InclusiveFx is supposedly a Forex trading platform made for the people interested to earn daily returns along with the networking income. But I don't want you to go by what is written on the sale page of the website. Before investing your hard-earned money in any programs, you must perform thorough research and find out if it comes anywhere near close to the assurances made by the Owner. In my InclusiveFx review, I am going to dig into the details of the company, CEO, products offered by them and the compensation Plans and see if you can make money with InclusiveFx or is it a Scam?

Quick Report

Name: InclusiveFX 
Owner: Steve Murray
Price: $50 to $100,000




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

InclusiveFX claim that they invest your money in Forex Trading. You may receive 1.6% to 2% ROI depending upon the membership Plan.

You can not verify the social credentials of apparent CEO, Steve Murray. They have used Stock images to represent CEO and Management team. A real CEO of legitimate opportunity would never be hidden.

InclusiveFX is a Ponzi scheme and a Scam and would disappear Sooner than anticipated.

If you are interested to know more about Scam, Please continue to read.

InclusiveFx review | What is Company?

InclusiveFX is a forex trading based online MLM  or Network marketing organization providing you with an opportunity to earn money with their compensation Plan and return on Investment (ROI) commission.

As informed on the website Steve Murray is the CEO of inclusiveFx and an expert in digital Trading.

The company makes huge claims of being the creator of words first electronic stock market having spread into 180 Countries.

But in reality, the company works in MLM domain and all the pictures of Management Team appearing on the website of InclusiveFX including the Picture of CEO himself are the stock Photos which led us to believe the existence of real Steve Murray and raise a big red flag on the platform.

The Domain name of the Company was registered in 2016 and updated to private in 2018.

When a domain name is registered as private, you can not access the details of the Owner. A real company never hide the actual name of its directors.

Virtual Office:


The corporate address provided on the companies website established that they are using a virtual office provided by Regus, a well-known third-party virtual office provider.

Companies Like Regus allow their offices to be used by many companies at the same time by hiring it on an hourly or monthly basis.

These type of facilities are mainly used by the Freelancers to avoid office overheads but not by the big companies having a presence in 180 countries as claimed.

The information shared by the InclusiveFX raise many red Flags of its being a hardcore Scam but before declaring it a Scam, I would like to evaluate its compensation Plan and ROI opportunity.

InclusiveFX Products Review:

InclusiveFX does not offer any Physical retail product or service.

The subscriber or members can only sell various membership programs to earn Money which confirms again that InclusiveFX is a Ponzi Scheme.

InclusiveFX compensation Plan Review:

As stated above, InclusiveFX does not have any product to offer. You can earn in two different ways i.e

  1. Return on your own Investment.
  2. By referring Friends into Scheme.

The inclusiveFX offer from 1.6% to 2% daily return on your investment. The offered commission is dependent on the plan you are in.

Four different Plans:

  1. InclusiveFX Pro Plan: You can buy this plane with an investment ranging from $50 to $999 and earn 1.6%  daily for 125 days. It means if you invest $100 in this plan, you will be getting $1.6 daily for 125 days totaling to $200. So you will double your money in 125 days.
  2. Mini Plan: 1.6% return for 130 days on an invest,ment of $1000 to $ 9999.
  3. InclusiveFX Classic : Expected return of 1.75% for 140 days on your investment from $10,000 to $24,999.
  4. ECN: You will have to invest $25,000 to $100,000 to get  2% daily ROI for 150 days

InclusiveFX charge 5% withdrawal Fee on your earnings. 

InclusiveFX Referral Commission Review:


Whenever a referred by you make an investment you get the referral commission. The referral commission depends on the investment made by your referral.

  1. If referral Invest in Pro Plan, you will get 5% of the amount invested.
  2. Mini Package sale will give you 6%.
  3. By selling classic Package, you get 7%
  4. ECN makes you eligible for a commission of 8%.

Residual Commission Review:

With residual commission, MLM comes into Picture. InclusiveFX work on 1 X 2 matrix or binary System.

The first level under you have 2 members and the second Level will have 4 members and so on.

Both the legs are known as Left and right Leg and can be built to unlimited levels.


Both the legs will accrue their own income and you will be paid a commission of 8% on weaker leg i.e leg generating less income.

In order to get residual income, you must have at least an active member in each leg. The daily residual income is capped to some limit.  The capping is $ 500, $1000, $2500 and $5000 for Pro, Mini, Classic and ECN packages respectively.

Cost of Joining InclusiveFX:

You can Join any one of the levels by paying the minimum reserved amount for that level. Minimum Entry level Joining is $50 for the Pro Level.

Red Flags and Concerns:

  1. They have used Stock Photos for Management Team and CEO.
  2. The sales videos have been made by the actors hired through Fiverr.
  3. InclusiveFX uses the virtual Office provided by the third Party Regus.
  4. InclusiveFX does not deal with any retail Product or Service.
  5. InclusiveFX recruit affiliates to market the Product. The affiliates are putting hard work selling their products. If affiliates have faith in the organization, they can earn by reinvesting the profit earned over a period of time rather than recruiting the personals.
  6. The Alexa rating checks produced a surprising outcome:
inclusiveFX Alexa Rating

As you may observe, despite having its HO at UK and registered there, they do not seem to promoting their business in UK and are getting traffic from other countries mainly Thailand and India.

I have my doubts that they are registered for Security services in these countries.

In case you are just interested in reading Scam Reviews, Here are Some of the other MLM scams reviewed by me

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  2. Infinity Residuals
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Bottom Line: Is InclusiveFX a Scam:

InclusiveFX falls under the category of a Ponzi Scam. There can never be a legitimate way of distributing such huge ROI.

As long as they are recruiting new members in big number due to the buzz created around the InclusiveFX, they may pay the return but Soon they would disappear from the scene.

I do not think they are making any money from Forex trading as claimed on their website to repay the return on your investment.

Even if they are investing in the Forex, I don't think they can afford to return 200% of the invested amount in 125 days.

Do not fall for Scam.

This kind of scams can only benefit the owners of the program and no one else.

In case you are serious about making money online, you must look out for other Legitimate options.

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the best way to make regular income to fulfill all tour dreams and requirements.

You are not dependent on may one to earn money. You will have to make efforts, do the hard work and start earning. Initial few weeks to few months are critical and need consistency but once you are on track, you can start making money may be beyond expectation.

You must join a step by step training and follow it, in case you are keen to become an Affiliate Marketer. I advise you to Join wealthy affiliate, the leaders in affiliate marketing Training Domain. They have trained more than a million members already and have a worldwide presence.


I hope you have liked my review and Feel that I have been able to save you from a Scam. In case you need any other support, Please leave a comment below



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  1. yo fui invitado por fernando muñiz representante de inclusivefx, quien indica de todos los corredores es el mas serio con video explicando sobre su actividad, me inscribi con una cuenta, sin embargo al consultar a la casa matriz, no me dan respuesta, tampoco indican donde debo depositar.
    si realmente es una estafa, agradeceria a usted me recomiende en que empresa donde puedo invertir con seguridad debido a mi trabajo no puedo participar en la bolza y que dichas empresa participe representandome es posible esto. gracias atentamente juan

    1. The company does not have its own office and use the virtual address. They have used the Stock pictures to represent CEO of the organization. These are not signed of a legitimate organization. I have known many similar companies disappearing from the scene sooner than anticipated. Since you are not interested in any sort of business, I would advise you to invest your hard earned money into some reputed organization. You can find some listed organization or a company in the banking and insurance sector or some mutual funds. The returns would definitely be not much but your money would be in safe hands.

  2. they failed to compensate us since 15/7/2019.Claiming they are making the withdrawal process easier.This made me tingle, since how can you not inform us first before making this kind of change.It just came out of nowhere.They told us by 1st of august everything will be back to normal but nothing has changed.
    They even removed the support chat room from there page.Its really unfair ,and ANYONE reading this DO NOT JOIN INCLUSIVEFX for any damn reason.

    1. These are Ponzi Schemes. I have already warned my readers not to Join InclusiveFX and invest your hard-earned money in such schemes. I have reviewed hundreds of Scam and have been able to Save many people falling into Scams.
      I advise people to properly research the program before joining it.
      I started affiliate marketing a few years back and in my early days, I was also scammed. I could not do much at that time but decided to start a blog to save newbies from Scams.
      I was fortunate enough to find wealthy affiliate. I learned affiliate marketing step by step and now I am successful online entrepreneur.

  3. I lost a lot of money trading cryptocurrency and binary options, and have been able to have all my money recovered by a recovery professional. You can leave a message here to share my experience trading and my recovery  

  4. Scammers have ruined the forex trading market and this company is one of them. They have deceived many people with their fake promises on high returns. I learnt my lesson the hard way. I only pity people who still consider investing with them. Please try and make your researches, you will definitely come across better and reliable forex trading agencies that would help you yield profit and not ripping off your money. Also, if your money has been ripped-off by these scammers, you can report to a regulated crypto investigative unit who make use of software to get money back (fightingscams at aol dot com). He is a recovery expert and a very professional one at that.

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