Is ClickBetter a Scam? Today I am going to review ClickBetter in a transparent way and let you decide if you want to join ClickBetter. Please read my complete review in case you are planning to Join ClickBetter.

In online marketing, you can build the reputation by promoting the legitimate earning opportunities only.

If the program you are promoting turned out to be Scam, it will not only tarnish your image as Internet marketer but the commission will also be affected since a lot of people will ask for a refund.  


Name: ​ClickBetter
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Click Better is an affiliate network like Commission Junction or JVZOO offering multiple offers to promote as an affiliate. Do these multiple offers really work?

Since ClickBetter is a new affiliate  in the field.

ClickBetter is not a Scam but they have not been able to attract huge number of merchants.

Since these Affiliate networks earn their money through the merchant only, lack of legitimate merchants might have led them to allow scammers to use their platform. 

You can not build a long term business by promoting the Scams, therefore I do not recommend ClickBetter.

What Is ClickBetter Affiliate Network?


In case you are new to internet marketing, You may like to know about Affiliate Networks. Affiliate Network act as mediators between affiliate programs or merchants and Affiliates looking to promote a program to earn money online. Affiliate network charges money from the merchant and paid to the affiliates after deducting their own share. Working with a reputed Affiliate network is advantageous in a way that you are not required to join different affiliate programs and not to deal with the merchants directly for your commission. To newcomers, I always recommend to Join reputed affiliate network platforms like ClickBank, Commission Junction or JVZOO.

It does not mean that you should not look out for a new Affiliate network but have to be careful and must check their reputation before Joining.

As with other Affiliate networks, You have to visit the marketplace of ClickBetter to browse through various programs and choose the product you want to promote. ClickBetter is free to join for everyone.

Why I got Suspicious? - First Red Flag

To evaluate the platform, I have joined them through their DashBoard and after Login to the platform, IU just decided to browse their marketplace. I was surprised to know that most of the products on the platform are scams. I tried to choose a program under affiliate marketing and surprise to note that same program is being offered at different prices.


To establish my point further I selected copymyemailSystem to promote and visited their website and immediately it further raised a reflag.

I have captured the screenshot of their sales page for your reference. On the top of the page, they mentioned the launching year as 2018 whereas down under the launch year is mentioned as 2016. I clicked the launch date link to their sales page and again found that program was supposed to be launched in 2018.



Next Red Flag – Paypal Not Accepted.

Nowadays I have rarely come across a legitimate program not offering the payment to affiliate through PayPal. Paypal has very strict policies and does not support Scammers. I decided not to leave my bank details with them to collect my commission.

What I Like about ClickBetter –Pros

  • It is Free to Join.
  • The commission is very High.
  • They make weekly payments.
  • They do make refunds.

What I Dislike about ClickBetter - Cons.

  • Very Limited merchants have Joined them so you have limited options for the program to promote.
  • Most of the programs being promoted there are Scams.
  • They do not make payment via PayPal.
  • If you continuously promote Scam program, you will lose reputation in Internet marketing Domain.
  • If you search through internet, you will find a lot of complaint against them.

 Is ClickBetter a Scam? Why Lots of ClickBetter Complaints?

No, I won’t put ClickBetter into the category of Scams. They might have launched the platform with a good intent and may not have been able to attract a lot of merchants. They can make money having merchants on board and when they fail to attract legitimate affiliate programs, they allow scammers to be there rather than being patience and convincing reputed programs to be a part.

The big problem with these affiliate networks marketplace is that they have to deal with a lot of scam programs and if they do not validate the programs before taking on their platforms they cannot control the Scammers.

Even At JVZOO, you will find Scammers promoting their programs but as there is lots of option available you can choose a legitimate program to promote.

Bottom Line

I would never recommend you to Join platforms like ClickBetter and promote Scams. By doing that you shall just be wasting your time. Though the commission offered by these Scam programs are very high still you may not be able to make any money. By putting your efforts, you may be able to convert few customers but the refund rate is very high and you will lose a potential customer forever. Affiliate marketing works around the Loyalty. If you offer a useful tool to a customer, you will be able to build a good relationship with your customer and may be able to sell some other programs also.

What next? Is there a Legit Option to make money online>

If you are serious about establishing your online business and want to earn passive income or make an online career, take a look at this free training recommended by me. I have been using this system for quite a long time and making a fulltime 6 figure income.

In case you have any further question about ClickBetter or need to know about Free training I have recommended, Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I received an invite from click better stating for 37.00 they would set up my account for me and their money making websites would earn mean enormous amount of money. What is the 37.00 really for. It sounds good but I’m not sure.

    1. ClickBetter is free to join Affiliate Network and they do not ask for money for joining. However, there are many scammers using the clickBetter network for promoting their products. You might have received email from one of these scammers. Beware of them and do not lose your hard earned money on any scam.

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