If you are into online marketing Domain, you would already know the importance of Videos. It is very hard to find a Video Software better than Instant Video Wizard which can create Professional Looking Videos in few Clicks. Instant Video Wizard is best TTS for affiliate marketing.

Online videos are one of the most important resources for generating revenues by engaging visitors with your video contents and sending the message through videos.

Instant Video Wizard or IVW is a Software that can convert your Article into a stunning Video in less than 60 Seconds.

You just have to paste any your article into the wizard or can copy Pre-written articles from the IVW's own database of more than 130 million PLR articles spread over 100 categories and watch Instant Video wizard creating the best video for your channel.

Instant Video Wizard- Best TTS for Affiliate Marketing

Name: Instant Video Vizard
Website: www.instantvideowizard.com
Owner: Jon Leger
Price: $47/ PM



 You may not be surprised to know that YouTubers are making millions by just making the videos. The companies ranging from very small to gigantic are harnessing the power of video marketing.

The companies and the internet marketer who do not know how to tap the potential of video marketing have been left leaps behind. 

You must appreciate the fact that making professional quality Videos require some expensive tools for creating and editing the videos.

Outsourcing is another expensive alternative but you cannot waste your time and effort by outsourcing to non-professionals for saving money as a single bad video can damage your brand value in the market. 

IVW is a useful tool both for new and experienced Internet marketers. 

What makes it so special- How IVW works?


IVW is not a stand-alone but web-based video creation software. For creating a video, you just need to copy and paste your article into IVW.

In case you do not have your own written article, you can pull any article from free PLR spreading across more than 100 categories. Once you have selected the article (your own or from PLR), Instant Video wizard will instantly select royalty free images from its database of approximately a million images. You have the choice to add your own image from your PC or from any URL. The instant video will convert your text to video.

You need not to have any special knowledge to make various design choices and decide how your video must look in a few seconds. On a click of button wizard start building video for you using its cutting-edge latest text to speech technology.

IVW put together everything automatically to create a very appealing video. It enhances the video quality by highlighting keywords and phrases and make it truly professional.

In case you want you can use ready-made video from their database of over half a million videos.
With IVW, you can create a video in any niche you are working on. You can add

  •  Narrations in 15 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish. )
  • Picture of your own choice either from PC of copying direct URL.
  • Your Own Voice with IVW slide recorder. You can create a video of any size.

Once you have done with your video, you can upload it to YouTube through an inbuilt tool.

Do not Believe – Watch the Demo?

I would never have recommended this software without testing the quality of the videos. Following videos have been created with IVW. First one in the series of four is created by the Jon Leger, the owner of software and the rest of them by his team for beta testing.

Demo 1: Create High-Quality Contents - By Jon Leger



Demo 2: Health Niche-Loose Weight

Try Instant Video Wizard

Demo 3: Internet Marketing Niche- How to Rank

Try Instant Video Wizard

Demo 4: Online Classes Niche- How to Use Webcam in corner

Try Instant Video Wizard

Advantages and Disadvantages- IVW:


  1. Capability to generate video Automatically.
  2. 4 languages can be used for searching videos on platform i.e English, Spanish, French, and German.
  3. You can use Royalty free images from the database or can add your own images.
  4. You can add your own voice using the inbuilt slide recorder.
  5. No length restriction.
  6. Any number of words and article pages can be used. Best text to video Software.
  7. Can use video from an inbuilt database.
  8. Can use articles from inbuilt PLR.
  9. You can use inbuilt mp3 files for adding music.
  10. You can record using your own camera and Mic.
  11. Can easily convert text into videos.
  12. Videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube


  1. Some time images or video added to contents may not be relevant to contents. But you cannot expect its internal search engine to work like Google. Moreover, with time they will add more images and videos for a better result. In any case, you can add your own image or video.
  2. Does not have the capability to generate tags for social media.

Bottom Line:

Video creating Software is the demand of time not only for internet marketing but it is a must to have software for all small and big organization.

Not every company and internet marketer can afford to have so much expensive and complicated Video creating Softwares.

Internet Video Wizard is recommended for its simplicity in operation and tons of features available. In case you are in affiliate marketing or Internet marketing space, you might already be searching for a Video creating software to leverage the advantage of YouTube.

Instant Video Wizard will be very handy and useful for you to establish your brand and drive traffic to your website.

In case you need to have more information, You can leave a question below. To try Instant Video Wizard for free

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