Is The Freedom Profits the Easiest Way to start making money online immediately without any skills and Experience?  Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf, and Mosh bari have released this product and are making huge claims.

In my Freedom Profits review, I am going to reveal the truth about the System. In case you are planning to Join Freedom Profits, I advise you to read the complete review before taking a final decision and investing your hard earned money.

I have come across many other products created by Mosh bari and Jason Fulton but I have observed a lot of hype around the Freedom Profits.

The main reason of attractions could be their tag lines like financial Freedom, Locational Freedom, and Time Freedom.

But could you really achieve any of these?  I would advise you to do proper research before making any decision.

Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are very experienced marketers and they are making tons of money online. But do they share the exact method they are using to make money?

Freedom Profits Review

Name: Freedom Profits
Owner: Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton and Abdullah Ashraf
Price: $12.95




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Freedom Profits has created a lot of Hype. The owners claim that you can start making online money immediately without any Skills.

Freedom Profits is a training module which empower you to make money as a FreeLancer.

Free Lancing require lot of skills and hence the claims made by the owners of the Program do  not justify.

Freedom Profits is not a Scam but deals with a highly competitive market where making money is  not that easy.

In case you are looking for a freelancer for any service you would also like to go with an Experienced Person only and not with a Novice.

In case you want to make money online there are other better options available.

 What is Freedom Profit?

Freedom profit is being promoted as a program that will train you on how to make money online without any risk.  The owners claim that you can be making enough money with this program by working less an hour a day.

Moreover, you do not require any skills or experience to make money with Freedom Profits.

I really have doubt that you can make money without any skills and Experience.

There are many legitimate training programs online which would impart all the skills you required to be a successful online entrepreneur.

But you can not make money online without burning the midnight oil for at least for the initial six months.

So the claims that you can start making money instantly by just working less than 60 minutes cannot be digested.


 The universal truth is that any business whether online or offline, require time, patience and at least some money, however small it may be.

They do not reveal anything about the system in their sales video. The lack of transparency always raises red flags.

We need to examine the exact working of Freedom Profits.

Though you can not find much information in the sales video and program owners want you to buy the Program without sharing many details.

But I am going to reveal the inside information.

When you log in to the member area after joining the program, you will find an introductory video. This video will also concentrate on sharing the overall feel and vision of the Freedom Profits Platform.

After watching the Introductory Video, you may proceed to the first training video.

This is where you find the exact details of the Program.

Here you will be surprised to note that all their claims about having no skills and experience are baseless.

On the contrary, John and Mosh will try to convince you that everyone possesses the skills required to be Freelancer and sell their services on the Platforms like Fiverr, Upwrok and other similar Freelancing websites.

All the above Freelancing Platforms do offer legitimate online opportunities to make money online but not without proper skills.

You may offer services like content writing, website designing, Photo editing, Software development, and SEO, etc but you have to possess the skills to perform the job.

Your payment on these platforms gets approved once you have delivered the job up to the Buyer's satisfaction and not before. In case you do not have the desired skills, it is highly likely that the work done by you would fail to satisfy the buyers.

You will get a chance to revise the work once or twice but again delivering the job to the utmost satisfaction of the Buyers would be your responsibility.

Therefore,  the claims made by the owners of the Freedom Profit do not withstand. You must have a skill set to do the Freelancing.



 I do agree with Points 1 and 2 mentioned above but not with the third.

You can start from scratch only if you possess certain skills and not without.

In case, you are searching for some services online for yourself, You would definitely look out for someone having a good track record. You would offload the work to a freelancer after reading online reviews and seeing the Sample of the work already done.


I do not say that you can not get started as a newbie. I am trying to convey that it will take time before you establish yourself as a Freelance and making money initially will not be that easy. You will face stiff competition from experienced FreeLancers.

A platform like Upwork takes a lot of time in approving your application and in no way you will start making money on very first Day.

FreeDom Profits Upsells:

Freedom Profits is not a complete system in itself and offers a lot of Upsells followed by Down Sells. The Sales Video of Freedom Profits is not transparent and do not reveal any information about Upsells.

First Upsell: Freedom Profits DFY System for $37:

Though the Freedom Profits is claimed to be a comprehensive system, this upsells is offered to the members the complete DFY System.

In case you do not opt for upselling, you will be presented with a Downselling at $17 with limited time access.

Second Upsell: Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success ($197)

With this upsell, You will get live coaching where you can ask questions and get the resolution. This Upsell will help you to get familiarize with the strategies to get your business growth at 3 to 5 X.

This does not have any Down-Sell.

Third Upsell: Freedom Profits Secret Strategies for $47:

This is about the advanced tactics used to get fast results. They claim that with this system You can boost your profits to 5X or 10X or Even more.

This Upsell is followed by a Down-sell at $27.

Forth Upsell: Set The System on Auto-Pilot for $77

You can learn to automate the outsourcing the Jobs and earn a handsome commission. This is followed by a Down-sell at $47

Fifth Upsell: License Rights ($97) and Down-sell at $47:

After Buying this module, you can sell Freedom Profits as your own product and keep 100% revenue.


  1. Freelancing is a legitimate online opportunity.
  2. You will learn to start working as a Freelancer and Outsource the work, thereby making some money.
  3. 30 Days Money back guarantee.
  4. Economically Priced.


  • Confusing Upsells, which you must avoid.
  • Training cover only one aspect of online marketing i.e Freelancing which is already very competitive market.
  • Misleading Claims about No Skills Required.

Bottom Line:

Freedom Profits cannot be categorized as a Scam though I do not Highly recommend the same. I have kept it as a moderate Platform for making some money.

The main reason for not treating this as a Scam is that the system deals with Freelancing which is 100% legitimate work. Having said that I have my apprehensions that the system would work as advertised.

If you are looking to get started with the freelancing business, I would advise you to  Join Fiverr

As I quoted earlier, you need to have a definite skill set for doing Free Lancing Jobs.

There is an option to take the jobs and outsource them but Freelancing business is already very competitive and this way you can never make substantial money to achieve Financial Freedom

I can transparently share with you that training will not help you in supporting your family financially.

Is There an Alternative:

If you are sincere about making money online, you can get started with affiliate marketing or DropShipping business. I am doing the Both and making 6 figure Monthly income.

Like you when I got started a few years back, I was also at crossroads. I wasted my money on Joining Done for you Systems and Lost hard earned money.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

Fortunately, I landed at the right training platform Wealthy Affiliate trusted by a community of more than a million. People do not tell the source of their knowledge but I have nothing to hide.

After learning the Affiliate marketing, I started my dropship sites also. I build my first website on Shopify but later on switched to Alidropship word press plugin to avoid recurring payments.

I hope you have enjoyed this piece of information. In case you need further information, Please leave a comment below.

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