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Today I am going to review a company called Eyeline Trading. The company is operating in Crypto currency Domain. In last few years lot of BTC trading and mining companies have surfaced and most of them have been big time scammers. Is EyeLine Trading a scam?

We are going to look into this question within my transparent review. I will discuss the products; compensation plan and other aspects of company based on my research and give you my final views on whether the company offer a legitimate opportunity to make money online or is a Scam?

Quick Report

Name: EyeLine Trading
Website: www.eyelinetrading.com
Owner: Jean Paul Ramirez
Price: $40/BTC Trading Package


EyeLine Trading

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What is EyeLine Trading Company?

Is EyeLine a Scam

The website claim that the mission of EyeLine Trading company will provide each and everyone an opportunity to manage their finances by teaching them the secret of Wealth. This can be achieved by putting your money to work for you and compounding the profits. The opportunity is available worldwide.

Further they claim that the EyeLine trading is marketing wing of the EyeLine Business Development, a leader in Cryptocurrency space. They claim to have their own trading system, crypto wallet and own coin.

Jean Paul Ramirez is the owner of Eyeline Business Development.

Who is Jean Paul Ramirez?

Jean Paul Ramirez

Jean Paul Ramirez have supposedly created EyeLine Business. He claim that he is a Leader in Financial Industry. He became certified broker of CCS stock exchange in 2001 and then opened a escrow account worth $70,000,000 in 2007. He claim to have got a licence with Goldman Sachs in 2014 and managed accounts worth $2,300,000. Jean Paul Ramirez started Crypto business in 2015.

In case you research more about him on internet or on social media, you will not find any solid information. As per my information Jean Paul Ramirez is not even the real owner of the Eyeline Business Development. The company is owned by Dan Putnam who have been involved in a number of scams.

According the company’s website, they are based out at Colombia and have offices in USA (Nevada, Utah and California). Mexico and El Salvador. The information provided by them closely resemble another scam named USI tech.

How can you make money with EyeLine Trading- Compensation Plan Explained

  To earn money with EyeLine trading , you will have to buy the BTC trading package. BTC trading packages are nothing but individual accounts opened by making payment in Bitcoins.

As per claims 50% of the money paid by you goes into your trading account and rest 50% is used for operations and commissions. The money deposited by you is blocked for 365 days. As per my experience such companies normally disappear before 365 days.

There are four different ways to earn money with EyeLine Trading System explained below.

1. Trading Package:

You will get .66% of your trading package every day. Suppose you buy the trading package for $40 (You have to pay in equivalent BTC). 50% of the trading package i.e $20 will go into your trading account and rest $ 20 will be kept for making commission etc,

EyeLIne Trading BTC Package

Once your trading account start paying, you will be getting 13 cents (.66% of $20) for 365 days i.e $48 and at the end of contract you will get $20 invested in the trading account back. So an amount of $40 invested by you will become $68 in one year. It means you will earn 70% in a year.

That is a huge profit.

2. Start earning by Personal referrals:

EyeLine Trading Personal Referrals

You will get commission by referring others into the system. As a free member, you will get 10% of CV and if you have a trading account, you will get 20% of CV.

3. Making money in Forced Matrix

The EyeLine Trading work like an MLM.  EyeLine Trading  system would put you in 3X12 forced matrix upon up-gradation and pays between 1% to 5% at each level. To get into forced matrix, you must upgrade yourself.

Once you Join, you will be treated to be on the top of your matrix. Next 3 referrals will be place directly below you and all of them will have 3 referrals each making total 3+9. The matrix will go deep up to 12 levels.

A forced matrix means the level can be filled with direct and indirect referrals.

The levels 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 will get 1% of the total money invested by team and level 2,4,6,8,10 and will get 5% of residual commission.

EyeLine Trading 3X12 Force matrix

To earn commission at any level, you must have $40 invested by you.

At every level you must have at least one direct referral and other can be indirect or Forced referrals.

4. Global Bonus Pool 

2% of the total global sales would be converted into shares. You can earn unlimited share after upgrading your account or after buying the trading package. One share will be allotted five of your referrals upgrade their account.

EyeLine Trading Global Pool Bonus

It seems too much money, isn’t it?

Hold on for some more time.

How Much it Costs to Join EyeLine Trading System

The cost of one BTC trading package is $40.

Though you can join EyeLine for free but in order to get referral commission, you need to buy minimum one package. As a free member you can earn 10 CV on direct referrals only.

Is EyeLine Trading a Scam?

EyeLine Trading do not have any real product to sell.

Though they have mentioned that they Use AI and their relations in the market to buy the Bitcoins in bulk at low price and sell them when market is high but the company have not provided any proof on their website.

The EyeLine trading uses the money invested by the new referrals to pay very high ROI. These kind of schemes are known as Ponzi schemes.

On one side they assure a guaranteed return of .66% on investment and on the other side they have declared that there is no guarantee of return.

EyeLine Trading Warning

It is very clear that every member may not be able to recruit new members. The new investments will stop coming when many members would just join for ROI and do not recruit further.

In such a scenario EyeLine trading will not be able to keep its promise of guaranteed return and will collapse. That would result into loss of money to investors like you.

People who join such schemes just on launch or within shorter period can make some money but not all.

The opportunity do not seem to be legitimate and is a scam.

Bottom Line:

I do not advise you joining any Ponzi scheme. That is not the legitimate way of earning money online.

In case you are looking forward to achieve financial freedom , you must be looking forward to a long term solution.

The best solution is to start affiliate marketing. You will not become rich overnight but affiliate marketing provide you an opportunity to be rich and start earning $10,000 or more per month just like me.

In case you need any further information, Do not forget to leave a comment below.

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