You can make money online with content marketing. Writing content will literally position yourself in front of people who are looking for the information you offer.

You are living in the arena of inbound marketing and advertising. Your own Blogs establish your identity online. Your success as an internet marketer will depend on the quality of your posts. The subject matter is what makes it possible to get seen online and build trust with your viewers. Your review posts will teach the site visitors about the product and thereby develop a path to start conversions. Blog posts will sustain constant and productive interactions with devoted consumers for many years.

Your post can be discovered online to the targeted audience if start thinking like a search engine marketing expert.

Gone are the days when search engine optimization experts could magically stuff the keywords and phrases throughout the content to achieve page one rankings for as many keyword phrases and keyword variations as possible.

Now the search engines do not like the Keyword Stuffing. By using this method, you're not just generating the scrap but puzzling your customers. Rather than unnecessarily sprinkling the keywords or phrases, you must produce readable contents and put the keywords wherever necessary.

In order to ensure that you are ranking for the ideal keywords, it's important to make sure that your post maintains continuity and keywords should not break this.

In case you are planning to develop very own writing style for writing articles that are not only engaging but search-engine-friendly as well, here are a few vital SEO factors. To be a successful Internet marketers You must adopt these in your internet marketing copywriting Scheme of things.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

How to make Money Online with Content Marketing?

If You had asked me this question few years back, I would not even have understood the exact meaning.

I did know nothing about internet marketing or online marketing  or content marketing for that matter.

I got laid off from my job when I was 51 and started searching for some ways to make money online. I was fortunate to find a legitimate step by step training platform "wealthy Affiliate" and learned all the techniques of Content marketing. 

I am making 6 figure income working from home which might have looked like a distant dream only few years back.

8 Fundamental SEO Things to Consider for Marketing Copywriting Content

Well-Identified Target Audience:

You might have heard the phrase that content is the king. But all your efforts to write and optimize the content for search engines will go in vain if your content fails to provide any value addition.

Though it is necessary to publish articles on a regular basis, I would advise you to avoid creating the content material just for namesake.

You must begin with identifying your target market and the appropriate location for your different types of subject material.

To substantiate further, your website home page must look authentic and targeted more on product and services, while your blog posts may be more information-centric and educational.

Once you have identified your marketplace and your buyer perspective, you will be able to acknowledge the wishes, passions, and difficulties your targeted consumer(s) deal with while making a buying decision.

Keep in mind that You're writing for your readers, therefore your article needs to give proper attention to resolve the readers queries. Only then will you be able to enhance that content material for the keywords, you wish to get discovered by search engines.

Keyword Research:

You must have to identify the distinct ideas and key phrases before writing the article for your Internet marketing campaign.

You have to carry out the keyword research in the identified subject to evaluate the competition for the topic.  A simple Keyword may not be able to rank high in search engines due to high competition and you will have to find the long-tail keywords. You might use specific tools like Google's Keyword tool and Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to explore the long tail keywords. 

You will just have to type in a phrase or word, you want to target and Jaaxy Keyword research tool will return a number of recommended search phrase options.

The keyword phrases that you discover as part of this groundwork will either enable you to refresh your game plan or authenticate what you have already outlined.

The Minimum requirement for a proper keyword researching include the following typical measurements

  1. Average Number of Searches the Keyword receive per month
  2. An approximate number of persons visiting your website if you rank on the first page.
  3. The number of websites Competing for that Keyword.

Base on above, your keyword toll must be able to indicate the Keyword Quality and SEO Score.

If you already have some phrase in mind, you just tap its potential using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Good Spelling and Grammar:

You need not be an expert writer using some extraordinary language. Plain English is always more engaging as it can be understood well by a common reader.

But you must try to be grammatically correct and use ideal punctuation so that sentences remain meaningful.

An adequate drafted article should use the standard keywords researched by you and their easy synonymous to enhance the visibility in search engines.  Working with good English style by keeping the right version of keywords instead of stuffing the content with the researched would guarantee uniformity across the content, and persistence counts when you're attempting to boost for specific terms.

Content Format:

Spelling out the clear tips for content style is a great strategy too. Your blog articles must have the titles, sub-headers and sufficient number of Pictures. You must make the keyword list and keep the main keyword in at least one header.

The article must be properly divided into headers and subheaders and you should limit the paragraphs to close to 150 words and sentences to maximum 20 words.

You must not use lots of passive sentences and content

All of your links should utilize strong anchor text, so for which keywords or phrases are you attempting to rank?  All the must-have the Alt tags and at least one image should have the keyword as ALT text. It is entirely worth taking the time to chalk this all out.

Copy Edition:

It is very important to examine the article before publishing. You must be quite patient and supremely focused while accessing everything before you publish. All the details must be checked precisely, regardless of how seemingly minimal or insignificant.

The properly edited article will be easy to read, increase readers engagement and increase the possibilities for high ranking in search engines.

Content Material Work Schedule:

Another important and significant factor is How many times you publish.  Consistency is very important. You must be aware of the fact that all big websites have hired the content writers who are publishing the contents on a daily basis. It may not be possible for you to produce the contents on daily basis but still you must make it a point to publish 10 to 12 articles per month.

Though I do not agree with some internet market with the significance of the timing when you ought to publish. I have come across some Intenet gurus advising that morning hours posting times, Monday through Thursday perform most optimally. I do not agree. Timing is significant for social Media Advertisements or your tweets but not for your regular posts which would be seen by the public only after being ranked.

Publish continuously and Don't let down your readership, or Google, Bing and Yahoo for that matter.

Are you aware of the fact that search engine bots return to your site on a regular basis? When you've got new written content, they're going to index it. You miss the opportunity to be ranked If there is no new material. And the more routinely you submit excellent content material, the more persistently those bots will return back not only to check for the new information but also, in addition, other standard changes they may come across.

Maintain a publishing calendar to help you concentrate on posting frequently and over time boosting your search engine results.

Building Your Brand:

You SEO campaigns must be aligned with your efforts to striving to retain a well-defined and steady identity. You must use the words and phrases distinct to your targeted brand including your firm name, names of products along with names of services.

Branded phrases are normally quite easy to rank for in most cases.

Conversion Rate:

The only reason, you are writing the content and doing search engine optimization is to generate money through sales. You can generate sales only by designing a number of calls-to-action (CTA's).

You will have to convert the online search engine targeted visitors into business leads and business leads to confirm sales. Calls-to-action elements are the major consideration of overall on-page SEO strategies. They should be consistent all the way through your site content and closely related to your target audience.

Calls-to-action direct your targeted traffic to exceptionally optimized landing pages. These Landing Pages offer them something in return for their details, and inturn, you suddenly have a business lead.

I have seen lot of great contents without giving the reader a way to get more information i.e without a proper call to action.

If your objective isn't lead conversion process, then why even make use of SEO in the first place?

You must always be looking forward to giving your reader a way to engage with you and buy your product.

I have also seen the well-designed call to action without asking the readers to click. You should not presume that your readers know about it. Take them by the hand and show them exactly what you want

I hope you have liked this article. If you are planning to make money online with content marketing and need more information, Just leave a comment below. I will reciprocate at the earliest.


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