Five Minute Profit Sites review will help you to discover the truth about this program whose owner claims that you can make a lot of money with his system without any efforts. In order to help you to better understand this system in detail, I will answer the question of what the Five-Minute Profit Sites system is all about.

I have gathered as much information as I could about the system for you so that after reading the article you can decide whether this program is worth joining or not. Is Five Minute Profits Site a Scam?  Please continue to read to get the answer.

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Cash FX Group Review- Quick Summary

Name: Cash Fx
Owner: Sam Smith

Price: Free Trial For 14 Days and then $67 Per Month

Best For : Experience Marketers Only


 What Is Five Minutes Profit Sites About?

Five Minutes Profits Sites is a new contentious program created by Sam Smith in June 2018. Sam Smith claims that his creation can help its members make money within a short span of time.

To my utmost surprise, I keep finding lot of advertisements all over the internet, claiming that this software can help people make wealth in a quick time.

Most of these advertisements want you to believe that you can earn up to $500 a day. This seems like a joke to me. I can’t believe that you can make $500 a day without putting any efforts

It is a trick to push you into something that won’t work, and you will lose your hard-earned money to buy their product. I know this is not the way to make money online.

You can make money only by doing hard work and even the creator of the program is putting efforts in selling this crap.

If making money online is possible without doing any work then the Sam Smith would have been a millionaire and not selling the product for $1 for 30 days trial.

If that is possible then everyone would have become rich and no one would need to work so hard as it is in real life.

How Does It Work?

 After Joining the 5-minute profit sites, you will go to your member area and just receive a landing page.

Let me clarify that just having a Landing page or a website does not mean that you will start making money immediately.

These websites do not appear in Search engines  like Google, Bing, and Yahoo by themselves and as you may know a site will get traffic or customers only if they appear in the search engines.

You may not be able to monetize it and make money unless you know how to generate traffic for your website. This program will never teach you this process!

Traffic is the most crucial aspect of money-making process in any online business. Even the best brick and mortar stores in everyday life have to promote themselves and crate visibility for selling their products.

The promotion methods taught by the five-minute profit sites are not only outdated to adapt to the current requirements in online marketing, but also they are not adequate to allow you to earn money online.

Five-minute profit sites will try to push you to subscribe to email autoresponder Aweber without explaining to you the importance of this tool.

They may be promoting Aweber as an affiliate and just they want you to join it as they want to earn a commission on your membership.

Let me explain you that affiliate marketing is not a Scam and Aweber is one of the best tools for email marketing. But You can build your email list and start email marketing if and only if your website have sufficient traffic.

To make money online with your website and You can’t learn it by just subscribing to an autoresponder.

Moreover, when you join the Program like Five Minute Profit Sites, your site created with this platform will be hosted at this company servers.

It is a drawback because a program like this won’t last for  and it would be a disappointment if you invest so much effort and money to build a website that will disappear unexpectedly.

My advice is that you find a legitimate, proven online marketing company whose performance is no longer necessary to prove.

 Five Minute Profit Sites Pros :

The owner offers a 30 days trial for $1 for building. You can enjoy this trial period and build  your website and check if Program really work for You.

The Program offer some training though it is outdated.

Five Minute Profit Sites Cons :

  1. You will need a significant budget as in addition to the membership fees, you will be required to subscribe to the Aweber autoresponder.
  2. The training offered by this program is obsolete and that will never allow you to achieve your goal of becoming an expert online marketer for making Passive income online.
  3. There are several other upsells not brought to your attention before joining this program.
  4. The promises regarding earnings are not real.

Five Minute Profit Sites - Training and Tools

When you log in to your dashboard, you will discover some training videos that show you the process of using the five Minute Profit Sites. Some of these videos talk about the essential email marketing and few others on making money with Clickbank.

Any online training that does not train you on traffic generation that is the most critical element of online marketing,  is a waste of time and money. If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your website, you will never make money online.

As a newbie online, you may think that it is easy to make money online and the Scammers  would tell you that you may make lot of money with their system by spending less than half an hour a day online. It is just a trap because this is not the way online marketing works.

I have been where you are and lost a lot of time and money before finding a legitimate way of making money online.

What you need to know before embarking in affiliate marketing is that it takes time, effort, and patience to make money online.

Using Deceptive Tactics

One saddest thing about Five Minute Profit Sites is that this program uses deceptive tactics to entice people who are not used to internet marketing.

As an example, they say that they are distributing free copies of their products and that you only pay for the hosting fee.

By looking thoroughly, you will also find that there is a window indicative of the fact that product will be launched soon in your area for a sum of $495 per license.

You will also notice a countdown stating that the free offer for this software will end in the next 30 minutes, but the same offer will still be available if you visit their website again.

It is a risky tactic and such manipulations cannot last long. Once exposed, everyone will talk about it, and no one will want to join a company like this.

However, the owners of such companies might have already gained their profits by deceiving honest citizens and  disappear with all the money collected. The would reappear soon under a new identity to restart their new scam.


The Cost of Joining

You can avail 7 days Free trial and then a monthly payment of $37 as membership fees that will allow you to access your member area and create your affiliate website.

As a member of this Program, you are going to receive a lot of offers inviting you to repurchase one or more products from this company, such as:

  1. FPS Profits Upsell – This product costs $197 however the owner will offer you a discount of $50 when you are leaving without buying it.
  2. Double Upsell FMPS of your profits – This product is being sold for $187 and the product offer you a niche website in addition to the one in the basic membership.
  3. The FMPS traffic tsunami– – The Product is being sold for $97 and if you buy this product, you will get a detailed plan for targeted tsunami of traffic to your website.

Of course, as per my information, all these do not work as promised.


Five Minute Profit Sites is a scam created with the sole purpose of cheating you and extract your money.

It is a fake website with misleading promises to make you earn $500 a day, which is impossible, and such dreams will never become a reality.

My advice is that you stay away from such programs and do not waste your hard-earned money in order to money online as quickly.

There is no shortcut to making money online and you need to understand that online marketing is a business that must be learned like any other business. It requires a lot of effort, courage, persistence, and resolve.

If you are determined to change your current financial situation, I advise you to take the time to learn how affiliate marketing work by opening a Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will not require to pay any fee for starting your training and see if you like it or not. You can become a premium member if you like the way things go.

As a starter member, You will immediately start learning the whole process of affiliate marketing from scratch up to the very advanced level.

You cannot expect to make money online the same day, but results will come progressively along with your learning process.

This program exists since 2005 and currently has more than one million members all around the world.

Most of them are making a full-time online income working from the comfort of their home.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my Five-Minute Profit Sites review.

In case, you need more information, I invite you to leave a comment below. I will respond to your queries  as soon as possible.

Ready to Start Your Own Online Affiliate Business?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July 2016 with zero experience in the affiliate marketing industry. In less than a year, I had a website built that was driving traffic and sales daily.

By the end of 2018, I quit my day job and was running my six-figure business. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and works.

Come on in, I will show you how to start making money online. It’s free to join, and there is no credit card required.


Come on in, I will show you how to start making money online. It’s free to join, and there is no credit card required.

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