With so many Gurus telling us how to start making money online , how do you know what will work for you and where do you start?

Once you open the door to the possibility of the internet marketing world, you seem to be faced with more questions than answers. So I suggest, pick a system and just follow it.

Make your own mistakes, learn and develop from there. Search on YouTube for a model that suits you and that you feel you would be able to implement. Don't get distracted by all the other offerings from various experts.

How to Find the Best Ways ?

Search on YouTube for people who have implemented a system that has worked for them. This is a great place to start. At this early stage it is better watch short videos or read small articles than to read lengthy books. Remember, you are just searching to find a simple system. Here's one of the best article I have come across.

For example you may choose to become an affiliate marketer which involves selling existing products which sellers are happy to offer a good commission to you for promoting and eventually selling their products.


This way you would bypass the need for setting up a website. This is something you will need to learn in the future to take your business to the next level, but for the moment it could just be the obstacle that may prevent you from taking action NOW! 

You will have to start somewhere, so just start! It may help if we look at it in terms of RISK.

Why Should yo become an Online Marketer ?

Think about how much time, effort and money it would cost to set up a bricks and mortar business. 

You will need to research the market, set up the store, pay monthly rent and then there is the cost of purchasing stock! You don't even know for certain that it will be a success.

What if it doesn't work?

Should you need to close the doors, you will only be able to recover a percentage of the total outlay.

On the other hand, an internet marketing business may not have a lot of expense associated with it especially if you don't have a website to worry about.

It does not cost you anything to become an affiliate and to market your product. You may have spent some time and money on self-education, which will not be wasted anyway.

So the risk is negligible compared to a traditional business. Should it not be working out for you, you have not lost a huge amount of money.

The internet is probably the best place to make mistakes in business and no one is even going to know what failed!

So, if your life depended on it would you start today? What would you need to consider? You will probably start to ask yourself what could get me good results quickly? Affiliate marketing could be a way to just get started and stop the paralysis!

5 Tips on how to get started in affiliate marketing :

Select the Affiliate Network :

The two most popular marketplaces are Amazon and ClickBank. ClickBank sells downloadable information products such as eBooks and Amazon selling both information products and physical products. There is no cost for membership to these sites.

Select The Niche :

You will need to select a niche that you are interested in to make it both relevant for you which will keep you motivated and make it easier for you to promote. Go to Google keyword tools to select suitable keywords.

Find Best Sellers in the Niche :

Research the chosen niche by selecting an item that is currently selling well, has been selling well for a period of time and that has a high affiliate commission. Choosing recurring products is more beneficial as you make the sale once and you may receive a commission for months. There is information of the affiliate programs' website that will guide you through or again, have a look at free tutorials being offered on YouTube.

Choose the Product with Good Gravity :

If you have planned to sell Clickbank products , you must select a product with good gravity and obtain an affiliate link which you will use in your marketing. This is what identifies you to the affiliate site as the seller and therefore the person who will be credited with the sale and payment. You may like to read my article about "How to make money without a website" dedicated to clickbank affiliate marketing 

Start Promoting the Products :

Market your product or Affiliate Links.

Firstly you may want to purchase and use the product to give you insight into its positive attributes to start with. Then, I recommend the use of free marketing techniques for promotion.

Try submitting articles to article directories such as EzineArticles, writing a blog, submitting it on social bookmarking sites all with the purpose of directing traffic to your product.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online as an Affiliate Marketer

As I have stated, self-education material is easily accessible on the internet for each specific step but it may not be properly organized. At the end of the , you may feel like you have not learned something useful.

Therefore I will advise you to get started with the best training in the market run by the leaders in the Affiliate marketing world.

Following the training, Once you have educated yourself and succeeded with one product , you can confidently repeat the process with another product! There is no limit.

Good luck in your internet ventures!

I hope this article have helped you a lot in finding the ways to How to start making money online.

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