Is CryptoJams A Scam or Legit | CryptoJams Review 2019

In this era of digital life, a lot of options are available for making money online. With more options being made available, it becomes more difficult to select a legitimate online Opportunity and Avoid Scam. It is, therefore, critical for every newbie to perform proper research before investing your hard-earned money into any program.  Today I am going to review CryptoJAMS, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining platform which can be used to maximize your profitability.

CryptoJAMS is a Global Advertising Platform which allows you to advertise across the world and daily earn internal tokens or virtual currency in the form of JAMS.

They offer on-site rewards to their members in order to make this simple and friendly mining activities more attractive.

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CryptoJAMS Review- Summary

Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

In my Opinion CryptoJAMS is not a Scam. The mining platform seems to  legitimate opportunity for making online money.

CryptoJAMS is basically an advertising platform which distribute internal token called Jams.

JAMS is their internal Virtual Coin which can only be used on the CryptoJAMS website. The JAMS are not available in open market or cryptocurrency  exchange and has a fixed price of  0.001$.

JAMS can be earned by Mining and You can stake these tokens it and earn passively while watching mining ads.

You will get the advertising credits in turn of staking (purchasing the JAMS and keeping them in the wallet for some time.) these tokens.

You can use these advertising credits for  promoting your projects or affiliate programs etc through the network of their more than 10 advertising sites . This is the best way of monetizing your business and making passive income through Site Ads , Banner Ads or Login Ads.

JAMS can also be exchanged for cashing out in your preferred Cryptocurrency.

How Does CryptoJAMS work?

CryptoJAMS combine Advertising and Mining on a very stable platform to offer a unique experience to its members.

As a  members would get the Following:

  • Free Advertising on Signup
  • Free JAMS coins on Mining
  • Stakes Giveaway
  • Earn Passive Income with Stakes
  • Can Earn up to 40% Commissions on Purchases
  • Earn up to 10% Commissions on Stake Purchase
  • Earn up to 7% JAMS on referral Mining

You can be benefited with the fact that the site is still new and there is lot of scope of making money by referring. The site new but it is generating comparatively more traffic than similar websites.

Moreover, the platform offer free bonuses especially to new members. These bonuses includes Free stakes, Advertising Bonuses and commission on Stakes.

CryptoJAMS provides Fast & Easy Access for making money on a very Simple Advertising Mining Platform. You can get started in 3 easy steps.

  • Register and Verify your Email Address
  • You get a Free Advertising PAckage as a Bonus.
  • Visit CryptoJAMS ads in the member area to earn more JAMS

Main Feature of CryptoJAMS:

1. Free Advertising Package: 

You will get the free registering package of 100 guaranteed visits upon Registering with the platform and verifying your email.

2. Free to Join;

The best part is that you can join for free and start earning JAMS without any purchase or obligation.

3. Lucrative Commission Plans:

The website offers a commission as high as up to 40% on the advertising purchases and 10% on every "Stake" purchase made by your direct referrals.

4. Great Mining Commission:

You will also get upto 7% of the JAMS generated by your direct Referrals on Mining.

5. Passive Stacking Earning:

You can make JAMS by just visiting member area and without actually clicking on something.

6.  No Spamming Allowed:

CryptoJAMS follow the policy of  zero tolerance for Spam very strictly. They would not only cancel the account of the person found spamming but may also subject to civil and criminal prosecution upto $50,000. 

You are not allowed to send unsolicited emails to anyone who is not on your own double-optin list. You are not allowed to promote CryptoJAMS, if you can not ascertain this.

7. Easy Refund of Membership Fee:

You can easily get the refund by simply submitting a support ticket asking for a refund. You will, however, will be eligible for refund if you haven't used any share for advertising and you have already not been paid any commission. Once the refund is initiated your account will be terminated and you will lose any commission & will not receive any payment.

How to make money with CryptoJAMS:

You can start earning JAMS just on registering and but you can stak JAMS only after buying the Staking contract or upgrading your account.

The weight of your Staking contract (or upgrade level) will decide the commission you are going to make. With the basic account and without any staking weight , you are not allowed to stake the JAMS.

There are 3 staking weights or account upgrades i.e Low . Medium and Heavy.






Life Time Cost





Guaranteed Visits










JAMS Earning






On Sign Up





Daily Access





Referral Sign Ups





JAMS Mining Comm











Commission on Ads





Commission on Stakes





Bottom Line: Who can Join CryptoJAMS

CryptoJAMS is a new website and I have not seen claims from the real people making huge money. Moreover these type of programs are used by digital marketers and affiliate marketers for buying the Advertisement credits and promoting their programs. Therefore I can say CryptoJAMS is suitable for experienced marketers already promoting some products or services.

Though CryptoJAMS is a legitimate advertising platform, it can not be recommended to those who are searching for a legitimate online money making programs.

In case you are planning to make some serious money online to achieve financial freedom and support your family, I would advise you to start affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will also not make your rich overnight but it will establish you as a successful online entrepreneur in few months. 

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