Inbox Income, as they claim, is a simple System which can make $500 to $750 per day just by sending few emails. It sounds very simple and interesting.

But I doubt that making money it so easy.

In my review, I am going to expose this Scam. Do not Join Inbox Income before reading the complete review.

Inbox Income Review

I landed on the Inbox Income website by clicking the link received in one of the emails in my inbox.

The website was nothing but a sales landing Page with a Sales Video.

The Look of the sales Page was no different from the email I received and  had the same message on the top of the page which read that the system will allow you to make $500 to $ 700 per day.

The Sales video was presented by some "Steve Allen" who probably is not the real owner and a Fiverr Actor just like some of the other money making Scam I reviewed.

Recently I reviewed the similar money-making Scams Like 22 minutes to Profit and InclusiveFX

If you have come across similar Scams, You would not only recognize the similarities between the videos but the chances are you may find the same artist in both the videos.

The presenter in such videos would first try to make some emotional connection by informing you that at some point of time he was completely broke, not able to pay his bills. Then accidentally he found the system and start making $500 to $700 per day and now he is sharing the same system with you.

Thereafter you will find a lot of fake testimonials presented by the hired actors trying to make you believe that they are making huge money with the system.

The owner will show you the costly cars and big houses to impress you further.

They will ask you to take immediate action as the positions  are very few and time to join is very limited.

In case you visit the landing page after a few months again, you will find the same number of positions in your area and offer would be available for the same number of minutes or hours.

Believe me, the people in these videos are the paid actors hired from Fiverr for making these videos.

If you try to check the Social presence of the owner, you will not find any.

I can bet that except the owner of the Program and few others who are promoting this offer, no one else would be making money with the system.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Hi, I am Arun

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online

How Does Inbox Income Work?

Inbox Income is a big scam and does not work at all. But I will give you a brief explanation about what the video presentation is trying to convey about the system.

The system is built around the popularity of a funnel or email list and email marketing using Autoresponder.

Steve tries to demonstrate the same by sending an email to his list of 400 subscribers from his Aweber Account and then he claims that by sending these emails , he is making him $ 100 every day.

The only interesting thing about the video is that it discusses email marketing as a way of making money.

email marketing, of course, is a legitimate way of making money but it does not work the way it is presented in the video.

email marketing a proven marketing tool for Affiliate marketers but for sending the emails you need to have a list of subscribers. Creating the list is not an easy task and you need to learn all the techniques of Affiliate marketing to build your list.

First and Foremost, you need to have your own website to capture the emails and create the list to make a connection with the subscribers.

email marketing all about the trust. Sending these emails won't work unless people are expecting emails from you. All mails from unidentified ID nowadays may go to Spam Folder.

The trust can be created by offering something valuable to your subscriber and if you keep on sending the sales mail, the subscriber of the list will definitely unsubscribe from your list.

As per research, 70% of the number of emails sent by you must contain material for value addition and building Bond and trust without any sales pitch or else subscriber will just ignore it.

A List of Just less than 400 subscribers is not going to make $500 or $700 every day. To make that much money, you need to have a very big list. 

Is Inbox Income a Scam?

Yes, Inbox Income is indeed a scam. There are a lot of reasons to believe that. Some of these are

  1. Unreal huge income claims
  2. Fake Owner
  3. Fake Testimonials
  4.  Untrue claims Limited Positions in your area
  5. Limited Time offer

Besides above reasons, Steve has demonstrated the system on ready made email list and  do not teach you to build the funnel which is the toughest part of making money online.

email marketing just one of many activities associated with online marketing. By just sending emails, you can not make money.

I would never advise you to spend $49 on this useless Program.


Bottom Line:

You must be very careful in selecting the right kind of opportunity. You must do thorough research before Joining any program and avoid wasting your hard earned money.

In fact, the programs like Inbox Income make money for the owners and the affiliates promoting them. I further like to go one step ahead and warn you against promoting these type of programs at the beginning of your career. They are not going to take you anywhere.

I am a successful online entrepreneur and making 6 figure annual income.

I also got scammed when I got started online. I wanted to make money very fast. But Soon I could recognize that earning money online is not impossible but is not easy either. You can read more about my online journey here.

You will have to work hard and most importantly you must be ready to learn. Like any other business patience and persistence will pay.

I was lucky enough to find a legitimate training platform offering step by step training. I learned and implemented my learnings. By the time I finished my training I was already making Passive income Online.

I hope I have been able to help you identifying this Inbox Income scam and have saved your hard earned money. In case you need more information, do not hesitate to leave a comment below

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