Have you come across Bang Bang Profits for making money online. You may definitely be curious to know if by spending $ 13, you can start making money online. The owners of Bang Bang Profit claims that you can earn $300 per day working 20 minutes a day. It seems a good bargain for new affiliate marketers who want to promote a money-making niche. Price is the most attractive. Is Bang Bang Profits a scam or would turn out to be a goldmine?  I will reveal in-depth details in this review so that you have all the information about the system,

 Quick Report

  • Name: Bang Bang Profits
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Owner:  Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace
  • Price: $ 12.95 to $197
  • Overall Rating: 5.5 out 10

 What is Bang Bang Profits:


Bang Bang Profits is a ready-to-go program totally done for you. Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace are offering 13 premade campaign pages. Once you Join, You just have to put your affiliate links and start marketing. Owners claim that it will not take more than 10 minutes to set it up completely and start promoting. Once ready you can target newbies looking for this type of “done-for-you” or DFY systems.

Many new internet marketers are really searching for DFY systems so that they start making money immediately.
As per the information shared in the Sales video, the best thing about Bang Bang Profit is that you do not require a website, or any technical stuff to promote it.

Once you are in the system, you can create your own bonuses and promote them to attract the customers. Free Bonus and Freebies of course help in increasing the conversion rates. That seems a win-win situation.

What do I like about this Program?


A lot of things are really worth liking as I have mentioned below:

  • Economically priced. You can get started with only $12.97 i.e less than the cost of a Pizza.
  • Easy to Learn. Only 5 videos explain each aspect of the program.
  • Simple to use.  All you have to put your affiliate links in 13 done-for-you campaign or landing pages and start marketing.
  • You can add the ready-made bonus to increase conversions.
  • No experience required.
  • Branden mace has shown his real lofe earnings with these kinds of programs.

What I do not like about the Program?


  • This program is best suited for newbies or intermediate internet marketers.
  • The major problem with these kinds of programs is that most of the people do not follow it till the end as they are new in the market and like to see immediate results.
  • Limited earning. Owners do claim that you can make thousands of dollars but I do not agree. You can not make a fortune with DFY program. You can get some exposure to internet marketing and may earn some pocket money.
  • Upsells and OTO.

Upsells and OTO’s

  1. Upsell 1 – Bang Bang Traffic ($37) Foe Ninza Advance Traffic strategies to drive high-quality traffic.
  2. Upsell 2 – Lifetime Campaigns ($197) Forgetting regular monthly campaigns like the one you get for $13.
  3. Upsell 3 – Easiest System Ever ($157) (More details will be available once you have purchased the program.)
  4. Upgrade 4 – Limitless Traffic For 1 year ($197)
  5. Upgrade 5 – Bang Bang Profits Licence with Resell Rights ($97)

Does it sound good?

Making money online is not that easy. Many people who start online marketing after seeing social media ads or tweets on twitter feel that all those people tweeting or launching ad campaigns are earning in 6 figures. But it is not the case. Most of them are promoting the products launched by experienced marketers like Branden Mace and making them richer.

Since DFY programs are designed to be cheaper at the entry level, you may find a lot of competition since many newbies would dive into them and start promoting. If you are lucky enough, you may are able to make some customers.

Banden mace being an experienced marketer himself know the importance of traffic and that’s why he is upselling the module for $197. Now in case, he shares the paid traffic techniques for $ 197, I do not how much will end up paying for social media advertisements.

Will Band Bang Profits work for you?


As explained, it is fast and easy done-for-you method to make quick bucks so that even beginners can start making money. It is a shortcut and shortcut do not work forever. therefore it may work for some period to earn some money but if you are looking for serious online business, you must look out for something different.

Making money online requires a special kind of skills for which you require a step by step training, proper mentoring, consistent efforts, and a process to clear your day to day doubts.

The owners have created the campaigns but they are silent about how to promote the campaigns, that raises a red flag. I am not saying that this program is a scam but I always share both sides of the coin.

I know you are not here to earn some instant rewards but would be looking forward to establishing a business online so that you can leave your 9 to 5 job and be your own boss.

Every business owner must be transparent with his customers but if the owner is not ready to tell you about how would you promote 13 campaigns, it creates confusion and raise a red flag.

I always join a program after evaluating it. The only genuine programs provide an opportunity to join for free, evaluate them fully and then once you are satisfied you can be a paid member.

Bottom Line:

Band Bang Profits is not a scam but a program meant to give some short-term instant and quick money and may be tried once for a limited period of time paying $13. But I do not recommend this program if you are looking for a permanent solution to your worries and want to make a regular income each month. Here are a few alternatives

  1. Affilorama (Recommended but not number 1)
  2. Dropshipping Business (Recommended)
  3. Human Profit Design.
  4. Legendary Market System

All the above are good programs to make regular income and have been reviewed by me. But Wealthy Affiliate is my # 1 recommended program. It is, in my opinion, the most stable and reliable program as it is trusted by more than a million members. It has helped many like me to make 6 figure income on regular basis and the best part is it is free to join as a starter member. The wealthy affiliate has been into business for more than 13 years and is spread across 193 countries.

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