In my Inbox Pound review, I will share complete information so as to conclude if the Inbox Pounds survey is a Scam or Legitimate way of earning money.

Taking surveys is not a new concept and most of the brands had been conducting offline surveys to know the popularity of their brands and the areas of improvement. Earlier they used to appoint representatives for the door to door surveys but with the arrival of the internet, it has become easier to conduct surveys online.

That is where companies like Inbox Pounds survey have come into the picture and have flourished. They are acting as a bridge between corporates and the users or participants. Survey companies take a huge amount from the companies or corporates and pay some percentage of this amount to the survey participants.

Due to the bad economic situation and layoffs, many people are turning towards online marketing and searching for ways to make money. This has led to many scammers also who have started members ship sites for giving you paid surveys.

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What is Inbox Pounds – Things to know before joining?

The Inbox Pounds company is owned by Inbox Pounds in the UK. The parent company of Inbox Pounds is Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars was founded by Daren Cotte in the year 2000 as an online reward club. By 2005, it had paid more than  $ 1 million to its members by end of 2018 it has paid close to $60 million.

The company pays its members for different activities like Online Survey, Product testing, online gaming, and other online jobs.

How much money can you make with Inbox Pounds?


You can earn some money from Inbox Pounds but that won’t be sufficient to support your self or leave your 9 to 5 Job. It is a way to earn little bit extra money which may buy you a pizza or burger and not more

Inbox Pounds will not establish you as a businessman but you can join it for little bit fun and money in your spare time.

The amount you can earn from Inbox Pounds is directly proportional to the work done by you. When you Join inbox Pounds you will earn an amount of £ 1  just for registration and another £ .50 for activating your account and creating your profile. So by the time you are ready to take surveys, you have already earned £ 1.50.

The payment for surveys will vary from £ .1 to £ .5 mainly depending upon the survey length or number of questions.  But in case you have already decided to join Inbox Pounds, I advise you to join a few more online surveying companies like —–

The other way of making money on Inbox Pounds is in the form of cash back against your purchase from partner merchants.

How to withdraw the money from Inbox Pounds:

You can withdraw your money only after crossing the threshold limit of £ 20. There are 3 ways to withdraw your accumulated money

  • Checks sent to your Home.
  • Amazon UK gift cards
  • Prepaid Visa Card

How many ways you can earn money:


Apart from getting £ 1.5 for registering and making a profile, you can earn money by following activities.

  • Completing Offers.
  • Answering Surveys.
  • Playing Games.
  • Cashback.
  • Reading emails.
  • Special Tasks.
  • Referring to and recruiting others.

 The Inbox Pounds Pros :

  • Free to Join, Rather you get some payment for Joining.
  • Easy to navigate website.
  •  Some of the surveys pay a bit more
  • Excellent referral program. You get 10% commission form their work.
  • You will be automatically upgraded to gold membership after the first withdrawal of £20 cash.

The Inbox Pounds Cons :

  • Low Income Potential like many other survey sites.
  • Limited cash withdrawal methods.
  • Many complaints like cheques not received.
  • All the offers are not free especially in those cases where advertiser have to send you samples for reviewing. To get those samples you will have to make the payment against shipping charges.
  • Chances of account suspension, if it remains inactive for a certain period of time.
  • You may end up losing more money than earning with their cash offers
  • Only for UK and USA residents.

 Bottom Line: 

Inbox Pounds is not a scam but a legitimate low-income potential option. It is best suited to the people taking surveys or playing games as a hobby as besides fulfilling their hobby they will make some pocket money. In case you are happy with the small amount of money, Here is another useful tool Covert Social Press you can use. These type of tools will help you earn some pocket money but you can not achieve Finacial freedom,

In case you are looking to establish your own online business and make something like $10,000 or more per month, these are not meant for you.

In case you are still interested in surveys, you can join Inbox Pounds. But then I would advise to Join some more surveying programs

Probably you have landed on this post searching for an opportunity which will change your financial status and make you independent of your job. If that is what you are looking forward to, my advise would be to stay away from survey sites as you would only end up wasting time rather than earning money.

A majority of people quit Inbox Pounds even before reaching threshold limit of 20 pounds as they realize that answering those surveys is very boring and time-consuming work whereas cash-outs are very low. They soon realized that they are earning less than £1 per hour. Moreover, some of them were not very careful about the cash offers and forgot to cancel them before free trial end dates, as a result, end up losing more money than earning.

Is there an Alternative Available:

There are better options available in online marketing like online coaching, Dropship and Affiliate marketing. You can enter this domain and get established as a brand. You can get started with either Dropshipping e-commerce store or as an affiliate marketer and once you have the sufficient skills and knowledge you can start online coaching in the same field.

Online marketing needs proper training and hard work like any other profession with the only difference that you here can start making money while you are still learning. Once you have mastered the techniques of online marketing, it will become your full time earning business working only a few hours a day.

If you are really interested in learning online marketing, you can join the best training program available. I joined this training program many years back and have learned all the techniques of online marketing to become a successful affiliate marketer earning in 6 figures.

My # 1 Recommended Program:

Wealthy Affiliate is my recommended # 1 training program for online marketing which has been in this industry since 2005 and has trained more than a million aspirants. The online free to join training program is available in 193 countries across the world. You do not require any technical skills apart from operating your laptop to become an affiliate marketer as wealthy affiliate university will teach you from scratch. Since this is an online training program which gives access to complete training, you can learn at your own pace. 

There are two ways moving forward.

  1. Read my complete review on wealthy affiliate here before joining it.

In case you like to have more information about Inbox Compounds or better alternatives to earn online . do not hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below. I always reply to the comments.

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  1. I noticed this one also has low Income potential but as you said many survey sites have low potential too. Which one do you recommend for the best bang for the buck? I want to use my time efficiently.

  2. Interesting article. Writer presented both the pro and con so I can draw my own conclusion. Most thanks that sound to good or to easy are really not what we are lead to believe.

    Thanks for very interesting and informative article

    1. Thanks, Barry for dropping on my website. I always try to show both ends of the coin. Different businesses are meant for different individuals> Though I may not like to take surveys as the income is very less as compared to the time and efforts some other people may be happy making little money. I always advise my readers to join a legitimate company even if pay less. Inbox Pound is a legitimate organization and by putting some efforts you can earn your weekend Pizza.
      But that is not meant for the people looking for Financial Freedom. This will come with a business like Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate marketing, you can promote any product you like and of any value. Some affiliate network provides commission up to 50%. But Affiliate marketing requires concentrated efforts combine with proper training from a company like Wealthy Affiliate helping the people for more than 14 years.

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