I’ve reviewed a lot of IM products created by Vick Strizheus. To be frank, Though the majority of those products were not scams, I did not recommend to my readers. I will explain the reason in short while from now.  Today I am going to review Internet Traffic Academy (ITA), the latest product from Vick Strizheus.

Internet Traffic Academy is a training course that is meant to teach you the top strategies of traffic generation like article marketing, article writing, article submissions, pay per click advertising, etc.

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Name: Internet Traffic Accademy
Website: Click Here
Owner: Vick Strizheus
Price : Earlr Bird Price $1997



What is internet traffic academy - Summary

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

As explained above Internet Traffic Accademy is a training course that provide a complete training related to traffic generation.

A massive targetted traffic is what every online businessman would be interested in. Therefore when a training course buld aruond the topic is launced in the market , it catches the attention of masses and cretae a hype.

The main focus of the trarining is to teach you build a responsive list of prospects and then convert leads into sales. This would also help you to dominate in your niche.

The trainng claims to be the number #1 in its domain but I feel these claims are bit exaggerate.

Most of the people tend to join such Progams with greater hope of learning and making money and when it does not meet expectation they get disappointed

 Frankly speaking I have seen many reviews calling Internet Traffic accadeny a Scam but that just may be a frustration. Though I have given a very low rating to Internet Traffic Accademy but I will refrain from calling it a Scam.


Hello Friends

My Name is Arun and I make full time Income Online.

I don't think Internet Traffic Accademy is a Scam but I do not recommend it. The reasons I have explained in this review.

In case You are looking for an Alternative, You can check Welathy Affiliate Training that has helped me making $10000 per month Last Year. You can try it for Free.

 There are lot of training products available in the market on the same topic and they teach you generating traffic from Social media plateform  but Internet Trafiic claims to be different.

They state that most traffic generation training courses teach you to generate traffic from Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Internet Traffic Accademy is different in the sense that it teaches you ‘the language of traffic‘ so that you can create and maintain total control of your traffic, leads, and sales independent of any specific platform or prson or antyhing else.

Five Pillars of Internet Traffic Accademy


The Accademy Training is build on Five core pillars.

When you check the detials , yoyu will find that there is nothing new except the fancy name and way of presentation othewise there is no diffence from other similar courses available in the market.

These Five Pillars are

  1. Traffic Generation Mastery:  Training to formulate the strategies to attract massive targeted traffic like 100000+  cusomers per day  to your website, product, or offer on-demand. 
  2. List Building Mastery: How to create a list and convert  site visitors into the subscribers and build a huge, hyper-responsive list.
  3. Communication & Copywriting Mastery: Learn copy writing and article writing to communicate well with your customers.
  4. Conversion Mastery: Use Funnel to turn your leads into sales and customers. You’ll master the art to sell effortlessly. They prefer to call it  ‘sell without selling’.
  5. Tribe Building Mastery: Learn to make money from your passion, product, or idea.

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Who is Vick Strizheus?

He is the mastermind behind Internet Traffic Academy. He is a much familiafr fac egto me as I have reviewd lot of his prodcuts already.

In his long career he has developed and promoted other program like Big Idea Mastermind, High Traffic Accademy and Four percent challange.

Apart from Vick Strizeus, the other common thing about thses program is that they all are based on traffic generation. So the program is real and the creator knows what he is delvering.

I am really surprised about the way he functions. He would launch a program and then after some time would disappear from the scene and come back again with a new product to promote.

He is an incredible sales person who know how to cretae a hype around his products and sell them. He would promote his prodcuts in such a way that people get hooked instantly.

But his training is not that good and thats why when people buy his products after seeing the hype they are not completly satisfied with the trainig and lose interest. Rather than working on his prodcucts to improve them, he would take a rest and come back with a new prodyct when hype dies down.

There's no doubt that he is a successful business man and have been making lot of money but I can generate a better traffic on my website with Wealthy Affiliate Training I followed. 

Wealthy Affiliate Training Benefits:


This is a complelte online marketing training that teach you to build profitable websites and promote them successfully for making money.

The Free memebership Include:

Step by step training.

Direct intraction with me.

A Free Website.

Claim Your Free website Now:

What is Included in the Training Package ?


The training includes:

  • Internet Traffic Mastery
  • List Building Mastery
  • Copywriting MAstery
  • Conversion Mastery
  • Tribe Building MAstery

These 4 Sections are covered in 12 different modules as mentioned below;

  • Module 1: Traffic Rule and Game Plan
  • Module 2: Influencer Traffic Media
  • Module 3: 24 Hours Traffic Media
  • Module 4: Social Media Traffic
  • Module 5: Search Media Traffic
  • Module 6: Display Traffic Media
  • Retargetting Media
  • CPA Traffic Media
  • Strategic Traffic Syndicate Media
  • Prepetual Traffic Machine
  • Traffic Media X
  • The Best Traffic Media

They have kept the training price at $9985 but they would ofer you at a discounted price of $1997.

However it is too expensive even at this discounted price and cheap options are available.

One such option definitly, I have always been reccomending fuite some time now is Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is this Training For ?

As cliamed on their website, Internet Traffic Academy is for online marketers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to grow their business by getting huge targeted ttraffic on their website traffic or Products or Offers.

Internet Traffic Academy Pros:

  1.  Not s Scam.
  2. You will Learn many techniques of Driving Traffic to your website.
  3. Created by an expereinced product creator.
  4. No Recurring Payments

Internet Traffic Academy Cons :

Internet Traffic Academy cons otdone the Pros. The training is very costly and many people can not afford it. Moreover, the training does not deilver worth its price.

The techniques shared in the training are not that easy to follow for newbies and it is quite difficult for people without specific knowledge to be benefitted from training.

Social media Ads or solo ads require lots of patience and money. Success can be achieved with lots of hit and trial. You fail many times nd the re create ad and keep on spending money.

I am not in favor of paid traffic at the start of yor online journey. You must learn to drive free traffic from the leaders inductry and be in company of people who have already acheieved success.

Thats why I count on wealthy Affiliate for complete training. You may alo try WA free and start making full time income just like me.

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