Online Shopping has become the need of the hour. As online shopping has matured and competitive, You can find many different ways to save money. Though direct bargaining may not be possible in online shopping, you may look out for discount vouchers, cash-backs or Loyalty Schemes etc.  You can find all these by using Apps like Honey. Honey App is still relatively new entrant but is being used extensively. In my Honey App review, I will transparently share about what is Honey App , a Scam or Legitimate way of Saving while shopping online?

Seeing the buzz created around the Honey App , I decided to join Honey and review it transparently so that I can share with you all the Pros and cons of this App.

What is Honey App


The Honey app is free to add browser extension which can automatically find the coupon codes for almost all the major online shopping platforms. Currently, Honey is Supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. The largest discount will be automatically applied at the time of checkout. Honey also offer Honey Gold at many stores For USA, UK and Canadian members.

Honey was developed by Ryan Hudson and George Ruan in 2012 but they failed to find investors to put Money into this App. In 2013, Hudson ran out of money and Joined an  Ad Tech Company as a Product Manager. But Ruan Continued to promote the same among friends and users to grow its use organically. The efforts paid the dividends and Honey slowly became popular among the online shoppers. As of Now, it has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

How Does it Work - the Honey App Working Explained?

You will have to add the Honey extension in your browser. Once you have added the extension, its icon will be added to the browsers tool bar. The Icon remains grayed if you are not browsing the participating shopping site. Once you open the participating and a number may appear indicating the number of promo codes, honey has been able to find.  Honey will then automatically apply the largest code at the time of checkout.

What is Honey Gold?

 Honey Gold is a reward system for which you become eligible automatically upon adding the Honey extension in your browser. There are more than  4000 sites participating in Honey Gold Reward System.  You will find symbol Ⓖ next to the name of site participating Honey Gold Reward Program. To earn Honey Gold, you will have to press Activate Button

These participating sites offer a random percentage back as a reward in gold. The reward is given on the purchase value excluding Taxes, duties and shipping cost. Rewards are not fixed and vary from site to site.

Honey Gold will appear in your account as pending within 2 to 14 days of your purchases. The points will retain this pending status for 60 days. In the case of partial return and refund, Gold will be adjusted accordingly.

Once you have accumulated 1000 points, You can redeem them for $10 gift card at many shopping stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora, Groupon, Macy's or 1-800 Flowers.

You would still like to know how a free extension like Honey can offer you a Reward and why?

In fact, Homey is participating as an Affiliate marketer for these websites and they earn a commission as an Affiliate. Pressing the activate button is like visiting the site through Affiliate Link which makes them eligible for a commission and they share their commission with you. Since vendors give commission after 60 days of confirmation of Purchase, Gold is pending for 60 days.

Some of the stores participating in Gold Reward program have an exclusion for some Products. Once you click the activate button, You will come to know about exclusions. For example gift cards, Charity and promotional deals are excluded from Gold Rewards on eBay

What is Honey Gold Bonus?

Honey Gold Bonus is the Joining Bonus. When you download Honey App and add it as an extension the joining Bonus will appear in your account. The welcome bonus is tied to the site you choose and you will have to make purchases on that site within the prescribed period to use welcome Bonus or Honey Gols Bonus.

How to Download and Install the Honey App?

You can download and install the Honey App in 2 clicks. You need to sign up using your email ID and a password. Google and Facebook accounts can also be used to sign up with Honey Free extension.

How to Use the Honey App on Amazon?

 Though Amazon does not Offer Honey Gold rebates, still Honey can be used with Amazon effectively. You can use the following customized tools to find best offers on Amazon.

Best Price Detection:


Many sellers on the Amazon sells the same items at different prices. When you are searching for an Item, It may not necessarily be the item with the lowest price appear in your search. Best Price Detection will compare the various options and will present the best deal for you.

Price History:

Price history track the change in price over 30,60 and 120 days. This will help you take or defer the buying decision if prices are expected to further increase or drop based on historical prices.

Drop List

If you are searching for an item which is not urgently required, you can use this option. Droplist will notify you if the price of the item decreases.

Mobile Version of the Honey App- Is it Available?

Mobile version of Honey App is not available as of now. Its iPhone App will be available as Honey Smart Shopping Assistant by 15th February 2019.

Can Honey App be used for making money online?

Honey has its referral program. Upon joining the Honey community, you will receive a unique referral link to promote Honey on Social Media, through emails or on your website.

For each Signup, you will make $5 but there is a Cap of $1000 on referral income. Therefore the scope is very limited but then $1000 is still an opportunity to make a passive legitimate income online.

I am Arun. I started Online marketing at the age of 50.  I am earning a full-time income now as an Affiliate Marketer.  I will personally guide you and help you in establishing your online business and start making six figure income

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  1. Wow! I thought I was pretty savvy with money-saving and discount apps but this is a new one for me! I thought perhaps this is USA only but it seems it works in the UK too (where I am!) Thanks for the insight I will definitely be investigating this one.

    1. Hi Alison
      Yes, THis one is the best App for saving money. It works in most of the countries and helps you find the various coupons which otherwise would be very difficult. I have come across many coupon based websites but most of the coupons won’t work. The coupons offered by the Honey Apps are latest and working.

  2. I personally love the Honey app and use it every time I shop online! Thanks for letting us know that they have an affiliate program – I had no idea! I may now look for ways to incorporate that into my blog too.

  3. Great post. I had never heard of the honey app prior to this read, but it is quite intriguing. Technology sure has improved nowadays and it is crazy to see what is all available to us. I will be checking out the honey app for sure!

  4. I’d never heard of the honey app before now. Thanks for all the great info! That’s pretty awesome that it will alert me when prices drop on items that I want to purchase and it’ll be great when I can download it on my phone. Great review!

  5. Hi thank you for sharing this information about Honey and Honey Gold. I have not heard about this before but could be because my online presence started in recent months. This is wonderful opportunity to save money while shopping online. I am happy for you that you are already established in online business and is already making a decent earning. That is my hope and I am working hard for it.

  6. I really like this idea and will try it out. However is Honey Gold Bonus worth it? What is your take on that?

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