Today I’m going to review Insta Cash Machine 2.0, that is supposed to be a course to teach you how to take benefit of Instagram to create a list of email subscribers which can later be used to promote your affiliate offers.

I have tried to gather as much information as possible about Cash Machine 2.0 to help you decide if this system is worth joining or if you’d better find a better opportunity. Is Insta Cash Machine 2.0 a Scam? We will find out in this review.

I hoe you will enjoy the review but before we get started and if you are fed up with reading the reviews and sincerely searching for an opportunity to make money online, Here's the program that has helped me make more than $10000 every month last Year.

Insta Cash Machine 2.0 -Quick Report

Name: Insta Cash Machine 2.0
Owner: Billy Darr and David Kirby
Price: $6.95 + Upsells 




Insta Cash Machine 2.0 is an online E-book created by Billy Darr and David Kirby to teach you how to use Instagram to build an email list?  

You can use this email list to promote your affiliate Program. 

The Publishers of this eBook claim that  their eBook contains useful information to help you earn $144.55 in 30 minutes.

In my opinion, the claims are not real. You might have seen similar noises all over the internet to push newbies to buy such products in the optimism of making enormous amount of money.


Affiliate marketers promote these kind of products intensively on social media to create a hype and drive traffic to their offers so that they can make commission.

I would like to mention here email list plays an important role in affiliate marketing and making money online.

It is not easy to create a massive list of subscribers and take a lot of time and It is where this type of system comes in.

The owners of this system claim to teach you the best way to use Instagram to build that massive list of subscribers that you have always been looking for to promote the products with your affiliate links for making commissions.

Here it is worth mentioning that even massive email list won’t help you in making money if you don’t have a legitimate product to promote and subscriber’s trust.

 The eBook do teach you the ways to build a subscribers list on Instagram However, I do not approve their claim that you will make $144.55 in 30 minutes by using the ways shown in the eBook.

I don’t like the way they are selling you the dreams to get rich quickly and pushing you to buy their product. The Product may be worth its price but they do not tell you about the upsells.

Email marketing is one step of the affiliate marketing and may be used to make money but this is not the whole process of affiliate marketing.

If you want to make a living online, you will need to learn the complete process that may include email marketing as well.

When I got started, I had joined a legitimate training Program that taught me the complete Affiliate marketing. 

Thankfully today Im am making 6 figure Income. This was not easy and I used to work for approximately 25 hours a week on my training and setting up business.

I had to wait for many weeks for earning my First Dollar online but then replication was very easy and it was much easier going from 1 to 1000.

n case you are interested , you can also join the same training program being delivered by the leader in the market.

Insta Cash Machine Pros: 


The Method works: Although the promotional claims like $144.50 in 30 minutes are very much exaggerated, the teachings in the book are real and method taught will work for Instagram. However, You will not be able to make money if you do not know how the affiliate marketing works.

Training is simple: The lessons are simple and teachings can be implemented easily.

Money Back Guarantee: The owners of eBook offer a money back guarantee that is a good sign. The Book is affordable and worth its price.

 Insta Cash Machine Cons: 

Misleading Claims: The owners are pushing you into buying this product by making misleading claims. As book is worth buying, they must have confidence in their product.

Upsells: eBook comes with lot of upsells. This does not surprise me. The owners are them to make money and they cannot make enough money by selling just a product worth $6.97. You can check it these OTO’s are worth something or can simply avoid them.

Fake Countdown Timer: The owners have put a fake countdown timer to push the sale. If you refresh the sales page , the timer will restart counting. I would have declared this program a scam but book is worth its price. The owners might have avoided these dirty tricks.

 What you get Inside The Program?

  1.  Over the Shoulder Videos –  These videos will walk you through the Instagram marketing for making money. You will learn how to use Instagram to promote your products on Instagram and make money. All the details are covered in these videos.
  2. Copy and Paste templates – You can download the readymade templates and post them on your Instagram to earn at least $100 per day.
  3. 2X Q&A calls – You can interact with the owners of eBook and ask questions with respect to use this system. Every buyer will be have the opportunity to have two sessions for questions and answers privates call.
  4. Private Rolodex – Here you will get all the resources that will allow you to make profit quickly

You will get all the following with the system

  • Learn to make $144.55 in 30 minutes (Exaggerated Claims
  • How to configure Insta Machine 2.0 to allow system to work 
  • As a newbie how can you take advantage of this newbie friendly Program.
  • Learn to tap into one of the largest traffic source online.
  • Learn the techniques to let others do your work.
  •  Break free from the Shackles of 9 to 5 job

Insta Cash Machine Cost

 Insta Cash machine 2.0 wil cost you $6.97 upfront. However after Joining the system, the owners will be sending you many upsells and downsells.

Is Insta Cash Machine 2.0 a Scam?

I won't treat Insta Cash Machine 2.0 as a Scam but the claims are highly Exaggerated.

Instagram is definitely one of the best source for generating targeted traffic for your website and promoting your products and Insta Cash machine's training wil help you in that.

But In case you are looking for a program which can change your financial status , you will have to look out for some other program.

The claims made by the the owners that your paypal will be bombarded with money after joining this program are all weird.  

The owners are pushing you very hard into buying this product and that's why many people will treat it like a Scam. I normally avoid the products whenever owners try to push me into buying it immediately by creating the false scarcity. 

They claim that you will be making quick money and I do not agree with them. Insta Cash Machine can help you in your affiliate marketing but you can not make money only with this program. This can at the most be utilized as a tool for online marketing.

Are you Serious about Making Money Online?

In case you are looking forward to change your financial status, you must look out for Something else. 

Being an affiliate marketer marketer my self making 6 figure income, I know Affiliate marketing is on of those legitimate options for making Passive Income.

Affiliate marketing is not a be-rich-overnight type of scheme and  in case you are searching something like that,  you better stay away from Affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing , you will be making money by promoting others products. You might have come across lot of sites reviewing Gadgets or other equipments , they are all affiliate marketing Sites.

So as an Affiliate marketer , you will create your own money making website that will rank high on search engines. 

People searching for some solution to their problems will land on your website and then buy a product recommended by you by clicking the link provided on your website, you will make a commission. 

The companies like amazon pays you commission even for those products that has not been recommended by you.

As per forbes, Affiliate marketing is here to stay and by 2022, the affiliate marketing industry will cross $8 billion mark.

Therefore you must emphasize on learning affiliate marketing  from a reliable resource. I learned it from the Wealthy Affiliates as they are in the market for last 15 years and have trained more than 1.5 million people and most of them are running successful online business.

You can join as a starter member without any obligation and check if it can work for you. You can become a premium member after complete satisfaction. In case you have any more question, you can chat live with me inside the wealthy affiliate platform. I would be happy to share all my experience with you.

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