Is CommissionDrill a scam or waste of time and efforts…..

Welcome to my transparent CommissionDrill Review. You have landed on the right page for unbiased and transparent review. The creator of Commissiondrill, claim that you can make lots of money online while working for only 10 minutes per day only by creating simple and lucrative YouTube ad campaigns. Is Commission drill a scam or legit? Is this kind of strategy worth pursuing or a complete waste of time and money? Don’t invest in the system before reading my full Commissiondrill Review.



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Price: $12.91 + Upsells

Owner: Ram Rawat

Rating: revealed at the end of Review

 What is Commission Drill?


Commission Drill is a combination of PDF and Video Training. The aim of the training is:

1) To get approval for CPA network.

2) Creating YouTube ads for generating and sending traffic to your CPA and Click Bank.

According to them, Commsiiondrill will teach you the steps to start and run own YouTube Ad campaign or use YouTube Video made by others to promote ClickBank or other CPA offers. They will also teach you to select most profitable ClickBank offer so that you can make money from ClickBank.

They Further assure the following advantages:


  • commissiondrill-review
  • Not required to set up any website.
  • Technical expertise in the field is not required.
  • You are not required to put long working hours
  • Creating your own products not required
  • Immediate results.

How does Commissiondrill work:

Ram Rawat in his course under The Commissiondrill has offered consists 10 videos, a PDF guide apart from 3 case studies to show you how Ram Rawat have generated profit following the system.

You will be advised to create a landing page for the campaign and integrate it with an Autoresponder to build your funnel. After capturing visitor’s email you will direct them to CPA or ClickBank products sales page. Once on the sales page, if they buy the product, you will earn your commission.

Since you have collected the email addresses and have your own list, you can send them the follow-up emails and can also use the same list for promoting other products.

What is the Hype -Features of CommissionDrill?

  1. Ways to get approved by ANY CPA Network.
  2. Learn to select highly converting CPA offer.
  3. Learn to create your own YouTube Campaign.
  4. Learn how to create ClickBank Account and find saleable offers?
  5. Learn Ways to create YouTube ad Account.
  6. Learn simple ways to create YouTube Ads Empire and start making money.
  7. Learn to Target YouTube Viewers.
  8. Learn methods to create High Converting Funnel by integrating with a landing page and Autoresponder.
  9. Create your most profitable offer with your ad so enhance profit.
  10. Readymade first campaign- Just copy and paste.
  11. How can you legally use the YouTube created by others to earn a profit?


On the face, all these features seem so convincing that one would fall into the trap. In affiliate marketing, many gurus have been telling similar methods but they have not seemed to work.

I don’t understand that how can one build a business empire around youtube videos and CPA offers.


How much Commission Junction Cost?

The upfront cost of commission Junction is $14.61 but there are other OTO’s and upsells. To take all the opportunities you need to spend much more than $114.61

Can you make money with Commissiondrill?


I have seen people following such methods and earning some money for a limited period. I have been in the affiliate marketing for quite some time now and have my self-checked and tried this kind of products and I am not a big Fan of any kind of shortcuts when it comes to business.

If you search for the people generating good online income, you will not find a single name using or recommending paid advertisements or YouTube video as the only source of Traffic.

Though they have mentioned that this product does not require any experience or technical expertise, on the contrary only Experienced marketer can earn through these strategies.

Pros and cons of CommissionDrill:


  • Low Cost
  • No Experience Required
  • For its cost, it provides a decent training.
  • Easy to follow training.


  • Unrealistic Expectations.
  • A lot of money required for paid ads.
  • From the very beginning, you will have built overheads for an Autoresponder.
  • No organic traffic Source.
  • In my opinion, not a proven method.
  • Upsells.

Is Commssiondrill a Scam?

There are many scams prevailing on the Internet. Some people are just taking away the money and would disappear. Then there are Network marketing or High ticket products.

This product does not fall into these categories and hence I won’t call it a scam.

But if you feel you will make a lot of money through following these techniques, you are wrong.

I never recommend these types of products irrespective of the fact that I have not categorized it as Scam.


In case you are expecting a highly professional training, this product fails to deliver. This product does not match the expectations and hence somehow may be treated as a Scam

Bottom Line

To Build a real business, you need a professional step by step training so that you can understand the techniques and business process. Just by Building a landing page and integrating an Autoresponder will take you nowhere.

If online Business is so easy every one would have been a millionaire. I am not against CPA or paid advertisements but building online business require much more.





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