Instant Email Empire Review:


I just came across this program called Instant Email Empire few days back. The owner of the claims that his program is completely free to Join and he wants you to believe that he is going to share some secret to help you in making money online.

But what exactly is Instant Email Empire System? Is it another online scam ? or a legitimate opportunity to make $125 per day by just sending emails as claimed by the owner.

I have decided to review this program today ’to share with you transparently what I found out about the product. The information shared by me will help you in deciding yourself if the system is worth joining.

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Instant Email Empire Review -Summary

Name: Instant Email Empire
Owner: Bobby (who??)
Price: Free to Join (Lie)




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Instant email empire is not intended to teach you anything or make money for you. 

The program shows all the characteristics of a Scam and is not recommended.

 I believe that nothing comes free in this world and whenever a program is advertised as free, it must raise a red flag.

Soon after registering with the instant email empire, you will be asked to pay $27 as membership fee and it will not stop here.

There are many upsells and you can not have access to the system without buying these paid programs to the tune of $97 & $197 and more.  

By the time you would realize that you have been trapped into this ponzi scheme, you might have lost close to $497 of your hard earned money.

After Joining, you will have to make members for this ponzi scheme for earning commission.

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What Is Instant Email Empire?

In the sales video, a mane named bobby who is probably the Owner of the Instant Email Empire claims that anyone can make millions of Dollar by simply sending e-mails from their home.  Further, he claimed that he has made $14,26,242 in just one year using the same formula.

As an affiliate marketer my self I know that making this much money online is very much possible but not the way the orator has claimed in the sales video. You can not make such huge money by just simply sending the emails to unknown recipients.

Email marketing is just a small part of affiliate marketing and you will have to follow a procedure to collect the emails of the people interested in your products and then promote products to the people who are interested in your products and have given you the consent to send emails. Unsolicited emails are just treated as a scam.

You can use the Optin form either provided by Thrive architect or by using WordPress and email marketing tools like GetResponse or Aweber for making your own list.

The program owner would also mislead you by telling that the number of subscribers on these tools are limited.

Bobby claims that the system is absolutely free and you do not have to pay any money for joining it whereas it is just the opposite. Once you fill the joining form and furnish your details, you will start receiving promotional emails with his affiliate links for buying other programs for making money.

He will show you another video in which he would inform you will be able to make promised money after joining the paid programs recommended by him.

In order to trap you into the scam, he shows you the pictures of beautiful cars and villas in the video and makes you believe that he has bought all these with the money earned from the same program. He would advise you to join other paid affiliate platform Builderall.

It seems that the owner of Builderall is a legitimate platform for making money but the owner of the instant email empire is an affiliate of Builderall and the whole purpose for creating this program is to promote Builderall.

Builderall is a legitimate program for making money but I don't like the way it is being promoted. Moreover, newbies can not make any money with Builderall due to its complexity.

The owner of the program is just interested in selling the premium membership of Builderall and do not tell you how the email marketing or affiliate marketing works.

Who is this System For?

Email marketing is recognized as the best way to promote your products. If you have created your own list, the subscriber will definitely connect with you and would not mind receiving emails from you. The list can be used for marketing different products related to the same field.

Instant email empire does not teach you to create a funnel and build a list. They probably share own eMail list which might have been shared with many others like you.

As the subscriber's email would continuously be bombarded with the emails from all the members of Instant email empire, it is highly likely that person would unsubscribe from the list. Therefore such kind of list distribution do not make a sense.

Therefore, in my opinion, the instant email empire does not work for anyone except the creator of the system who is out there to make money by trapping you into this Scam.

How Does Instant Email Empire Actually work?

Instant Email Empire is just a Ponzi pyramid scheme.

At first, you will be informed that the system is free to Join. That is just a plain lie to collect your emails.

Once you have furnished the email you will be taken to the next landing page where you would be surprised to note that you will have to buy it for  $27 and then your job will be to send emails to other people convincing them to buy the system.


Bobby claims that you will make $.20 when someone clicks the link your email That is another lie as you would only make money when somebody is scammed by your email just like you and pay $27 for joining.

The Program’s Red Flags:

False Identity of Owner:

Bobby who claimed to be the creator of the system is actually not the real owner of this program. Bobby is a pen name used by the spokesperson in the video. The Spokesperson is actually an actor who does voice over videos for $5 on fiverr.   

The fact that owner of the program has chosen to hide behind the screen raises a red flag. Owner of any legitimate program will never hide behind the screen and will be more than happy to share their social identity,make followers and interact with them to  market their products.
This proves that system is unreliable and that owner wants to close it  making money with the system.

False income claim:

The spokesperson in the video inform you that he has earned $1426242 in a year using the same system and then tries to woo you by showing a bungalow and cars.

These are very old tactics used by scammers to impress newbies searching for easy money making opportunities. on internet. 

I can tell you with my experience that there is no shortcut for making money and unless you are ready to do hard work, you can never make money online. 

Contrary to the claims system is not free:

On the top of landing page it is mentioned that you can be a part of the system for free but actually it is not. Once you share your details you will be forwarded to another page where they say you will have to pay $27 as one time payment.

The lies do not stop here and you will be asked to be members of many paid programs for completely using the system and you will end up losing $497 on various upsells.

Same Scam with changed name:

On further investigating I found that the same program is being offered with other name as well i.e copy my email system. You can check it at

If the system is legitimate why the owner want to market the system with different names. I have my doubts that the same system might have been offered on other websites also.

The owner might have be changed the name after reaching saturation point on one website. Whenever people become aware of the scam by reading review like this, they would come up with some new name.

 Your inbox will be spammed: 

Once you register as a member, you will start receiving new offers every now and then and your inbox will be flooded with the spam mails. 

Is Instant Email Empire A Scam?

I have shared my views transparently and have discussed the al the Cons of Instant email empire biz. The program has all the characteristics of a scam and is not recommended by me.

There may be some people besides the owner who may be making money with the program but that can never sunstein for a longer period.

 The product instead of solving your financial problems and increase your income will add to your woes.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

I have already told you that there are no shortcuts for making money. You will have to treat online business as any other regular business.

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You van make money with any business when you know the in and out of the business in detail and and are not working blindfolded.

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