How To Make Money With eBay Partner Network:

You have decided to work from home and Be your Own Boss and EPN (eBay Partner Network) seems intriguing. But, you do not know How EPN works?  

How would you like to have your own shop where you can sell 'in demand' eBay items? Doing this gives you the potential to make money from eBay without ever having to have your own stock or spend time packaging and shipping goods.

Or Would you like to have a Blog for promoting eBay Products? 

This is an ideal scenario for people looking to earn through 'passive income'. This article looks at the steps involved.

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Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

eBay Partner network can be used to make Passive Income by promoting Physical Products as an Affiliate. 

I am an affiliate marketer making $10000 or more per month and I know it works. 

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate Business like any other business with an advantage that you do not have to keep the stock and you can promote any of the millions of products for making  money.

If you don't already have a website you'll really need to get one up and running before you apply to the EPN. It doesn't have to be fancy but it does need to look reasonably professional and have some original content to drive search engine traffic to it.

Try to get some level of traffic before applying to the EPN or they may decide that your are not a serious internet marketer.


As a newbie all these things may be new for you and may bother you a bit. You may not know how to build a website and how to drive traffic  to your website.

 When I started few years back, I also did not know much about Affiliate marketing. I tried lot of things following resources like YouTube or advice on Social media Groups but was not able to make a single sale. 

I was fortunate enough to find a legitimate training program which taught me affiliate marketing step by step.

I applied the learnings from the training to have my own money making websites and become a successful online entrepreneur making 6 Figure income with eBay, Amazon , Walmart and other Affiliate Programs. You can also follow the same training to make money with EPN.

What is the eBay Partner Network (EPN)?

The vital first step to setting up an eBay affiliate shop or store is to join the eBay Partner Network.

 eBay Inc is one of the oldest e-commerce Network company. eBay platform can equally be used both by the sellers and affiliates around the world for making money online. is used by thousands for sellers to sell millions of products at set prices?

The Affiliates can promote these products, by Joining an eBay affiliate program better known as eBay Partner Network (EPN) and eBay affiliates are known as the  “publishers.”.

How can You Join the eBay Partner Network?

If you already have the eBay account, you can visit and use eBay credentials to apply eBay Partner Network membership. Once applied your membership will be reviewed for approval by eBay which may take few days. 


In Case you do not have eBay Account , you can register with ebay before applying for EPN.


This may seem straightforward enough  as you would signup with EPN like any other affiliate network. But you'll probably find that, like a lot of other applicants, you don't get accepted onto the EPN the first time.

Be persistent, polite and professional. Email them and explain your business model to the people at the EPN and demonstrate that you have a quality website which will drive qualified traffic to eBay. By taking this approach you will probably find that you will get accepted onto the EPN.

What are the Signup Requirements for eBay Partner Network?

  • Must be at least 18 Years Old
  • You must be registered with eBay and have eBay account in good standing
  • Must be Living in a Country where you can accept payment Via PayPal
  • Must have some website or a Blog or online affiliate Store that is not involved in adult, illegal or restricted contents.

How to make Money as an eBay Affiliates?

An affiliate make money by promoting other people's product. When the product is sold through your affiliate Link, you make a commission. For eBay or Amazon or similar marketing Networks the process remain the Same.

  1. 1
    Find a Product on the affiliate Network which you like and have Knowledge about. In Other words you will have to select the Niche. 
  2. 2
    Create  Affiliate Links for the Products.
  3. 3
    Promote these Links on your website / Blogs /social Media/ Emails
  4. 4
    Now if someone Clicks on your Link and Buy the item on the Affiliate Network, eBay in this Case, you make money.
  5. 5
      ebay Store cookies for 24 Hours. it means that even if some one buy something within 24  hours from their visit to site, the sale would be counted as qualified for commission.

All this seems quite easy but actually it is not. There are unlimited number of websites promoting affiliate products. 

You might have seen lot of people throwing Affiliate Links on the Social Media platforms like Facebook and most of the time those links unclicked if not unnoticed.

Does it mean that you can not make money as an Affiliate marketer? No I am not saying that. 

I am myself making 6 figure income as an Affiliate marketer. All I am trying to tell you that you need to Know how to promote your website so that people can find it on Search Engines.

You have landed on this page searching for something, This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You will have to Learn all these techniques and if you follow the step by step training, You will find the process very easy to implement.

Building an eBay Affiliate Store:

There are two prominent ways of promoting affiliate Products. You can either have a content based blog for reviewing the Products or can have a Affiliate Store just like any other ecommerce Store.

I prefer to build a review website to help people in their buying decision but you can construct a store also using word Press and woocommerce Plugin. 

You can also use Cloud Based Softwares like eZyStore to make an affiliate Store like shown below with one Click.


Integrate eBay Products:

There are many ways to integrate eBay products into your website and the exact method will depend on which website-creation package you are using.

One simple way to get started is to use the widgets available on the EPN website.​

Once you've set up your widgets simply copy and paste the code into the proper place on your website. You will then have attractive, relevant and up-to-date eBay product listings to display to your visitors. If they click through and buy the eBay product you'll make money. Then you can really start calling yourself an internet marketer!

If you are building a shop then you'll need to display more items at once and the EzyStore is a quick way of doing this. ​

How much eBay Pays To Affiliate?

eBay pays some percentage of the Sales Value, The percentage varies for difference Items. The Commission also varies from country to Country.  The Commissions rates are specified in the Global Rate card given below:


For some of the items items and few categories like gift cards, charities or special Promotional Deals, eBay Inc. either earn very Low Revenue or even does not earn at all.  eBay partners will also correspondingly earn low or no commissions for these products or categories. .

Why to Join EPN?

eBay is a well known and established and trusted ecommerce network available in many countries. Most of the internationally renowned brands have their brand store on eBay. It is trusted by billions of people world wide. 


Following make the EPN very unique opportunity for making money.

  • More than 14 Billion products to chose from at any time.
  • 183 Million Buyers across 190 Countries provide you enough Opportunities to promote the Products and make money.
  •    eBay provide 100% Guarantee on Luxury Items.
  • All trusted Brands sell on eBay.
  • eBay offers the best price guarantee
  • Unlike Amazon, eBay does not charge for its premium services.
  •  eBay is in the market for more than 20 Years and has got A+ rating from BBB.
  • eBay EPN affiliate Payment Threshold is very Low. They pay commission once in a month.
  • eBay Pay your commission through Paypal or Direct Bank transfer, if your country supports it.  

Bottom Line:

eBay is one of the best Platform for affiliate marketers. Here you would find authenticated, branded and trust worthy products to,Promote.

When you promote a branded product and are not worried about your payouts , your confidence level is very high and you achieve more results.

But You not only need a website to promote the products but also be acquainted with the various techniques required to drive generic traffic for your website.

Today I am going to offer you two Bonuses.

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I Hope You would like this article and share with your friends who want to make money online to support their families.

In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below in the comment sections. I will respond at the earliest possible.

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