Have you been losing money in betting and Looking for the ways to beat the bookies. What if I tell you that you will be making remarkable profits using a really simple strategy? You would be surprised.

You know no one in the world can win all the bets. 

But it is possible to make money even if you lose the bet. Not once but every time.


The aim of this article is to discuss one of the easiest but most incredible way of betting and build profit from bookies, no matter where ever you are in the world.
How to beat the bookies with Matched betting? Continue to read the article till end.

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What is the concept of Matched Betting?


The concept of Matched Betting may seem to be little surprising at first to all the newbies who have never been involved in matched betting but I will show you the complete roadmap on how to get started with minimal concern.
Matched betting is the best way to make a long term income from online betting by following the simple instructions.
But before I start explaining matched betting, let’s understand What is Online Betting?

Online betting is placing bets on markets such as football or horses etc., on the bookie’s website. You can place bet from the comfort of your home by just signing up and depositing money. These websites are fully secured and have mostly all the options you would find on a bookies shop. Moreover, these websites do offer bonuses from time to time.

Let’s now understand how to beat the bookies with Matched betting.

Matched betting involves placing multiple bets on any event in both directions i.e. back and Lay. This help you reducing the risk on your part and ensure that your liability is very low and you make extra money through the bonuses offered by bookies.

In order to attract new customers and encourage the existing customers keep on betting, the bookies offer bonuses in the form of free bet or getting refund on one outcome.

A quick example an offer by Bookie, bet £5 & get £5 back as a free bet on some football match. In order to qualify for this bonus, you would back Team A on the bookie site and then lay the same team on an Exchange. The difference in odds would usually leave you either with a profit or a small loss but you make profit betting the free bet.

Back bet is the bet when you back a team to win whereas lay bet is the bet against the same team. The best thing in the matched betting is that you are not required to be an expert in betting and don’t need to analyze the stats for hours. All you have to do is follow instructions while placing the bets.
You should not bother even if you have done all he welcomes offers as bookies keep on giving
tons of offers to existing customers to encourage them to bet on major events like the World Cup or Aintree. Luckily these offers aren’t restricted only to major events and you will find them appearing on bookie sites every week.

Types of Bookies:

There are two types of bookies. Sharp bookies and soft Bookies.

Sharp bookies:

Sharp bookies have fast moving and sophisticated software that reacts quickly to events. They have very less arbitrage opportunities. They do have a tendency to be reluctant on marketing and offer far smaller welcome bonuses. Therefore, they can afford to offer better odds, as they spend less to cover in their margin. They rarely limit or ban your account as they are so sure of their system, but may allow lower maximum stakes and some professional gamblers may stay away.
Typically, Sharp Bookies
1. Will not ban or Limit your account
2. Like winners and matched bettors
3. Fast and almost automatic odd movements
4. Profit is based on High turnover and Low margin

Some of the top rated sharp bookmakers are SBO, Pinnacle & IBCbet and exchanges like Betfair, Matchbook & Smarkets.

Soft bookies:

Contrary to the Sharp bookies, soft bookies change their odds slower. They have more attractive odds and are the bread and butter of matched bettors. Their odds quite often do not reflect the true probability of a match.
There may be instances when a sharp changes its odds but soft bookmaker may take minutes or even hours before making the same adjustment.
For example, if an important player of a team gets injured just before the match, it is quite common for a sharp bookmaker to adjust their odds in a matter of second whereas soft bookies may not change the odds that fast.
Their profits typically rely on casual punters and gamblers and They may ban and limit matched bettors and winners.
Typically Soft bookies
1. Change odds very slowly
2. Target casual players and gamblers that lose money in the long run.
3. Don’t like winners and may limit your account
Some of the top soft bookmakers are Bwin, William Hill, Coral, Bet365 and Ladbrokes

Betting Exchanges :

A betting exchange is a sort of market place for customers to bet of some discreet events and they offer opportunities to make both back and lay bet. They are vital for Matched Bettors.

They charge commission on every single bet that is made on the exchange, therefore they don’t care who you bet on or where. Therefore th risk of being banned on betting exchange is almost nonexistent.

Example exchanges - Betfair, Smarkets, BetDaq, Matchbook.

How Matched Betting Works:

First of all you should register with a bookie, deposit some money and make a qualifying bet. The qualifying bets nearly always make a small loss not more than a pound or two. This will make you eligible for the free bet or bonus being offered by bookies.

The punters in general will bet huge money but Matched bettors won’t. Matched bettors would lay the same bet on an exchange and make some loss to maximize the profit once the free bet is awarded.

Let’s assume that a bookie is offering £10 free bet when you bet £10. You back bet £10 with bookie and then lay the same bet on exchange using Matched Bet calculator. This will result in small loss as you would be paying commission on exchange bet. Next you can use the free bet following the same process i.e Make a back bet on the bookie and Lay bet on exchange to make profit irrespective of what happens.

Matched Betting Strategies:

There are different ways to claim the bonus offered by the bookies and accordingly you can deploy different strategies to take the full advantage.
Bet X Get X Free – Majority of bookies offered these type of sign up bonuses. You bet £10 (or any X amount) and get £10 (the same X amount) as a free bet.
Risk Free Bet – Most of the times bookies offer risk free bet to their existing customers. You get if you lose the first bet. This means you overlay to make a profit if bookies bet wins and if it loses you make a small loss but get a free bet and repeat the process explained above.
Rollover Bet –Rollover means you will have to bet few more qualifying bets if bookie qualifying bet wins before you withdraw your winnings.

How to Avoid Account Gubbing?

As already mentioned, bookies do not like the matched bettors since they won’t make money when you bet. In order to protect themselves from losing the money, Matched bettors account may be gubbed by them
Account gubbing means either putting some limits on your account so that you can bet only a small amount or they may remove the bonuses from your account.
Don’t get dishearten. There are some simple ways to avoid the account gubbing
1. Don’t Bet in Fractions. That would raise eye brows. Rather that betting £10.85, you should bet £11. you may make a little less profit. It’s better to have a functioning account for long term rather than making bit more profits for short term.
2. Avoid large odds. Try to avoid going any higher than 4-5. The idea of Matched Betting is not to make huge income for shorter period but a steady income over a long period of time.
3. Try to bet the major events in your country.
4. Don’t use one bookie all the time. Open account with different bookies and cycle through them. If you keep one account and keep on winning, your account will be gubbed.

Matched Betting Consequences and How to Avoid them:

Though the matched betting itself is almost risk free as long as you follow the instructions, You must take some precautions.
1. Only bet the amount you can afford. Don’t take loan or use credit card limit that you can’t pay back.
2. Start with the minimum amount like £100 or maybe even little less as £50
3. You may first build up small savings and start when you can afford it.
4. Keep Patience and have discipline. Don’t try to make money fast. Bet in small amounts.
5. Don’t start gambling in order to make more money. Matched betting is almost risk free gambling and if you strictly follow back and lay bet calculations , you will never lose.

In case you are not interested in betting and searching for other ways of making money, Here are the 10 legitimate passive income opportunities.

How to get Started with Matched Betting :

Though matched betting is very straight forward and simple process but finding the real bets can be time consuming.
Fortunately, there are many websites that provide the tools and resources and help in finding your matched bets easily. I recommend using Profit Accumulator, one of the biggest platform.

How to beat the bookies and make money online? I hope this article has dealt with the topic properly and you will definitely be benefited. In case you have further questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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