Human Proof Designs Review | Are Pre build wesites worth?

I came across Dom Wells’s website human proof designs or HPD a long back when I was looking for resources to get started with my online business.

He is selling aged sites for a while now and is a well-known name in this domain.

He has created a space for himself in online marketing by selling these aged websites at a very premium price. Is it worth paying for these pre-made aged sites? Or Is Human Proof designs a Scam?

Quick Report- Human Proof Design



Human Proof Design is a website is Owned by Dom Wells and selling ready made Pre-Build websites. 

The websites being sold by HPD are all original and have unique contents. The Domains have been aged and already ranked on Google.

Buying a readymade website gives an advantage to the newcomers who do not want to spend time in building site from scratch.

A pre-build unique and aged website gives you a head start and you can start earning immediately.

If you are ready to spend $798 or more, hpd is the best bet for you. I advise you to read till the end so that you know all the advantages of Pre-built websites.

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Over All Rating :

I have always maintained that affiliate marketing is the most reliable and profitable online business if you know how to do it?

Affiliate marketing requires hard work and planning to succeed. The initial setup process is, however, a bit cumbersome for the new entrants that they get discouraged and leave midway.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you must follow some step by step training to get familiar with selecting a profitable nice, keyword research and SEO optimization.

That’s where new entrant may feel the need of a program like Human Proof designs to take them to a certain distance.

Can you become successful by just buying HPD site? What else would be required?

Continue reading to know. In this review, I will explain all the services provided by Human Proof Designs and help you decide their suitability.

What is Human Proof Designs?

Human Proof Designs is an online portal run by Dom Wells and team to sell prebuild and aged niche website. If you are not aware of niche site and want to know more, you may check this post.


If you are just beginning and want to jump start into affiliate marketing, You might be running out of ideas or topics to build your website. Or if you do not like to go into technicalities of building a website, researching keywords or driving traffic and looking for a shortcut to at least get started, then probably HPD can offer a solution.

Human Proof designs can deliver you custom built well-researched, professionally designed websites with unique keyword articles. You just need to tell them your topic or you may select any one of their researched profitable topics.

Once they have delivered the site, you need to follow their training to monetize the site.

It sounds too good for a beginner but does not jump to the conclusion at this moment and continue to read---

Services Offered By HPD



Human Proof designs offers 5 different type of services as stated below

  1. Affiliate Sites

    1. Ready Made Niche Sites ($798 to$1298)
    2. Custom build Niche Sites ($798 to$1298)
    3. Aged Sites ($1497)
  2. Contents Writing

    1. Monthly Article Subscription ($89 to $ 464 per month)
    2. Article Packs ($ 199 to $ 875)
    3. eBooks ($ 199)
  3. Links Building

    1. PBN Links ( $ 349 to $ 449)
    2. Press Release ($149)
    3. Monthly PBN Links ($ 159 to $399 per month)
  4. Keyword Reasearch Packs

    1. Readymade Keyword packs ($69)
    2. Custom Keyword Packs ($99)
    3. KGR Keyword Packs ($99)
  5. Training

    1. Amazon Affiliate Training ($7)
    2. Link Building Video Course ($7)


Readymade Niche Sites:

Readymade Niche sites are the well-researched sites ready to buy. They Come along with on the page SEO and training to monetize the sites. They have the potential to earn $ 2000 to $ 3000.


Customs Build Sites:

Comes with all the benefit of readymade Build sites with the only difference that this site will be built on the topic of your interest upon receipt of your order.

Aged Sites:

Aged sites are again readymade sites already built almost 6 months back and have been ranked in search engines. You get the benefit of Ranking and may start earning quickly.

Should you purchase Human Proof Designs?

One thing I can assure is that HPD will deliver what they have promised. You will get your money’s worth and an opportunity to earn without many obstacles.

Can you earn money with it? All the website built and delivered by HPD have the potential to earn money but you need to put the efforts. Just buying the website won’t make any money. The website is just the foundation stone of moneymaking process. You have to build the building on this foundation.

Prebuilds sites are not for everyone as they need lots of investment and through professionally made may not be of your taste.



  1.  A jump-start Opportunity for Beginners.
  2. Presentable and professionally designed website build on premium themes.
  3. Option to buy Addons like content writing and Link building.
  4. Outsourcing Opportunity for Experienced marketers.


  1. Need a huge investment in buying the website.
  2. Though Website comes with money making opportunities again you need to have step by step training on affiliate marketing.
  3. No Site Hosting and maintenance.

Ratings: 91 out of 100

Bottom Line, Is Human Proof Designs a Scam?

Is Human Proof Designs a Scam? No, It is one of the recommended programs for anyone who does not mind spending close to $1000 and has spare money in the purse. Though this is not my recommended #1 program, You can buy HPD website which has lots of money-making potentials. After buying the HPD website, however, you have to put lots of efforts in content writing, learning SEO and traffic building without which you cannot succeed.

As I have already told you that building a website is just like laying a solid foundation but you have to put the building blocks in place.

You can save time and efforts required for building a website but ultimately have to be on learning path and would require step-by-step training to learn affiliate marketing.

I myself had not opted for the prebuilt website and have joined this program. I had my own website within 10 days of joining the program following step by step training and then realized that building a website is not at all difficult. Within 3 months, I had my first affiliate commission and in 6 months I was earning almost equivalent to my last drawn salary.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online.

I did not spent $798 on a pre built website when I got started. I joined a program as a starter member for free and after evaluating the Program, I became premium member by paying $29.

I learned to make own affiliate marketing website and now I am a full time affiliate marketer and earning 6 figure income.

Meet Arun Sabharwal

The author is an experienced affiliate marketer and a coach making a full-time income online.

He was laid off from His Corporate Job at the age of 51 during Mass Lay Offs.

When his colleagues started searching for a new job, even an underpaid one, Arun Decided to start his own Business.

After a lot of Struggle, he has achieved ultimate Success and has joined the league of 6 figure money-making Affiliate Marketers.

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