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Shy Of Facing Camera ? Do Not Worry. You can create world's best videos without facing Camera.

Explaindio is the best Software available on the market for creating 2D, 3 D,  Explainer Videos, Animation Vidoes or Converting your Blogs to Vi


Online marketers have realized the importance of Video marketing. If you go by Data, Youtube Videos get more than 3 Billion Views every day.

Facebook though not primarily a video platform still FaceBook Videos get over 2 Billion Views a day.

It is not easy to find the right kind of video creating software without establishing your needs.

Every video Creating software has its pros and cons and you must be able to choose the right one for your requirement and which fits into your budget.

Some of the software available online may have amazing audio recording capabilities while others may be capable of supporting a large animation library

Therefore to help you select the best Video creating software,  I’ve decided to write Explaindio Video Creator review. Explaindio Video Creator does a little bit of everything and may create Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Videos for your online marketing Campaign.

Explaindio Video Creator - Quick Review

Name: Explaindio Video Creator
Website: Click Here
Owner: Andrew Darius
Price: $67 Per Year



Summary :

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Videos are the most relevant way to make money online. You may be spending lot of money by outsourcing your videos.

Now, you can make them yourself for your own blog and even sell them for good money. A lot of people making very good money on Fiverr by selling these type of gigs.

 Explaindio is without doubt  the world's easiest and most Flexible Video Creator.

Explaindio has all the tools you need to create 2D, 3D, Explainer, Doodle, or Motion video. You can create videos in 3 easy steps in just minutes.

Explaindio is a desktop-based software compatible with  Window and Macbook. The Explaindio Video Creating Software can be used to create various type of videos as per your requirement.

Compared to many other expensive videos creating software available in the market today, Explaindio video creator offers much more flexibility at an affordable cost.

Explaindio is claimed to be the world’s most powerful video creator which is easy to use for creating animated marketing and sales videos.

Though some internet marketers have argued that the interface is a bit difficult to learn. The best part is you will find tutorials to guide you at every step.

Explaindio Video Creator Features:

Explaindio is in the market for quite some time now and has established itself as the best video creating Software. The team has been doing a great job by adding new features and fixing the bugs etc. Customer Support is very good.

Explaindio has added additional features in every upgrade.

If you have purchased Explaindio 3, you will automatically be upgraded to Explaindio 4.0. But the Buyers of earlier versions i.e version 1 or 2 will have to buy the new version to get access to all the Features.

 Some of the features are explained below:

  1. You can Create Multiple Animations at the Same time.
  2. Explaindio Video creator can be used to make 3D Animation Videos
  3. 3 D external elements can be Imported.
  4.  One can customize 3D models and animations.
  5.  Videos can be imported to many popular formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, and MP4.
  6. Can be Integrated with Pixabay.
  7.  Explaindio Video software comes with 180+ pre-made text animation and 140+ pre-made video, image &  doodle objects animations.

Explaindio can be installed both on Windows and Mac. Internet will be required for initial installation and subsequently cloud-based usage.

You can create any number of videos for your personal Use. However, in case you are looking forward to selling the Videos, You must Opt for the enterprise version.

 Designers and Animators who used to spend a lot of time on other software have found but Explaindio very helpful in saving time and producing definitely high-quality video animations for their clients, customers, and products.

This Super software can be used to create highly converting sales videos without wasting a lot of time in learning how to use the software.

What do you get with Explaindio Software?

Explaindio 4.0

Apart from the Explaindio Video Creator and Editor, you will have access to the complete Suite to enhance your creativity. The following items are included in the creativity suit:

  1. 100 Premade Full HD Background Videos.
  2. More than 300 Fonts.
  3. A lot of Back Ground Music to suit your requirement.
  4. 800 blackline and colored Doodle Sketch Images.
  5. 200 already created but customizable Animated Scenes. You can customize them with your own text, Color, Fonts, and Images.
  6. More than 300 STock iMages which can be used as Featured or Background.
  7. 6 Animation Characters each with a set of animations.
  8. Cloud Storage to store your videos.
  9. Access to Private FaceBook Group.
  10. Step by Step Video Tutorials for Creating All kind of Videos.

What Explaindio Can Do For You:


Explaindio can create help you in your online marketing. by creating Engaging Videos. This is the only solution for all your video creation needs. You can do a lot of things as explained below:

  1. Create Superb Attention Getting Animation.
  2. Build Eye-catching Animated Scenes.
  3. Produce Hollywood like Promo Videos.
  4. Make Creative Kinetic Typography.
  5. Create High-Quality Parallax Videos.
  6. Animate Product Launch Videos.
  7. Make Converting Youtube videos.
  8. Create Eye-Catching Logos.

Why should Consider buying Explaindio 4.0?

Explaindio can be used to create best Animations, Explainer Videos, Motion Videos, and Doodle Sketch. I have not seen any other Video creating Software offering all these features together in lone Application.

You are not required to have any prior experience in creating any such videos and the step by step tutorial would help you in your journey. The Explaindio 4.0 is real Plug and Play video creator which would turn you from a Novice video creator to an experienced one.

The Software can be used for your own online marketing campaign or you can make videos for your clients with Enterprise version.

Explaindio Video Creator is much more flexible and affordable as Compared to other major video software available in the market. Its large toolbox offers a number of options for creating animated and explainer Videos in Whiteboard or cartoon style.

The Cost of Eplaindio Video creator and OTO's:

You can buy the Explaindio Video creator and editor by paying an affordable price of $67  per year or $497 as a Lump Sum one time Fee.

Before making the payment you can have access to a free 14 days trial which can be terminated any time during the trial period.

First Upsell:

The first Upsell is very impressive. You can buy this Pro creator Pack for $97 which gives you 200 customizable intros, 3D deluxe Logo Sting Animations and 3 D outros apart from 700 premium transitions.

In case you are not interested to spend that much initially, you can buy half of it at $47.

Second Upsell:

I would not recommend this Upsell. You can become a member of Explaindio Template Club by paying $37 monthly or $297 yearly. After becoming a member,  you’ll get a few extra Animated Scenes, images, Doodle Sketches, and Stock Images every month.

You can buy the trial version of this offer for 14 days by paying $1.

Third Upsell:

By paying $ 67, you can have access to the Free CC Footage Package. I am not sure if you would require this as well.

Fourth Upsell:

This upsell is for the people who want to sell create a video for selling purpose. In case you want to create videos for your clients, you can buy the Enterprise version for $97 per year.

Fifth Upsell:

The Fifth Upsell is known as 3D FBX to ZF3D File converter and is available for $47 per year. The OTO will unlock access to an infinite number of 3D models and animations which you can use directly in your Explaindio Videos. You can either import the converted contents or create your own 3D animated videos without any prior experience.

I would advise you to buy this Upsell once you have started making money with your affiliate marketing Site.

Is Explaindio Video Creator worth Buying:

Explaindio Video creator is a highly recommended tool for online marketing and affiliate marketers.

If you’re an affiliate marketer like me who don’t want to spend too much time in creating attention catching animated explainer videos, then Explaindio is the best tool for you.

In case you are just getting started with your affiliate marketing and do not have any established money making a website, I would advise you to invest some money in learning affiliate marketing first before buying such tools.

These tools will definitely help in achieving your targets and taking you closer to 6 figure income but they won't help you in learning affiliate marketing which is a prime requirement of making passive income.

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