Fusion Cash is get Paid to (GPT) Program for making money online by participating in Cash surveys or reading emails. The Fusion cash review is my next in the series of  Paid survey  Site reviews. I have Already reviewed cash survey sites like Panda Research and Inbox Pound and Gold Opinions.

I will try to touch all the related questions being asked about Fusion Cash and try to establish if you can make some extra money with Fusion Cash in legitimate way of "Is Fusion Cash a Scam" like many paid survey Sites.

Not only you should know the legitimacy of the program before Joining but equally important is to know How much would you be earning for your efforts.

Quick Report

Name: Fusion Cash
Website: fusioncash.net
Owner: Tyler Derheim
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Fusion cash is a not a Scam but I do not recommend it. Though you make make few cents to few dollars but that will not make you rich. I do not think few extra cents or dollars are going to make any difference to your life. 

Most of the people do not stick with the program to reach $25 , the minimum amount you can withdraw.

In case you are looking forward to making a living out of your online efforts, You may like to establish your own brand and online business and scale it up to change your financial Status. 

What is Fusion Cash GPT Program:

The survey websites generally act as a mediator between the advertiser and consumers. By conducting surveys, They obtain the opinions which help the brands to formulate marketing strategies and compete in the market. Many brands conduct parallel surveys on competitors products to make a comparison for pricing, quality and brand awareness. The Fusion Cash work on similar Lines.

As per the information available on the Fusion Cash website, the program was launched in 2005  and got BBB accreditation in 2009. It is worth to note that the program has got A+ rating,  a rare achievement for Survey Sites.  That indicates that trust it has got among its subscribers. The program is available only for the residents of the United States and Canada. The company pays for your opinions, trial offers and watching  Videos.

You can earn money with the Fusion Cash but it does not mean that I am recommending the  Program. Before taking a final decision, you must know how much money can you make with this program?

I have seen many people join such programs thinking that they will be able to make a lot of money but stop taking surveys after some time. The main reason being the very low payouts. If you are already in a full-time job and looking forward to taking surveys for time pass and fun, you may join this program.

In case you are planning to establish an online business and leave 9 to 5 job to be your own boss, the program is not for you. You can not earn enough money to support your family and make a living. You may continue to read my review till end before Joining the program.

Fusion Cash Review | How does it work?

Fusion Cash Offers

Before discussing how much money can you make with Fusion cash, Let me share with you the various ways to earn money with this program.

Joining Bonus:

The platform pays you $5 as one time joining bonus when you register as a member and complete a brief survey related to your profile.

By Participating in the Surveys:

After joining the program, You can start taking the available surveys. They add new surveys from time to time and you will be intimated through emails about them. The Website assures that you will at least make $.35 per survey and depending upon the advertiser and the time required to complete the survey you can get little more.

A survey will be of  5 to 30-minute duration. With Longer duration surveys, you will get more remuneration. But in the course of time, you will realize that the compensation is not proportional to the efforts made and that will create a distraction.

Moreover, this will work for some time and then you will run out of offers and stop making any money further.

Some of the advertisers may disqualify you from taking the surveys if your profile does not match with their survey requirements. For example, A company launching a new gadget may be looking forward to the opinion of the young generation or a  company dealing with the beauty products may like to have an opinion from female subscribers only.

Make Money with Paid Signup Offers:

This seems to be the fastest method of making some money but some companies may not pay in cash but rather offer a discount on their products.

Some of the other companies ask for prepayment and you will have to share the details of your credit card. Many persons have informed that they forgot to cancel the membership after the free period and they were charged subscription Fee which is much more than their earning.

Earn by Reading Emails:

You will receive paid emails and earn 2 cents for reading the mail and taking action by clicking on the links shared in the mail. Some advertiser may want you to join them before making payment or else you have to spend some time on their website for earning 2 cents. I have doubt that you will receive many emails to earn a significant amount.

Make Money Watching Videos:

Advertiser's videos and you will earn the reward by watching them. Your browser must remain open as long as the video is playing.

Earn By Listening to Radio:

You will actually be paid for Listening radio. You will have to fill a CAPTCHA code every 30 minutes while listening to Radio You will make  $.03 cents every time you enter the CAPTCHA. Once you accumulate $.15 in a single day, you will be given $.01 as a bonus. Simple Maths will tell you that you have to spend 150 minutes to earn $.16.

Do you think it worth spending 2.5 Hours to earn $.16

Paid to Click | Another Opportunity

It is not as simple as it sounds to be. You will have to spend some time on 4 different pages and then click on the advertisement appearing on those pages.  After clicking the advertisements, you have to be there for at least 60 seconds before payment is authorized. You will earn $.15 for all these actions collectively.

Make Money by Completing the Crown Flowers tasks

 You will have to perform some micro tasks to earn in pennies. Few of these jobs may pay some dollars.

By Downloading Apps

 You will be paid for downloading Apps in your Android Phone.

By Referring Friends:

You will earn an affiliate commission by referring your friends. The payment will be credited to your account once your referral confirms their emails and complete paid offers.

Make Money by Contributing on Forum:

You will be paid $3 for contributing with 30 Posts in a month on the Forum. If you are an affiliate marketer you know the value of Posting 30 posts. I do not recommend wasting your precious time.

Even on Fiverr, People charge a minimum $5 for a single Post.

Submit Proof of Payment to Earn More:

Once you share the proof of your income from Fusion Cash, You will get an additional Dollar.

Follow Fusion Cash on Twitter | Make Money

Follow Fusion Cash on Twitter:

You will earn 25 cents for following Fusion Cash on Twitter.

Bottom Line: How much Money can you Make with Fusion Cash

Fusion cash is not a Scam. Fusion cash is a legitimate opportunity to make money online, However small it may be.

You can definitely make money with Fusion cash ranging from few cents to few Dollars. The income will depend on your activities on the Fusion Cash.

But the money earned will not be worth the time spend.

As long as you are active on the Fusion Cash you may be earning small money and the moment you stop activities your income will stop.

This is not the recommended way to earn passive income.

There are other legitimate ways of earning money and Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business opportunity not only to make some passive income but it offers a permanent solution to money problems.

Once established, you will be making money while you are sleeping. You will be making money when you are traveling with your family and you will be making money on Holidays as well.

As an affiliate marketer, you make money 24 X 7.

But this won't happen Overnight.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must be willing to take step by step training and be ready to do the hard work. You will have to implement the learning and keep patience. If you have such qualities, you will be on your way to earn 6 figure income in the future.

 I hope you have liked my Fusion cash review and would be benefited with the findings. In case you have any more question, please do leave a comment below. I would definitely provide the required information 


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