Instant Income At Home | $500 to $ 1000 per day or a Scam?

You might have seen the sales video presentation by the Instant Income At Home on their website or YouTube. Do you believe in their claims of making $ 500 to $1000 per day? You have landed here probably researching for the instant Income at Home and that is the right decision made. Do not invest a penny in joining such moneymaking programs unless you read my transparent reviews. Is Instant income at home a Scam?

I can not imagine that a legitimate business can generate $500 or more per day immediately upon joining. You may perhaps earn (or lose) this much amount in gambling but I am not eligible to tell you as  I have never gambled in my life. But with my experience in offline and online business, I am sure you will not making money with this program anywhere near their claims.


Quick Report:

Name: Instant Income At Home


Price: $37 ($537 with $500 discount)

Owner: Angela Crisper (Mentioned in Video but not on the website)

Ratings: Revealed at the end of Review

What is Instant Income at Home?

The Instant Income At Home is a program assuring you an income $500 – $1,000 per day by posting, liking and commenting on Facebook.

This kind of business would normally try to convince you very smartly that the time being spent by you on social media can actually be utilized in making money online. You shall be making money by doing the things similar to what you are already doing on Facebook or on other social media platforms.

I am in agreement with them on one thing at least that the time spent on social media can rather be utilized to make money by involving in different kind of activities.

Emotinal Story:

They will show you 2 sales video marked Clearance level 1 and clearance level 2, full of emotions.

Clearance Level 1 sales Video:


In the Clearance Level 1, Video Angela Crisper is sharing the outcome of a meeting between Zuckerberg and Gate. To convince you about their system she is smartly playing with the famous names. She has gone one step further by telling that she herself had attended the meeting. The backbone of this system is to exploit the weakness found in Zuckerberg’s and Gates’ systems by developing their own automated system to tap untouched money worth 6.8 billion dollars.

To capture your email ID on her list she would assure you that you will get $500 for going to level 2 Video by filling the form and leaving your email.

I feel you are now smart enough to realize what will happen after leaving your email ID. Still expecting $500 in your inbox?

She has smartly set up a counter in her second video so that you watch the video till the end.

Level 2 Sales Video:

She begins the countdown and starts discussing the problems faced by common man in day-to-day life like:


  • Weekly Grocery payments.
  • Credit card interest repayment.
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Car Payment
  • Insurance Payment.
  • The money required to buy good things for your family.
  • Being your own boss.
  • Work-life balance

Now she has established your need for money and created an interest in her system and she is ready to sell.

Red Flags raised in Sales Video:

  1. In Video 1 she tells you a crazy lie that she was 1 of those 10 who attended the meeting between Zuckerberg and Gates.
  2. In second Video She tells that she was working as a cook in a restaurant. Can you believe a cook attending the meeting between Zuckerberg’s and Gates’s
  3. Then immediately she describes her duties not cooking but scrubbing floors and cleaning refrigerators whole night.
  4. Now she amended the lie told in the first video of attending the meeting with Zuckerberg and Gates. She said she listened to their conversation from a distance while taking her dinner.
  5. The refund policy link at her page will take you to ClickeBetter affiliate network where you will find the system named as The FB Money System.

So either she has launched the same scam in a new name or she is an affiliate marketer of The Facebook (FB) Money System.


I am in doubt whether The Instant income at Home is even a system. I feel they are promoting affiliate link of another system. Even in case you treat this as a system, It works on sharing the links on Facebook and other social media platforms.

They will teach you on Joining the major network platforms like and and sharing their affiliate Links on FaceBook and other social media Platforms.


By just sharing the affiliate links on Social media, No one can make $500 to $ 1000 per day. If you keep on sharing the links on Social media, You may probably be banned.

I am on various social media platforms socially and for my business also and can tell you that this is not the way you can earn money online. You may be able to make a little money but not $500 per days as claimed by them.

They are selling the system for $37 only by first telling you that the price of the system is $537 and then offering you a discount of $500 (93% discount).

If the system really works and is able to give you $500 or $1000 per day, would they be selling it for only $37?

Rating: 1 out of 10


Yes, Instant Income At Home is a scam, as they are not giving you anything worth. They probably won’t run away with your money since it is not required. They have compiled a useless video training and are selling it for $37. Even if they are able to sell say 30 memberships per month they will make more than a $1000 each month.

If you think you will be able to make money with their system, This is a big dream which will never come true.

Bottom Line: How to make money Online?

Affiliate marketing is a real business and people including me are making income through affiliate marketing in a legitimate way.

To make income, I have never shared direct affiliate links on the Social media platforms as I do not want to be banned on these platforms. Moreover, if you have not built the trust and recognition with your readers, they won’t be interested in your offers and won’t click on the links.

People get scammed in search of some magic system for making quick money online. Quick money is not possible in any real business.

You must take proper training and must be ready to do hard work following the training. It would probably take some time establishing your business but it is not impossible.

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