How to Create YouTube Channel :
Billions of videos are watched on YouTube every day and numbers are increasing day by day. The popularity of YouTube can be gauged from the fact that almost 72000 hours of videos are uploaded on Platform every day.


Popularity among adult users - courtesy :

 The main reason for huge popularity of YouTube is its simplicity and how easily it allows the content creators to share their content with the audience and make money online.

Other reason of its popularity amongst the content creator is that YouTube is just not a popular video website but a Powerful Search engine that plays a critical role in Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Since it allows the YouTuber to monetize their videos, you may find wide range of contents ranging from academic tutorials, beauty tips, Product Reviews, Spiritual Videos, Unboxing and what not. You think of a problem and you will find the solution on YouTube.

While creating a YouTube channel is simple but monetizing it is not that easy due to change in the rules after it was taken over by Google.

But there’s nothing to dishearten as you may still earn hundreds of dollars by promoting affiliate products by creating your own YouTube Channels. As and when viewership would increase, you may also start monetizing your videos.

 At the end of the day, people love watching videos and that’s not going to change any sooner. There cannot be any excuse for not having your own YouTube channel. It cost nothing to create one.

In case you do not have any idea about Live Streaming of Videos , You may read my other article "Broadcasting Live streaming Videos"

Here is the complete Step by Step for you to quickly launch your YouTube channel and get started with your video uploads.

Create your Google account:

For creating YouTube Channel, you would require a Google account. In all probability, you might already have one but may not like to use your personal account for business purpose.

You can either use the same account or create a new one. Depending upon your requirement and budget, you may also opt for a paid business account that come with many services like additional cloud storage, business calendar and a customized email like

 You can create paid G-suit account by visiting Google Workspace or free email by visiting

Update Your Personal Details (Optional) :

Sign in to your Google account and go to the icon on the right top cornet of your screen and update relevant information. You may also add profile Picture, a custom banner. and business description or personal information in about me section. You should also add here your website details, if you already have one or come later to update.

 A personal website is not compulsory but help you build a brand and trust with the audience.

 You can create a free website with google business without any technical skills. For detailed tutorial, you may visit "Create Free website with google my business."

Create Your YouTube Channel:

Visit YouTube Homepage and sign in with your Google credentials. Once you have accepted their terms, you will be greeted with a registration confirmation message.

After login to your YouTube account, Click on the YouTube Settings on the left hand side.

On the settings Page, click on the "Add or Manage Your Channel(s)".


After clicking on the above link, you will be taken to the next page where you have to click on "Create Your Channel".


On the next Page, You can add Your Channel's name and description and click Create Button.

Congratulations - Your First channel is created

You can anytime come back to your channel and settings by clicking the profile picture on the right top corner of the screen and You can access Youtube studio for uploading or creating new Videos.


Upload your video :

You can start uploading or creating new videos by clicking the upload button on the top of right hand side or by clicking on YouTube studio shown in above image.

Once You have clicked the button to upload or create the new videos, you can follow the simple on screen instructions.

Here's the complete video tutorial for getting started on YouTube

Once you have uploaded the Video, You can add Video Title, Description and Thumbnail.

Please note that thumbnail size should not exceed 2MB.

You can also add the video to an existing play list or if you don't have any , you can create a playlist.


Select that content is not meant for children.

On the right hand side , You will have to select the visibility of your video. There are three levels of visibility

  1. Public : Anybody can see your video.
  2. Private : Only those who are invited by you can watch your videos
  3. Unlisted : Video will not appear in search results. People who have the video links can still watch this video. It means you can share the links with anyone even if they do not have a YouTube account.

Just to ensure the best viewers experience, you can use video MPEG4 with High resolution like 1280 X 720 or 1920 X 1080.

Please note that there’s a restriction on the maximum file size and you can upload files up to 2 GB only.

You can anytime edit your videos by going to “Creator studio” and clicking “Edit”. Once you have edited the videos , Click Publish to save the updated videos.

Creating Website Links from Your videos :

You can add all the details of your website and other social medial accounts in video description so that people can visit and have more information.

There's a better way of adding links to your website by adding end screen to your videos.


By clicking the end screen, you will be taken to next page where you can dd the links on your video if you are a member of YouTube Partner Program

I Hope by know you have learned "How to Create YouTube Channel" and now I will give you some inputs for promoting your YouTube Channel Free and increasing the subscribers

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How to Promote YouTube Channel Free ?

After crating the YouTube channel, most of the people face this problem in initial days. By following the suggestions given below, You will be able to enhance your video vies and get more subscriber for your Channel.

  • Ensure that all your videos are of good quality. I would advise you to upload MPEG4 with at least 1280X720 resolution. Before uploading you may check the Sound and video Quality.
  • In every video, you should convey to the audience to subscribe your channel and hit the bell icon. Also keep the subscribe link in the description of your video.
  • Publish the YouTube videos links on all your social media accounts immediately after uploading the videos on YouTube.
  • Make a habit of uploading your videos regularly, if possible at the same frequency and time. For example, you can upload a video, may be 11 A.M. every Wednesday. You can inform about the next video at the end of every video.
  • YouTube is just not a Video Platform but a search engine as well that helps you to rank on google on page 1.  Keep the subject title of your videos very attractive but matching with the contents. Try to use Long Tail keywords keeping the title as short as possible.
  • Share the complete video detail in the description
  • Embed your video in your personal blog. So that your blog audience can also visit your you tube channel and subscribe to it.
  • Video should be of proper length. A video of more than 10 minutes will get more engagements and help google to place ads.
  • Try to create a playlist of videos of relevant content so that when people access your play list, they find all the videos matching their interest at one place.
  • Make the Playlist according to your video category like Affiliate marketing, Drop shipping or Social Media Marketing etc.
  • Make the intro video and Closing video. Intro videos will help your audience to know about the content and closing videos will inform your viewers to subscribe your channel and share.
  • Try to create videos on the Trending contents so that it get more views and have chance to get viral on Internet.
  • You must use the card to place your previous video.
  • Be active on YouTube and try to respond to the subscriber’s comments and keep them engaged. Even if someone has reviewed your video in a negative way, give the positive reply and pass on more information.
  • Like Twitter and Instagram, YouTube also allow you to use Hash Tags. Using the proper hashtags will help you channel to grow. Try to add maximum Keywords I Hash tags taking full advantage of 500 character limit
  • Try to form a joint venture with other You Tubers in your niche and create a joint video to be added to both channels.
  • If possible, show your face in videos as that would help your audience to connect with you. In case you are shy of facing camera, you may create white board videos by using a software like Explaindio
  • Though the voice quality must be good but do not hesitate to use your own voice. If content is good, it will bound the audience.
  • In Order to promote your video, you should use an eye catching Thumbnail related to the content. Keep in mind the Thumbnail limit of 2 MB.
  • Once you start getting some subscriber, you can use paid Facebook ads for promotion. Also promote your channel on Twitter and LinkedIn

Bottom Line:

In this article I have tried to share some useful tips on " How to Create YouTube Channel"  and have shared some useful tips to promote it for Free. I hope you have liked the information.

I am an affiliate marketer and use my YouTube Channel for promoting my Blog.  I follow the same methodology for promoting my blogs and YouTube Videos for making six figure income.

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