The best domain name for your website would be the one which immediately conveys the purpose of your website to the website visitor. A corporate company would like to have a domain name representing its corporate identity however a blogger may like to convey the intent of the website. A right domain name will not only enhance your SEO but also help you build the brand. The best domain name for a website would also be the one which is easy to remember.

Selecting best the domain name for their website:

Select a unique or Attractive Domain Name

The big companies Like Google, Yahoo or Bing have selected the unique names and build a brand to reckon with. Google has become synonymous of search engines but you can not find the exact meaning of the word Google. The name Google was adopted by misspelling the word "googol" which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Domain named matching the corporate Identity

Most of the Brick and Mortar Stores try to find the domain name matching their corporate identities. Domain names like Ford, Microsoft Siemens, Amazon and millions of other companies have chosen the domain names to match their corporate identities.

Domain Name matching the niche

Most of the online marketers follow this strategy to select the best domain name for their websites. They use the targeted keywords to select the domain name. Let us suppose your keyword for which you want to rank in search engines is " how to lose belly fat", then you can choose the domain name

Since every affiliate marketer wants to choose the domain name with the targeted keyword, it may not be available and already booked. In that scenario, you can book a matching domain name like or

Which Domain to Buy?

The domain names specific to the keywords may be the best options for small niches, I would advise you to buy a unique and brand-able domain name. Earlier search engines used to give some benefits to the websites have domain names with targeted keywords but with the recent change in algorithm, these benefits seem to have been withdrawn.

The Search engines now rank the sites based on the uniqueness and quality of contents. Therefore you have the liberty to select a brand-able domain name without bothering much about keywords.

Once the brand has been established, you can add more products which may even be different from your earlier niche.

Building a successful online brand will provide you massive money-making opportunities. You can initially start promoting some affiliate Products and once Brand is established, you can launch your own products also.

Once you have an online presence, you can promote and sell your products worldwide.

Which TLD is Best?

A top-level Domain or TLD is the domain at the highest level in the hierarchy of Domain name system. TLD's are installed in the root zone of namespaces.

To make things simple, the last part of the Domain name is TLD. Like for my website, the top-level domain is com.

Nowadays many TLD's are available but you must preferably choose a domain name with com TLD as they are easily searchable.

But in case your website is country specific, you may like to use country code Top level domain like .usa, .au These country-specific domains may help to build an emotional connection with the site visitors of your targeted country. On the contrary customer from other countries may ignore the website.

7 considerations before Picking up the best Domain name for your website:

By now you might have got a broad idea but you must remember to keep the following Tips in mind before selecting the best domain name for your website.

  1. Keep it Short
  2. Targeted Keywords in the domain are not necessary.
  3. It must not be misspelled.
  4. The domain name must be easy to remember.
  5. Select the proper TLD
  6. Avoid Used domain names. It might have been penalized by search engines. You can use a back-link Tool to find the earlier links pointing towards the domain name.
  7. Avoid domain names with edgy hidden meanings or giving a feeling that product is only suitable for adults until and unless you are actually dealing with those products.
Can You change the Domain name of the website:

Changing the Domain name is not impossible but a very tedious job and must be done very carefully. You must take the following steps for changing the domain name for a WordPress website

  1. Take the Back Up of your website.
  2. Add Web hosting for your new domain.
  3. Create a new database in PHPMyAdmin.
  4. Install WordPress for your new website
  5. Transfer files from backup to new WordPress Site.
  6. Edit your new wpconfig.php file for the following
    1. Database name
    2. Database user
    3. Database user password
    4. Hostname
    5. Replace the existing WordPress $table_prefix value.
  7. Update all URL's
  8. Install a redirection Plugin and setup 301 redirection

.Now you may know that changing the domain name is not so easy and hence you must be careful in selecting the best domain name.

But if you buy a domain name and web hosting from siteRubix, all the above can be done with a single click of the mouse.

How to Get the Best Domain Ideas?

Many people use the domain name generators like Name Mesh or Lean Domain Search for getting the domain ideas.

But I will not advise you to use these name generators as they generate very generic names by adding some suffix or prefix to your keywords.

Instead of using the domain name generators, I use the best keyword research tool Jaaxy. It would serve the dual purpose for you. It will help you find the best long tail keywords for your niche and also find if the domain name with targeted keywords is available.

Where to book the Domain name?

You can use the services of any domain registrar and book the domain online. I normally use GoDaddy, NameCheap or Wealthy Affiliate.

If You alteady have some web hosting Space and are just looking for buying a Domain Name, NameCheap is the best option as they offer domain names at a very cheap price.

But in case you are planning to set up your new online or affiliate marketing business, you may be launching many wesites and would require hosting space to build all the wesites. 

In that case, I would advise you to join the Wealthy Affiliate for a monthly Fee. You will have the following benefits when you Join Wealthy Affiliate

  1. 25 Free Website Hosting.
  2. Free SSL certificate for every Website.
  3. Free Website Builder
  4. Free Content writer.
  5. Free Images
  6. Free Keyword Research Tool
  7. Step by step online marketing Training
  8. Live community
  9. One click site installation.
  10. Regular back up of your website

If you check the cost of all these facilities on various platforms, you will find wealthy affiliate to be 70% cheaper.

Bottom Line:

I hope you have liked my article. I have shared my experience and expect you to follow the above steps to select the best domain for your website

In case you have any further query , Please ask me in the comment section below.

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