You might be well aware of the fact that there are two different types of traffic that you can generate online for your website.

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. Free Traffic or Organic Traffic

In reality, there is nothing like Free traffic as it costs you in terms of time and efforts.

If your time is worth $50 per hour, the traffic would have an equivalent cost to the time spent for searching the long tail Keywords, researching for the topics, writing articles and doing SEO etc.

Therefore, instead of naming it as Free Traffic, it is better to call it Organic Traffic. It is called Free traffic since you are not paying any direct amount for buying this traffic.

 Organic Traffic can be generated by:
  • Writing Unique articles on your blog with Long Tail Keywords
  • Posting articles on Various article directories and Forums
  • Guest posting on relevant Blogs related to your niche.
  • Crating YouTube videos and linking them with your Blogs
  • Uploading slides to slide share
  • Answering on Quora
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Commenting on Relevant Blogs
  • Participating in Getting in discussions on Facebook groups
  • Posting on Social Media Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

There are many of other ways I could include but I am sure you have got the idea!

Paid Traffic:

  The traffic that requires you to pay a certain amount of money for each visitor you obtain. There are various forms but the most common is Pay per click (PPC). Paid Traffic can be Obtained by

  • AdWords
  • Solo ads
  • Paid advertising networks (Facebook ads, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Influence Marketing

Again there are many other ways of generating Paid traffic but I just wanted to give an idea for the time being

Different online marketers have different opinions about their preferred source of traffic. What may work for one may not be so useful for other.

Some people are good at writing and therefore they may advise you to concentrate on organic traffic and others who are good copy writers may advise you to stick to the paid traffic.

There are various many factors that play role in the success of one type traffic source over the other like the particular niche are dealing with and your targeted audience.

However whichever source you choose for driving traffic to your website, continuity is the key. You must have patience and will to succeed.

You cannot achieve results just by writing 10 articles or running an AdWords advertisement for 10 days.  you can only be successful if you are consistent and are not afraid of hard work. Believe me, online marketing is a real business and you will not become a millionaire overnight.

It takes time and effort to become a master at any traffic source.

When To Use Paid Traffic:

I have already mentioned that there is no such thing as 'free' traffic but  Organic (or Evergreen Traffic) that take your time and efforts and Paid Traffic for which you Pay.

Paid traffic would require lots of testing and there are chances that you could easily lose a lot of money in testing .

Therefore I would always advise newbies to concentrate on organic traffic initially as that would help in building a relationship with your audience and building your own brand.

Organic traffic is more sustainable, paid traffic will come only as long as you are running the AD. Organic traffic would continue to bring traffic in the long term and enables you to test and tweak without it costing you money.

Once you have established your website and have started making money, you can experiment with the paid traffic for faster results.

When you know what is working best and your best converting offers, then you can begin to use paid traffic sources.

Before switching to paid traffic, you must have a system in place that is working for you and bringing in profits . For example you may be diverting all your blog traffic to a squeeze page and that is converting well, all that now needs to be done is start running paid advertisements and bring traffic to this specific page directly.

Keep in mind that different traffic sources convert in different ways and even though your Squeeze page may be converting well for organic traffic, it may not give the exact results with paid traffic.

Whatever traffic source you use , it must be tested in its own way.

However, there are many factors that remain fairly consistent in an optimized system and therefore once you have your foundation in place you can then build upon that for each traffic source.

Your Niche and Traffic Source:

As already mentioned above, there are many factors that play a role in deciding if a particular traffic source will yield a good result for your website and the type of niche you are in will be a major deciding Factor.

For the benefit for all newbies, a niche can be anything which you are passionate about. When deciding about a niche, try to narrow it down to be more specific. In case you are still undecided about your niche, Please read my article - " How to select most profitable niche"

You must bear in mind that the specific niche your business is in will definitely affect the places where you are likely to get your target audience. For example, if you are in an entertainment or artistic niche then your audience is probably more likely to watch videos and be active on YouTube than they are to be reading articles.

If your niche is about the best Home Appliances, your audience would probably like to read more pros and cone before buying something and Organic traffic would be best for you.

Which Traffic Source Is Best For You?

Just think about what activities do you enjoy while being online? How disciplined are you when online?

If you are prone to wasting hours on Facebook, then I would suggest you to stay away from Facebook posting as it may distract you in many ways.

Choose  few different traffic sources that just not match your niche but also suit your skills and personality.

How To Get Traffic For Your Website Fast, Always remember 80/20 rule. 80% of your results generally come from 20% of your efforts.

When you start using different traffic sources, they must be tracked and tested for results so that you can find out the best source giving you the best results in terms of Traffic.

Once you start testing which source is providing you with the most visitors, it is better to focus on the most productive traffic source that is providing you the 80% result against your efforts.

After you have optimized the results and have found the traffic source, providing you most your visitors then you can start focusing all your efforts on that particular traffic source rather than continue to spend time on all of them.

Do You Have Control Of  Your Traffic Destination?

An important point to keep in mind is that whether or not you own the traffic destination where you are sending the bulk of your traffic.

Do you own that website? Do you have control of it? If you don't then it would be foolish to put all your eggs into that one basket.

As an affiliate marketer, You may be promoting other's website directly for generating revenues. What if that website disappeared overnight?

That's what many marketer do. They keep on posting the links on Social media sending all the traffic  directly to offer page being managed by others.

Few other marketers may have their own website and squeeze page but they commit the mistake of using the links provided by the product owner. In case that website disappear overnight all your efforts would go waste.

I would always advise you to use a plugin Like Pretty links for Clocking the links. In case the website , you are promoting disappear or even if you decide to send the same traffic to some other offer , that can be done by changing only one link at the back end rather than changing the links on whole website.

Always use your own website for sending all the traffic and use a Link Cloaking Plugin. Then you will always be in control.

To have more knowledge on creating your blog, you can check my article -  How to start your own Blog Website?

Its All About Quality Not Quantity:

When you are testing your traffic, you must test it for quality along with quantity.

Suppose You are using a blog , Forum posting and Guest blogging as you main source of traffic initially. Bulk of your visitors may be coming from the forum posting then you may lead to believe that you should focus more of your time and effort on forums.

However, it is actually not the quantity of traffic as the end result that need to be focused but the quality of the traffic that is actually converting.

If you are driving all your traffic to a squeeze page in order to make subscribers then your first goal will be to enhance traffic from that source that is generating subscribers.

But do those subscribers converting to buyers?

If you get loads of traffic who are joining as a subscribers but not buying your products then that traffic is no good to you.

Main aim of any business is to earn profit.  Therefore You should focus on and test, whether or not a traffic source generates buyers.

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to test everything simultaneously unless you have huge money to outsource most of the processes  to a large number of people to perform lots of testing. Even then you might not be able to accomplish it but in reality that is seldom the case.

To begin with, it makes sense to focus on one goal at a time. Find the traffic source(s) that converts to subscribers and then refine that source and the whole process to optimize for conversion and hence profits.

Going back to the same example, if you find that your subscribers are actually coming from your own blog rather than forum posting, then you would keep on writing more articles and stop wasting your time and effort focusing on forum posting.

In reality you will find that actual revenue comes from a variety of different traffics sources and not from single source but any one particular source generates the bulk of your revenue.

What Do You Need to have Place?

Before even you think of driving traffic, You must have something to offer to your visitors. If you do not have a good product to promote, you are wasting your time.

You should have your own website that you have control over and you must encourage your site visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

An email list will enable you to continue to build and develop a trusting relationship by sending the mails and without having to rely on visitors coming back to your website again and again.

For your site visitors to Join your email list and then to automate further process,  you need:

  • A  valuable free gift to offer visitors
  • A Sign Up form with a Thank you Page
  • An auto responder
  • Sequence of Emails
  • A Good Product to Offer

You should not be forcing the subscriber to buy the product through your email and rather you must share your knowledge about the products transparently by telling all the Pros and Cons. This list is an asset and if you can build a trust with your subscriber, you may sell them many products in future.

What Should you Test?


To get the best quality traffic , you must keep on testing the following and enhancing what is working for you and keeping away what is not working. You may need to check the following

1. What percentage of visitors clicked through to your squeeze page

This will let you know if your content or advertisement is connecting well with the people or not using a particular source of traffic. Try many different topics related to your niche to see which ones connect the most.

2. How many opted to become a subscriber after reaching your squeeze page ?

This will provide you the information about the quality of your squeeze page and if  you are offering something that is relevant to your audience?

In case the site visitors are not signing up for your offer, you may have to fine tune the headline and bullet points. The biggest point to observe will be whether your squeeze page offer is relevant to your audience. If not, then you are not driving the targeted traffic.

You may try the split testing of your squeeze page to see which version comes out the best. You can create two different versions of the squeeze Page and split the traffic between them. You can add the tracking code both the pages and use the free Google Analytics for this purpose.

3. How many Subscribers opened your emails:

This will let you know if the emails headlines are relevant to your subscribers and offering them the help they are looking for.

You can again use different set of use email with different headlines to see which one was opened the most.

How many clicked through to your sales page :

The content in your email must also be relevant and provide the value that your subject line has promised. They must be informative and engaging so that your subscribers look forward to receiving your emails.

Never use your email to sell your product. Let your sales page do that job. Just educate them about the benefit they will get by visiting your link.

Once you have a good subject line and you know people are opening your email, you can then see if you can further improve the click through rate by changing the contents. Again split testing will help.

How many People Actually Purchase the Product :  

Now once people start visiting your sales page,  you will have to determine how many of them actually purchased your product and what is conversion rate.

By keeping two different Sales Page and spiting the traffic between them, you can improve the conversion rate. If you are promoting affiliate product, sales page will not be under your control.

How To Get Traffic For Your Website Fast - Bottom-line :

Being an Affiliate marketer and Project Management Professional (PMP) , I have handled the topic in a different way. I believe in the process and hence I have shared how the process can be set right to get Traffic for your website Fast.

I am not here to tell you that you should create so many Facebook ads or YouTube Videos but only to suggest you that you need to put consistent efforts to succeed online.

Training at the wealthy Affiliate university has helped be learn the complete process of making money online.

Driving Traffic is just a small but most important part of the training. 90% of the people who start their quest for making money online fail to reach anywhere. The main reason of failure is the lack of knowledge, efforts and consistency.

People who are making passive income online are the ones who are consistent and ready to learn and if you feel you have the passion and intensity, I offer you a Free five day  training course for making Passive income online.

I wish you every success as you begin to develop your own profitable business online.
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