Are you planning to signup for Home Wealth Remedy (HWR)? You may be impressed with their claims that you can make $500/day following their system? Does it sound too good to be true? Is Home Wealth Remedy a scam?

When you are just starting with an online business, You may make mistakes. Unfortunately, many people decide to quit or think online businesses are scams due to a few scammers.

I have started this review website to help people avoid online scams and join a legitimate business opportunity to make money. 

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Home Wealth Remedy Review - Quick Report

Overview : $1K Fast Track is a 6 weeks training program from Merlin Homes, an Internet Marketer with 15 years of Experience. The course Focus on making money online with email marketing

Web Site : Click Here

Price: $97.95 + Upsells


  • No Special Skills or Training Required.
  • Work from Home or Anywhere
  • Unlimited Money Streams


  • Many Red flags
  • Misleading Claims
  • Fictitious Identity
  • Fake Cutomer Service details on website

Over All Rating

 What is Home Wealth Remedy?


Home Wealth Remedy claims to offer you an excellent and proven system to make $500 per day.

If you have visited their sales page, you might have found the following claims:

  • Start making money immediately.
  • Flexible Working Hours.
  • Unlimited money Stream.
  • No special training, skills, or education is required.
  • Work from home or anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Be Your Boss

Whenever I come across any such offer, it raises a red flag. Of course, earning money online is not impossible, but you can never make money by posting a few links.

I have already reviewed many programs to help you avoid online Scams and Join a legitimate program.

Product and Opportunity:

The Home Wealth Remedy is an online certification course sold for $97.95 with possible upsells. Once you have enrolled in the program, you will see some videos claimed to be their main product.

These videos will teach you to post affiliate links on some websites. HWR claims to guide you on the resources for posting these links.

I have never seen a person earning $500 per day by just posting affiliate links, as claimed by Johnson, the owner of HWR. 

Is Home Wealth Remedy a Scam?

When a company is paying for sharing the links, you may think about the harm in joining. So when they are ready to pay, how can they be called a scam?

There's a difference between offering to pay and paying. These types of companies play with the psychology of newbies. 

If making money is so easy, why do they not share the links themselves rather than enrolling people for the same job?

Affiliate marketing works similarly to this, but there's a lot of difference which I shall discuss later in this article. 

First, let me share some red flags that make Home wealth remedy look like a scam.

Fictitious Identity? 

I have doubts about the credibility of Bree Johnson also. In some places, the site refers to Bree Johnson, a lady, as the site owner, but they use the initials "A.B." for the owner in some other areas.

Moreover, the image used for Bree Johnson is taken from Stock Photos as it appears over the photos. Therefore, in my opinion, the identity of this woman cannot be established, as she may be a fake and fictitious character.

Misleading and Fake Endorsements:

If you visit their sales page, you can find them saying "as Shown on," and they have Logos of some famous companies like ABC, Fox, CNN, etc.

If you visit the websites of these companies and search for their names, you will not find any search results.

They have used these logos to create a fake endorsement and make you believe that those sites have advertised HWR but are just telling lies.

Down sells on their Website:

I would not buy or get enrolled in any program, which forces you to buy it. When you visit the Home wealth remedy website and try to move away from closing it, you will get a Popup for $ 20 discount, and the price will become $77 for you. If you try to close it again, another popup will offer you an extra discount of $ 30, and the price will be $47 for you.

A legitimate company never uses such techniques. Instead, they would invite to Join it free and become a paid member after trying the worth.

Fake Customer Services:

When I visited their website and tried to ask a few questions, I got per-recorded responses not linked to my questions.

Unwanted urgency and false Scarcity:

Any program trying to create a sense of urgency by indicating that the offer will expire if you do not buy it immediately can never be genuine and legitimate.

They are not selling a physical product, which will go out of stock; how can the spots be complete for some online training videos. They have created training videos for marketing and earning by selling these fake pieces of training, then how the seats are limited.


If you have read my earlier post on "ways-to-avoid-work-from-home-job-scams," I have categorized such methods used by scammers already.

If you encounter a similar site by chance, try to visit these on alternate days, or maybe after a few days, you will find the same response.

Home Wealth Remedy Review - Conclusion:

Home Wealth Remedy is not what it claims to be. A program like HWR will never help you make money. Instead, they try to encash your dreams of earning money online and dupe you.

The newbies unaware of such scams get enrolled with such programs to make instant money. Few people might have earned some dollars by posting their links, but only the con artists who have created such programs get the benefit. They make some fast money and disappear from the scene, and after a few days, they come up with the same program but a new name.

How can one earn money online – the legitimate way

In my earlier posts also, I have stated that online business is like any other business, requiring hard work, planning, and patience. Of course, you can not achieve success overnight, but if you are determined and have patience, you can make a full-time career out of online marketing.

I am making a full-time income after leaving my job, but I spent a lot of time training myself. So I was lucky to find a legitimate training platform that is free to join. 

And in case you are ready to learn and earn, You can Join the wealthy affiliate for free and leave a message inside the platform so that I can help you further.

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  1. Arun, being a cynic I thought of all this before I went looking for a training platform. The first site I looked at had just about all the bad traits you mention here.

    First the initial approach. Immaculate woman’s site. Wow only 30 places left. Offer ends in 10 hours. Oh right. Suspicions arise immediately.

    Wait a day. Approach again. Handsome fellow’s site. What happened to the woman! This time even better 54 places left but only 5 hours.

    No mention of what you get for the sign up fee. Bye bye site.

    Also the mention of as shown. Unfortunately these people think we were all born yesterday. Unfortunately so many people act as if they were. Not me – I am out of there.

    Well informed article.


    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks for stopping by.
      They are scammers and have been able to earn money through these tricks. Many people who are just starting their search for online jobs for making some additional or passive money do often get trapped. When I started this website my aim was to promote legit affiliate programs only.
      But being online for some time, I got to know that people are being trapped into scams. Therefore it is important to provide them with the legit opportunity to work from home and earn money online but it is our responsibility to save people from falling into scams.

  2. I totally agree about the urgency to sell. I just went to an Amazon seller seminar, and they urged you have to sign up today to get the benefit. I was immediately turned off.

    Thanks for the honest review Arun. I’ll be following your other recommendations

    1. Hi Vince
      I agree with you. If anyone shows eagerness by stating that few opportunities are available in your area, It must raise a red flag. You are not taking Mcddonelled’s franchise in your area. This is the online industry without boundaries, so how can limited opportunities in your area? How do they define an area in online marketing where you can sell internationally?

  3. You have revealed HWR for what it is. It seems there is no transparency. Furthermore, the claims they say will make you money is hard to believe.
    Marketers know that it cost nothing to be an affiliate. If you cannot research a program for detailed information, that is a tell-tell sign that something is not right.

    1. With more and more people searching for online earning opportunities, there are others trying to encash internet another way around. They are here to make money by scamming. The aim of websites like HWR is to make fast cash and disappear. One should check the real identity of site owner before enrolling for any such opportunity. How can you trust a person without a real identity?
      When I Joined Wealthy affiliate, I read about Kyle and Carson and researched a lot about them on social media. Next step, I will not join any paid program without taking a trial. I took 10 days free trial at wealthy affiliate and became a premium member only after complete satisfaction.
      I was surprised to see that free 10 chapters provide me with more knowledge available anywhere else on the internet.

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