How To Make Money With Aliexpress:

Aliexpress is a part of Alibaba Group based out at China. Alibaba was started in 1999 by a group of 18 people led by Jack Ma. They launched their first website to help Chinese Manufactures, wholesalers and entrepreneurs to export the goods internationally. Since then Alibaba Group has grown exponentially and had a worldwide presence.

After the success of, the founders have launched many websites and Aliexpress is one of them. Aliexpress was established in the year 2010 and is the retail Global marketplace for Chinese goods.

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review

Name: AliExpress
Website: Click Here
Owner: Jack Ma
Price: Free to Join



How to make money with Aliexpress - Summary

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Alibaba and Aliexpress both are the Global market place with the main difference that while Alibaba is exclusively meant for B2B transactions involving large quantities directly from manufacturers at wholesale, AliExpress can be used by retail customers to buy products at competitive prices with no minimum order requirements.

Aliexpress can be used in three different ways for making Money Online:

  1. By Selling Products on Aliexpress
  2. Promoting Aliexpress Products as an AliExpress Affiliate.
  3. Starting own Ecommerce Dropshipping Store for selling AliExpress Products.

Most of the online marketer prefer to start own dropship store using Alidropship Plugin rather than promoting the products as an Aliexpress Affiliate. .Though the report suggests that the aliexpress sell more than Amazon, many affiliate still do not trust the quality of chinese products. Aliexpress affiliate program have some more  limitations which I have discussed in Detail

I would always advise newbies to start their Journey as an affiliate marketer and later they move to other directions as well. If you do not trust Aliexpress products, You can promote products from Amazon or eBay etc.

The basic strategies for promoting the products remain same and therefore if you have mastered the Affiliate marketing techniques, you can promote your dropshipping products or  even your own products.

The training plays an important role here. Though A lot of training material would be available on  social media Platforms but you can never rely on the unorganized material and outdated material. You ,must not compromise with the training and updating you, if you are seriously interested in making money online.

When it comes to own business for becoming financially independent and being own boss, One must not take a chance. 

I Opted for the best training in the industry being offered by the leaders who have trained more than a million digital marketer already. My training has really paid off and I am making 6 figure passive income. 

How to sign up for AliExpress Affiliate?


Signing up for Aliexpress Affiliate program is very easy. You can just visit Aliexpress website and scroll to the bottom of page to find the link for their Affiliate Program. After clicking the link, you will find the option to sign up for the Affiliate Program. You can sign up using Google or Facebook Credentials. You van also visit the affiliate page by clicking here.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Benefits:


WIth the passage of time, AliExpress has become very popular and trustworthy website. The aliexpress has the global presence and is available in 230 countries.  As an affiliate you have the liberty to promote more than a million products to international buyers. The Website has already sold the products to more than 150 million Buyers.   

You can browse through various categories of products and select the best product from the trusted seller. You can check the seller's profile for the feedback rating left by the customers.   

As an affiliate you can earn a commission of up to 9% on the sale achieved through your affiliate ,links and if the customer happen to be new and buying for the first time on Aliexpress, you will additional  conversion fee upto $4.   

The payment threshold is low and many payment options are available. Though You can withdraw minimum $16 on or before 20th of each month, the processing fee of $15 on each withdrawal will make you think about the withdrawal amount.

Affiliates can create Deep Links. Deep Linking is the facility provided by the affiliate networks to create links for the specific merchant pages or Specific product pages. This allow you to create links to the products related to your niche rather than creating generic links to the Home Page. 

Aliexpress site uses the escrow account Feature for the sellers to ensure that sellers are paid only after the buyers have received the items and are satisfied with it. The Feature have helped to increase Buyer's trust. 

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Limitations:

As I told you earlier all is not well with the Aliexpress Affiliate Program. It has got its own limitations or Drawbacks. These are as explained below

  • The High percentage of affiliate commission make no sense on high value sale as the commission is capped at maximum of $50 per transaction. Capping means you can earn a maximum of $50 per sale irrespective of the percentage of commission for the item.
  • Affiliate Details are not organized properly and are scattered here and there.
  • Aliexpress is more specific to the Dropshipping. They do adopt much professional approach towards their affiliate Program. The Affiliate managers are very reluctant to update the details in one go. There seems to be lack of coordination
  • Most of the chinese seller are not english speaking. Lot of time they do not understand the buyer's queries properly and their answers do not provide the required information.
  • Though the Affiliate site supports 16 languages, You may land on some pages that even can not be translated to english. I got stuck up when I was trying to reset my password using the forgot password option and one specific page was available in Chinese and could not be translated.
  • Though the threshold amount is very low and you can withdraw an amount as low as $16 but processing fee of $15 per transaction won't let you withdraw small amounts .
  • The free shipping is available with most of the products. But International shipping take more than 30 days in advance. Most of the buyers do not prefer to wait for such long periods and all your efforts may not produce the desired results.
  • You will have to be very careful while selecting the product as lot of counterfeited products are being sold online. You may find products with no brand name and some of the products being sold are second copy of branded items. Promoting these items may not be legal in some countries.
Arun Affiliate Marketer

How much money can you make with Aliexpress Affiliate Program: Conclusion

Aliexpress is a legitimate opportunity to make money online. On the face program look similar to the Amazon Associate, eBay Partner Network or Walmart Affiliate but 

You my feel that since Aliexpress has global presence and prices are more competitive , it offers a better opportunity to make money as an affiliate marketer.

But that is not the case. Most of the items being sold on Aliexpress are not branded and may not meet the international quality standards. 

Aliexpress offers a commission ranging from 0% to 9% but the maximum capping would definitely hurt you and will not allow you to make  enough money. A processing fee of $15 on every withdrawal further make a dent in your earnings.

International shipping time from 15 to 30 days do not be suit many buyers who like the same day delivery or may be within a day or two maximum as offered by other platforms.

As far as I am concerned, I do not promote aliexpress products as an affiliate however I do have aliexpress dropshipping store which is made using alidropship plugin.

There are many other affiliate networks offering better products and services to the buyers which make selling much easier. 

In any case, to be a successful affiliate marketer you need a step by step training and I can advise you the same training platform which has helped me in making more than $10000 each month last year.

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