Scholes, the program is Beginner Friendly.

There is no doubt that setting up the program is easy, but it has not been complemented by a complete training program. In addition, just Automated programs will not earn you any money.

Similar automated websites are being soled ofn Fiverr for $5 only.

How Evergreen Wealth Formula works | Steps involved.

Once you are inside the program, you will be following the steps given below:

  • Building a website using copied content (or your own content).
  • Setting up a landing page or squeeze page for your website.
  • Setting up an Autoresponder like GetsResponse to start your first email marketing campaign.
  • Building a website with Landing Page or Squeeze page to capture emails.
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc. to drive traffic to your website.
  • Start Paid advertisement campaigns to drive traffic to your website.
  • Start a YouTube channel and upload relevant videos to drive more traffic to your website.

The process seems simple, but it is not like that. Any affiliate marketing uses the above steps but in a different fashion.

But there is an essential missing link, i.e., Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is the backbone of digital or online marketing.

I failed to understand the use of an email campaign in the beginning without having a good email list. Moreover, you can learn all this for free on youtube, but just setting up these won’t work.

You cannot be dependent a lot on paid advertisements since that traffic is not stable. As soon as you stop placing the promotions, your website will have no visitors.

You must learn to rank your website very high and generate organic traffic. This can be done by using Ling tails Keywords. Unfortunately, the evergreen wealth formula does not teach you all that.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Pros:

  • Easy to set up and follow.
  • Step-by-step training
  • Lifetime email support.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Cons:

  1. Training does not touch the aspects of Organic Traffic and SEO.
  2. Misleading Advertisements: I am really upset with the marketing Strategies adopted by James Scholes. The product may not be top of the world but still hold some value. He should have been straightforward, and that way could have earned the customer’s Trust. I know how good the training is. Maybe you cannot start earning from day one, and no way you can start earning a six-figure income in 90 days.
  3. Unethical Tactics: He has asked his students to create a fake identity on Facebook and other social media to post different advertisements. This way, even you can sell a product, you are not connecting with the customer and are not establishing your own brand. Success in online marketing totally depends on your relationship with customers. If I review some programs and tell my site visitors to buy them, they will accept faith only.
  4. No Trial members ship: I recommend the programs which allow my readers to join as a free member, evaluate the program, and buy the paid members only if they are satisfied.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review - Conclusion

Here'r Evergreen wealth formula Review Conclusion for you.

Evergreen Wealth Formula is not a scam but not recommended due to the reasons I have explained above.

Training is not complete in all respect, and they do not concentrate on long-term benefits.

The training only focuses on the online money-making niche using paid advertisement. You can not apply the same tactics to other niches like health, gadgets, or similar.

Is There an Alternative ?

Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended affiliate marketing training.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here, for free as a starter member and evaluate yourself for one week.

After that, if you like, you can become a premium member. The annual membership will cost you less than $1 per day.

If you need any further information, please leave a comment below. I have the habit of replying to my site visitors.

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