The human brain is more of a visual processor. Our love of images lies with our perception and ability to pay attention. 

Images capture our attention conveniently. We are right away drawn to them. We easily remember the things we see than what we read or hear. 

A post on social media accompanied by an image is likely to receive 10 times more engagement. 

Instagram is making the most of this human behavior, and for the same reason, online marketers favor Instagram over other social media platforms for promoting their products.

If you use Twitter, then you will observe that Instagram is no different. You can use the 'search' option to find the niches of your interest and start following them. 

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When you follow someone, their updates will start showing in your newsfeed. You can like, comment, and interact with the updates of people you follow.

The significant difference between Twitter and Instagram is that Twitter is more about characters, links, images, and videos. In contrast, Instagram is only about pictures and short videos (not more than a minute). 

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Instagram is the perfect platform to show your artistic photography and videography skills.

Instagram Stories allows its users to upload or rewind photos, videos, and polls. People use these stories to share their moments from holidays or an event. It is like telling a story without buildup.

Since these stories do not last for more than 24 hours, it lets you share many things without keeping the information for too long. 

Who is Instagram meant for:

Instagram, bought by Facebook in 2012, has become a part of daily life with over a billion registered accounts. It seems that everyone is on Instagram these days.

  • Small businesses to big ones.
  • Cultural institutions.
  • Celebrities.
  • Photographers
  • Musicians.
  • Leaders.
  • Influencers
  • Travel and Food bloggers. 

Information Source:

Personally, I use Instagram to connect with my readers and tell regular stories about my workshops, latest updates, and more. 

Instagram is all about getting more organic traffic for your offers. Entrepreneurs, especially the young ones, use third-party tools like Canva for creating exciting posts. 

They place quotes over images and upload them to inspire the people who eventually follow them on Instagram.

3 Steps for building Instagram Personal Branding

Instagram Personal Branding

As you know, Instagram is a mobile-friendly app and doesn't work on your desktop. 

I believe that you have already downloaded the Instagram app and are using it. I am now going to reveal the 3 steps required to drive traffic to your profile. 

Step 1: Polish Your Instagram Profile

First and foremost, you need to polish your profile so that it gets a decent look. 

Profile Picture: You might have observed that the profile picture on Instagram is not clickable and can't zoom. Therefore, it is not good to use an image taken from far. Instead, make sure your face is visible.

Your Username : Please use either your full name as an Instagram user. A fancy user name does not make any sense. People will not treat you seriously when you leave a comment on their profile with a fancy name.

Moreover, If you leave a comment when someone is live, the person wouldn't know how to address you if your username doesn't hold your name.

Bio: An impressive bio is necessary for Instagram personal branding.People check your bio before following you on Instagram. Therefore, your bio must indicate your business profile or purpose rather than what you like, dislike, or your date of birth.

It is always good to give a reason to the people to follow you.

Using URL: Instagram does not allow you to share the links in posts. Therefore you can share your website link in the URL space provided in your profile.  

Step 2 Convert Your Instagram Profile Into a Business Profile

A business profile lets you run paid promotions. Of course, a regular profile is best for organic traffic. But if you have a budget for paid advertisements, then you can switch to a business account. 

 For converting a regular profile into a business account, you need to sync it with your Facebook business page. 

The benefits you get with your Instagram business profiles are:
  1. It allows you to post and boost promotional content.
  2. Instagram business profile It allows you to drive more traffic and grow your follower base. You can target followers by age, gender, location, and interests. 
  3. It gives you the option of adding your contact details and your business location

Step 3 - Growing Followers for Instagram personal branding

Instagram followers

You have set up your profile for Instagram personal branding, and that is not possible without followers. 

The ultimate aim of any Instagram account is to reach people, which is not possible without growing followers. On Instagram, however, you can't add friends like on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Instagram needs some effort, style, and storytelling apart from the ability to click some great photographs.

Before you start your Instagram journey, invest in a good camera. I use my iPhone for this purpose. It allows me to tell great stories. Here are some tips you should follow to grow your Instagram followers:

Set Goals

Going live once a week may help you connect with your followers and inform them about the latest updates.  

Moreover, you must use your brand hashtag while sharing your stories and posts.

You can register your hashtags on or twubs

Start Posting Great Images

Creativity is the key to success on Instagram. You will stand apart from the crowd if you share good infographics. In case you are not good at photography, you can use Canva to find beautiful images. 

Rather than sharing many moments of a particular event separately, you can use Instaframe or Photo collage Editor to club them together in an album. 

The following type of Posts works well with Instagram:

  • Images showing passion and Hobbies.
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Pictures from Your Travels.
  • Festival celebrations.
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Weight Loss and Fitness
  • Instagram reels – making short videos. You can share a quick, one-minute video about your experiences at particular events or business announcements.

Driving Traffic to Your Instagram Profile:

Use Captions to Tell You Story

Captions play an essential role in enhancing your posts. The best type of caption is asking questions. In addition, they will increase audience engagement in the form of likes and comments. 

You must ensure that the captions are relevant to the images and story. You may ask the audience to tag your post. You may run the contest and offer for free to increase engagement. 

You need not be an expert writer or use complicated words to write a caption. The simpler is better. 

Maintain Schedule:

People consume a lot of time on social media without any significant results. Therefore, I will not advise you to post more than once a day. 

But if you are posting daily, let it be at the same time. You should follow a consistent schedule.

Along with the caption, ensure that you use long descriptions to increase engagement and likes on your post. Remember, sometimes, illustrations add more value to the story you are trying to tell through the image. If you are posting about a location, don't forget to tag it.

Maintain Hashtag Consistency

People tend to use hashtags trending on that particular day. This can be a debatable strategy, but you can't completely stay away from trending hashtags. 

The trending hashtags may not help get targeted followers but definitely increase the visibility of your post. I would advise you to use hashtags judiciously. Try to use popular hashtags that would sync with the industry mixing them with the trendiest and common hashtags.

Always remember to use them but not to overuse them. Moreover, I don't like using 15 to 20 hashtags in a single post. So don't cutter your post with hashtags.

Lookout for Shout out - Offer freebies

Contest and Freebies can increase the audience engagement up by 10 times. So reach out to the influencers in your niche and offer them some valuable gifts for a shout-out. A shout out from an influencer will be helpful in creating your Instagram personal branding

Go Live on Instagram Stories

The Instagram live feature is an excellent means to grow your thought leadership. You can seize moments from events or have a Q&A session with your followers. 

Keep your fans apprised of this session through a post or earlier stories. Going live on Instagram is amusing. You can store the live session for about 24 hours. 

If you really wish to increase your popularity on Instagram, you need to use Instagram stories daily. You can use many features like stickers, fonts, GIFs, filters, rewind, video, superzoom, polls, etc. in your stories

Try to raise people's interest but don't force your updates on their newsfeeds. If they are genuinely enamored of your stories, they will undoubtedly see them.

Follow Hashtags and Relevant People

Instagram is a platform for finding the right people in your niche using hashtags. List down your target keywords and search for the relevant hashtags in your niche. 

You must also note down all these hashtags as you will be using them quite often. For example, people in my niche often use #SEO, #SMM, #affiliatemarketing, #DigitalMarketing, etc.

Instagram has a search feature that enables you to identify appropriate people and content in your niche. I will advise you to follow 5 to 10 new people in your niche every day as it is the most practical way to win follow-backs. 

There are some handy paid tools to help you find the relevant people in your niche and comment on their profiles. These tools may help you to grow your Instagram profile. 

Boost Your Instagram Posts

If you have converted your Instagram profile into a business profile, you can boost your post. 

The paid advertisements will serve two main key objectives

  1. Increasing Instagram followers to build Instagram personal branding.
  2. Drive traffic to your main website page. 

You can also use paid ads on Facebook to grow followers on Instagram. Still, I never advise you to spend a considerable amount on social media marketing to the newbies as the results are not guaranteed.

You may get the clicks and traffic that may or may not result in a sale.

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Instagram Personal Branding - Final Thoughts

Instagram is a dominant social media platform. No doubt about it. It's crucial to accept that you will make mistakes when you start out, which is part of the process. 

However, the best results come from figuring it out along the way. I hope this article will help to get ready to brand yourself on IG and get your stories heard by millions of people. 

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