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EZ Profit Pages Review :
"EZ Profit pages" is claimed to be the first and only software that can be used by anyone for making passive income and building their own email list.

Don't rush to buy without reading this review. I have written this EZ profit pages review for the benefit of all those who are interested in buying this software for making money online. This transparent review will let you make an informed decision.

Is EZ profit pages App a Scam? The Sales Page claims that they are not selling anything and pay you $67 + recurring commission when come click the links shared by you. It sounds too good to believe.

The sales page of EZ profit pages reminded me of many other similar DFY Scams like use2Earn, Website ATM and 100K shoutout.

Most of these DFY  shiny objects are released on platforms like Warrior Plus and JVzoo. These systems were similar in the sense that they all assured you some quick money but these products make money for their developers only.

I  don't recommend such types of Apps for affiliate marketing as quick money-making methods do not exist.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money online and it requires hard work, patience besides some good training.

EZ Profit Pages Review ? quick SUMMARY

Owner: Glynn Kosky

Price: $19 Front End



How EZ Profit Pages works :

As informed on the sales page, this software works in the following three easy steps.

Step 1: Buy the App and have its access.

Step 2: Get your EZ Profit pages Link to promote the same system.

Now you might have understood why I am against this type of DFY system. When you purchase this system, you will be provided with a link to promote the same pages. They claim that they are not selling anything but in fact, they are selling the membership of their own useless system.

Step 3: Get the targetted traffic with the click of a button.


If it was so easy, why they are recruiting affiliates for selling their software. When they can get the targetted traffic with this system, there is no need to recruit people for promoting their own system.

Don't fall prey to such scams. No system can work in 3 steps.

EZ Profit Pages Features :

Make Money Without Selling :

Do you think that the best thing about the system is that they don't sell anything and you make money just when someone clicks the affiliate links provided by them and visit the EZ profit pages website? They claim that you will have 100 % success.

How would they pay you without selling something? Where would that money come from?

This is a 100% false statement. They are pushing you into a scam. You will be paid only if some newbie like you would visit their sales page and buy their membership.

I am sure they would like you to promote this scam on your social media accounts and send traffic to their sales page. Though they claim that you will start getting the visitors just by pressing few buttons but in reality, this never happens.

Affiliate marketing does not work like that.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you should have your own website. You will get the site visitors only when your page would rank high on search engines and that will happen only if you start writing content and know search engine optimization. These all may seem something new if you are not aware of the affiliate marketing process but you can learn easily by following step-by-step training.

You are Helping People :

Affiliate marketing is all about helping people. You start a Product review Blog and then people looking for some information about the product visit your website and when they buy the product using your affiliate links, you earn some commission.

But EZ  Profit Pages is not about helping people. This is a False statement again. You are not helping people by providing them some information. You are actually selling the membership of a website having some pre-written reviews.

Everyone who joins the EZ Profit Pages will be promoting the same offers and there would be enough competition.

High In Demand Products :

When you buy an EZ profit pages membership, You will be automatically approved as an affiliate for some high ticket programs. These tools are very much in demand and they only accept experience affiliate marketers otherwise.

These tools may include web hosting, autoresponder, page builder, and SEO tools. Any business having an online presence would require these tools and software. Therefore, your target audience will be all online businesses, Local businesses, freelancers, and Bloggers.

The Business would grow on Auto mode if you buy their free traffic upgrade.

What Do You get Inside in EZ Profit Pages Dashboard?


Inside the DashBoard, you will get the affiliate links for the main offer. You will make $67 when someone clicks these links shared by you.

Besides the links, you will get free traffic so that you can promote these links without worrying about traffic.

In my opinion, this type of DFY never makes any money. The main reason is Free traffic. There's nothing like free traffic. Such DFY systems normally use the email list created by the product developers and they have already been promoting many offers themselves to the same customers.


Now, whosoever joins EZ profit pages will be sending the emails to the same set of customers. These emails are highly likely to land in the Spam folder.

Consider yourself as a customer. Now, what will happen if you receive 100's of emails with the same subject line and same content. You are likely to block all the senders without opening the emails.

DFY Profit Pages:


One thing that is a must for selling any type of product online is the customizable landing page or sales funnel. EZ Profit pages include this feature in your dashboard. These landing pages share all the valuable information about the products with your site visitors. These pages are monetized in multiple ways.

You can set up the complete money-making system in less than a minute and start earning High ticket recurring commissions.

Normally people pay in advance for using these services like SEO, Webhosting, etc., therefore You don't have to invest from your pocket.  The sales funnel created for you will let your customer purchase the services at a discount and saves money. You will start making a recurring commission as they would continue to use the services for a longer period.

Built-In Passive Profits:

You can also display Google ads and other Solo advertisements on your profit page. The step-by-step training is available in your dashboard.

As already informed, you will also get access to the pre-approved high ticket offers that can be used to make a commission of $1000 from each visitor.

Moreover, you can send the same traffic to promote other offers available on the platforms like Clickbank, Jvzoo, and warrior plus. For that, you should have your own affiliate marketing website.

EZ Profit Pages Upsells :

Like many other similar low-grade products reviewed by me, Ez Profit pages also offer many upsells. They do not disclose about these upsells beforehand and once you have purchased the system, you will be bombarded with these OTOs.

If you believe, you will get a complete DFY system with front-end membership you will be shocked.

The front-end system will just have some basic functionalities and you will have to pay extra for every other thing you need.



EZ Profit Pages - Front End


EZ Profit Pages + $197 Payday Add On


EZ - Unlimited Commissions


EZ - Unlimited Commissions - Down Sell


EZ - 100% Done-For-You


EZ - 100% Done-For-You - Down Sell


EZ - Automation Edition


EZ - Automation Edition  Down Sell


EZ - DFY Unlimited Buyer Traffic


EZ - DFY Unlimited Buyer Traffic - Down Sell


EZ - Profit Maximizer


EZ - Profit Maximizer - Down Sell


EZ - License Rights


EZ - License Rights Down sell


EZ - Ultimate Income Secrets


EZ - Ultimate Income Secrets Down Sell


EZ - Super Affiliate Profits


EZ - Super Affiliate Profits Down Sell


EZ - Super Bundle


Super Bundle - Down Sell


EZ - Millionaire Edition


EZ - Millionaire Edition - Down Sell


EZ Profit Pages Pros :

  • FREE Traffic In less than a minute
  • Free Web Hosting.
  • Free Page Builder
  • High ticket Commission offers included.
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Tested by 33 Beta Trainers
  • Money-Back Guarantee.

EZ Profit Pages Cons :

  1. Very low-grade Product.
  2. Many upsells
  3. Won't work if you just buy front end
  4. You won't learn affiliate marketing
  5. You will never become a business owner.

Final Opinion – EZ Profit Pages Review

I hope I have been able to share my views transparently. There are many red flags and I do not recommend Ez Profit pages.

As far as I know, no software or App can bring targeted traffic in 47 seconds or even 47 days without doing some work.

Leave apart high ticket commission, you need highly converting traffic even for making $1 online which these DFY systems can give. There are several other ways you can do this.

If you want to make money online, you need to learn Affiliate marketing from the experts. You should spend few days on education.

There are many training programs available but WealthyAffiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs. They have already trained more than a million persons.

They offer a  step by step practical training and hold your hand till you start earning 6 figure passive income. You can join the free training by clicking the button below.

In case you have more questions, just leave a comment below in the comment section.

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