How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Website :

Starting an Affiliate marketing business by creating your own affiliate marketing website is a great way to make money online.

You’ll find that learning how to create an affiliate marketing website isn’t all that hard, and these affiliate marketing websites have the potential to make thousands of dollars a month for you in affiliate commissions.

I am so glad that you are here to learn about how I made $50K in the year 2020 by building my affiliate marketing website. 

In this article, I will take you through all the steps followed by me in building my successful online business. 

  1. Pick up the niche (topic ) to build your website around
  2. Create your first affiliate marketing website
  3. Set up the Domain, hosting, and other tools required
  4. Come up with a content strategy that will deliver affiliate sales

Niche Selection: What’s Your Website Going to be About?

The first thing you should decide is what your website will be all about. Domain name, hosting, website Software do matter but they will come later. And because your goal is to earn money with affiliate marketing, you need to be careful about this decision.

When starting to build an affiliate marketing website, it is of utmost importance to focus on Niche, the group of people you are going to target or who are interested in your topic, products.

When you are creating website just for fun, it can be on any topic of general interest. The topics are very broad and do not target specific audience. The websites like helping local poor people may make you feel good but do but do not have potential of making money with affiliate marketing.

However, when you are creating a website for making money, it’s different story altogether and you may want to start with a smaller niche or better with a sub niche.

You might have heard the phrase that The Riches Are in The Niches.

Lets not google and try to find out who has said this but whosoever has said has done me a lot of favour as the simple saying has led be to create lot of money making website, some of them making five figure income.

For making a successful affiliate marketing business we must learn niching down. Niching down means find a niche for a smaller group of people.

For example, health and fitness is one of the most common niche but it is way too broad too and will not take you anywhere.

Millions of people may be searching for this topic online but they cannot be targeted traffic for buying something. As the topic is too broad, you cannot find their pain points and discuss something of common interest and resolve their problems.

You should look forward to Niching Down. The Niching down make it easier to :
  • Find Targeted Audience
  • Figure out their exact pain points
  • Offer them a product to resolve their specific issue and let them feel that you really understand their problem.

Health and fitness niche can further be broken down to Weight-Loss Exercise, Supplements, Cardio, Yoga etc.

These niches can further be broken down to sub Niches like Swimming, walking, Cycling, Rowing, jumping etc. but you are advised not be more specific.

You should keep in mind that a single micro niche is very hard to establish as to establish a niche you need a lot of topics also on which you can write contents.

Focusing yourself on a sub niche can help you to find target people i.e.  you could build an affiliate marketing website around the niche best Supplements for weight loss but don’t go too deep with your niche selection.

For example, the best exercises for post-menopausal women in Canada is a niche that won’t have enough people to target.

You must always keep in mind that you are creating this website for making money and therefore you must select a niche that has an Affiliate opportunity.

For building a Successful Affiliate marketing website
  • Think about the group of people, you are going to Target.
  • Their Pain Points
  • Four or Five Type of Products that can offer them immediate help.
  • Check the availability of the products on reputed affiliate networks.
  • Look for the products that offer good commissions. To begin with You should consider going with some reputed affiliate marketing networks so that you are sure of your commissions.



After selecting the niche, you’re ready to move ahead and start making an affiliate marketing website.

Let’s look into what would be the immediate requirement for creating your blog site.

  • A Domain name
  • A webhosting
  • CMS – Content Management Software for Building Website.
  • Free Website Builder
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Content Writing Strategies
  • Step By Step Training
  • A Live community where you can ask questions and get answers 24X7

Once website is created we shall look into details about how to drive targeted traffic to your blog for making sale.

Webhosting service starts at $3 per month and goes up to few hundred Dollars a month depending upon the features of a plan.

With changing scenario, a secured site with SSL certificate is must for ranking in Googles and Companies Like Go daddy charge huge money for SSL certificates.

Moreover, as you are serious about affiliate marketing business, in next few months you would need more than one website. Once your first website has started making money, you would like to replicate your own success for multiplying your income.  

I have taken the same route as taken by millions of other successful affiliate marketers and have hosted all my websites on the best hosted training platform that offer the following advantages.

  • Hosting up to 30 websites in same monthly subscription.
  • Domain name checker and buying options
  • Free SSL Certificate for every website.
  • Site Speed booster
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Content Writing Platform and spell checker.
  • Free Keyword Research Tool
  • Many Affiliate programs in All niches.
  • Complete Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Training.

You would also need the Domain name, which you can buy on the same training Hosting Platform.

If you’re apprehensive about the technical stuff, Don’t worry.  All the stuff will be taken care of for you with one-click installs provided by the hosting company.

Affiliate Marketing Website guidance for Beginners:

As a beginner, you might still be confused about how your affiliate marketing website will make money. Keep in mind that you’re starting with niching down policy and have selected a narrowed down niche.

Now you will have to find out that in the niche picked by you, what kind of problems your targeted audience have and how can you help them to take the problems away.

Remember Whole day and night people are searching for solutions of their problems across the globe. People might be looking for a Products like ‘ ‘’Weight Loss Pills for women”

You are trying to match the queries being searched online. Once your website started ranking high in search engines, People looking for the solutions with product or services being promoted by you will land on your website.

That’s what your affiliate marketing website is trying to do, show the readers the best products or services which can fix their problems.

If you provide the unbiased and helpful information about the products on your website, Pricing comparison, Pros and Cons etc., the blog readers will start believing you and a sort of trust will be created.

Once you have succeeded in establishing the trust, your affiliate marketing website will flourish.

How Your Affiliate marketing website will make money?

Did you hear me mentioning “Your Own Product or Services”?  

Nowhere did I mention that as you do not require to create any product or keep any inventory or even offer any service.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

You make money by offering the products or services created by others and best part is you can promote the branded products without any distributorship.

Wherever I have quoted the products or services, I meant affiliate products and services.

Affiliate marketing websites are created by the online marketers for making money by recommending products to the site visitors by content writing or blogs.

Bloggers also use guest Posts, display Ads and social media marketing for making money.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular online legitimate business without any risk of Loss.

 Even if your blog does not work or you decide to switch to something else, the maximum loss will be the cost incurred on the domain name. 

Basically there are Four major components of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Product Owner that can be an OEM, Distributor or Retailer.
  • Publisher or Affiliate marketer
  • Consumer
  • Aggregator or Affiliate marketing network. It can be an ecommerce store like Amazon or Walmart.

Your site will act as a Publisher or Affiliate marketer or an associate as Amazon like call and will be used to publish the content for any product being sold by the retailer on marketing Network Like Amazon.

You will have to Join Amazon or Walmart or any other similar network , if you want to promote physical products and marketing network Like Click Bank, Jvzoo or warrior plus , if you like to promote digital products or services.

Once a consumer visits these websites by clicking the affiliate links provided on your websites and Buy the product, you will earn a commission. 


This may seem to the biggest challenge. For getting organic traffic, your website must rank high on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex and others.

All these search engines search engines have specific algorithms to rank the websites registered with them.

Since every day hundreds of new websites are launched on internet, there is lot of competition in every niche even in less popular niches.

This is why I started with the process of niche selection and advised to go for a Sub Niche rather than going for a broad niche.

But small niche won’t give you a license to rank higher and moreover the search engines are becoming stricter every day and they will penalize your site if it looks shabby or dubious.

Spammy or Duplicate content do not work anymore.

 If you want your website to rank higher, you need to adopt proper SEO methods.

 SEO is not a rocket science and can be learned with some efforts and If you are reading this article, you have found it on search engines and my website is ranking high on search engines

I do not use any paid social media advertisements for ranking high but proper White hat SEO techniques.

Approximately 90 to 92% site visitors on my website are free organic traffic due to on Page SEO. Rest of the visitors are because of Back Links or You Tube


 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very diverse terminology and doing it is a quite complicated manly for newbies.

Lot of new bloggers use paid services for Fiverr but in case you want affiliate marketing to be your main source of income, it is better to learn it.

Selecting the right long tail Keywords and writing useful stuff around it and building links is the best way of ranking your website. It may not happen overnight but when you keep on doing the same thing again and again, you are bound to succeed.

It’s best to get trained from the experts. They will teach you all the stuff I have discussed here and that’s where I had also learned.

You can just visit the training website by clicking the button below for 14 Days free trial. You are under no obligations and need not enter your credit card details.

In case you decide to join the trail , just say me Hi inside the training and I will be more than happy to become your mentor and help you.


Ranking in Search engines is not enough for getting sales. Your first attention should be to rank high on Google but you cannot just be settle there.

The real purpose of your blog of affiliate marketing website is to make money for you and if you are not converting the site visitors into the buyer, the whole purpose of your putting so much efforts and ranking high gets defeated.

This can only be achieved by creating the High Quality Contents.

Almost every successful affiliate sites out there usually create engaging contents for sharing useful information.

It will take time but you must become an imposing authority in your niche and there should be truth in your words.

The content that you put in your site should be useful to your readers. When you provide the right information about the product, you will see that people are buying the product even if you are not overselling it.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are not restricted to one brand and you have the liberty to tell the truth.

Your duty is write the transparent review of the products and share all the possible information and let people decide which product is useful for them.

This trust is more critical when you are promoting some digital product or training. Avoid promoting any spammy digital products and check if free training is available so that the readers can themselves check the usefulness of the product.

 Keep on writing the contents on regular basis so that your site is consistent and look fresh. When you stop writing the contents on regular basis, the ranking would dip abnormally.

How I made $50K Last Year – Secret of My Success

You might be exited to start your money making affiliate marketing website after reading this article

That’s good thing but you shouldn’t rush immediately. I have just talked about only the basic things here. Affiliate marketing is so vast that it cannot be covered in one article.

If you are really serious about making money online following this road map, you must have the proper knowledge.

Luck is what happens when preparation meet opportunity.

Be prepared and make sure that you know all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing that includes writing contents, SEO, Social media advertisements etc.

At this point I recommend you to get the  training that is Secret of my Success.

I tried lot of things before actually succeeding in affiliate marketing. You can know me more by visiting About Me page.

It was just by coincidence that I found this training platform when I was almost fed up and about to say good bye to the online business.

I actually found there what I was looking forward to i.e. a step by step affiliate marketing training, Weekly webinars to update you and a helpful community of more than a million likeminded people who are available to share their experiences and success path without any hidden agenda.

How to start an affiliate marketing website ? I feel I have given you the roadmap to start your affiliate marketing Business. 

I advise you to take advantage of 14 days, no obligation trial of the same training and check it works for you as well. No credit cards required. 

In case you need more information, You can ask by leaving a comment below in the comment section. I will reply at the earliest. 

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