eBay is a USA based e-commerce platform that facilitates Business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) sales through its website. eBay has become an online success story. Due to the same reasons, many people have launched their training Programs based on eBay marketing. EB formula claims with their system you can make a lot of money by selling various products on eBay. Is EB formula a Scam?

In my EB Formula review, I will discuss the system in detail so that you can decide if it is worth your money and time.

Quick Report

Name: EB Formula
Website: ebformula.com
Owner: Dan Wright
Price: $27 (Discounted)



Are you serious about making money Online?

Arun Affiliate Marketer

The basis purpose of this blog is to help people avoid online scams.

When I started my online business few years back, I lost lot of my hard earned money in buying the shiny Objects.

I was fortunate enough to find a legitimate online training program which provide me the road to success.

EB formula is full of Red Flags and has to be declared a Scam without any Hesitation.

The Sales video of EB formula suggests that you can generate $40,000 monthly after Joining this program without any Skills and Experience. 

Making money online is definitely possible but there are no shortcuts.

Online business is just like any other business and need proper training, hard work, patience and Consistency.

What Is EB Formula ?

EB Formula is a training course with nothing new in It. The training will show you how you can create an online Dropshipping business using eBay.

The Training outline that you can list Aliexpress product on eBay and once sold you can ask the merchant to dropship the item.

There is nothing new in this and a lot of free material would be available on the subject and trust me You can not make $40,000 a month using this formula as claimed in the sales video of the EB Formula.

No one can deny the the fact that dropshipping is a legitimate lucrative  business opportunity and people are making huge money with dropshipping.

The usual way of doing dropshipping is to create your own store either using Shopify or Alidropship Plugin but it’s entirely different from what EB Formula tell you.

I am even not against their paid training to learn the tricks as I myself start earning only after Joining Wealthy Affiliate University. Not only me but all successful business owners follow one or other training and mix it with hard work and patience to create their full-time income.

All I am saying is that EB Formula training does not go beyond the basics which can be easily learn online for free.

There can never be any secret system that can generate the money for you so easily without making any effort on your part.

Dan Wright, the supposedly  owner, of the EB Formula wants you to believe that he will teach you the ways to make money online easily without any previous skills or without any experience in eCommerce or drop shipping.

He would ask you to Join the system and follow three easy steps 

  • Fill the form to get yourself registered.
  • Activate your Account after Registration
  • You will start getting profit

The so called owner is trying to create illusions in your mind by giving false degtial of online money making procedure. It seems that any one can make money by following this simple procedure but I would like to clarify that whole procedure for making money online is totally different.

The sole aim of Dan Wright is to make money for himself using fraudulent product and system.

The spokesperson  would inform you in the sales video that one of his friend is already making something around half a million implementing the strategies provided in the system. After the disclosure he would ask you to join the system immediately  before other people take the available spots as only limited spots are available.

This really raises a red flag as no question of Limited spots arises. Neither does eBay limit the number of sellers on its portal and nor any drop shipper would prohibit you from selling their items.

I really would have appreciated if instead of having just a sales video on the Landing page, the owner had provided  a detailed plan about the training program.

Moreover a legitimate training program always offer the learners a way to join the system  and evaluate the course before finally enrolling  if they found it suitable to them. 

EB Formula red flags

There are many red flags I had uncovered and would like to share with you few of them.

When You visit the sales page for the first time and watch their sales video, You will come across iniquitous money making claims. The claims are sufficient enough to make you skeptical as they are just showing all the positive outcomes without actually going into training details. That has led me to write EB formula review so that I can save at least some of the newbies from falling into trap.

Red flag #1 – Fake Testimonials:

This is no different from many other Scams reviewed by me. There are many testimonials provided by the successful clients who are using this system but you can not verify their income claims or even if they are actually the real members of EB formula. 

I did a bit of research on the testimonials used by them and found that they are the same freelancing actor who sell their acting skills on Fiverr and have appeared in many other money making Scam videos .


You should not take this lightly as producing Fake testimonials is an Illegals actions.

Red flag #2 – Dan Wright is probably NOT a real person:

The website do not provide any "about-me" section and you will never found any details about Dan Wright who is supposedly the creator and owner of this program.

I tried to establish his credentials but could not locate any Dan Wright connected with EB Formula either on search engines or Social Media. 

There can be only one reason behind this and that is Dan Wright is not the real person and the real owner is hiding behind the Fake identity.

In my opinion, the owners of any legitimate business would be transparent and not hesitate to reveal their identity to the public. This will help to build a relationship, trust and improve brand reputation.

Red Flag #3: Program is not For Newbies:

Contrary to the claims made by Dan write that anyone can make money by using this revolutionary system, selling on eBay require lot of skills. You will have to research the saleable product and then use the proper keywords in the title and description so as to increase on eBay.

Moreover you will have to find a trustworthy Dropshipper  who can offer you a quality product otherwise there would be lot of negative remarks and your eBay account may be suspended. Beside that You will also have to take potential refunds into consideration. 

To make money on the eBay which is anywhere near close to the claims made in the sales video, you will be required to sell a lot of products. Due to the stiff competition, you may not be able to jack up the prices to earn high profit. The margin of profit will be very less.

Selling on eBay need full attention. One you receive the order, you will share the details with the drop shipper. When drop shipper would confirm the dispatch details. the same will have to be shared with your customers through eBay Portal. 

Time to time customer may interact with you to know the exact status of the product till they receive the product and you will have to act a customer support executive. 

Red flag #4 – Beware of the hidden costs!

The program is being sold for $37 and if you try to leave the sales page without buying, you will be offered a $10 discount.

But I have experience with similar one time payment products and like to want you that there would definitely be some hidden cost.

Most of the times the training offered by them against the initial membership is not complete and they would start offering the upsells the day you join them.

You must keep it in mind that $27 just would not be all and expect to spend huge money.

Is EB Formula A Scam?

I have discussed some of the redflags and now I leave it up to you to decide if EB formula is a Scam or a legitimate money making opportunity.

As far as I am concerned I can never recommend a program with so many redflags and I consider EB Formula a Scam.

Arun Affiliate Marketer


If you want to achieve financial freedom and make money online with Dropshipping, eCommerce or affiliate marketing , you must learn the techniques from a reliable source.

Laid Off from Work At 51, I am making 6 Figure income online and can tell you with my Experience that affiliate marketing industry  has many opportunities to make a living online.

In case you are sincere about making affiliate marketing as your primary source of income, You need to stop running after these Shining objects and Learn affiliate marketing from Leaders in the market.

You must keep in mind that there is no shortcut to success and unless you are ready to learn and acquire the necessary skills, there is no chance of making money.

If you are ready to start your training that will help you improve yours financial situation forever, I invite you to Join my #1 recommended by clicking the button below


In case you have any queries regarding Affiliate marketing or want to learn How to make money online, Just leave a comment below and I will get in touch at the earliest.

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