Can you really make $50,000 per year using Ecom Profit Sniper training? That’s what an email received in my inbox suggested. I decided to thoroughly investigate before joining. That’s what I always do. Invest after proper screening.  I am sharing the details of my investigation with you in the form of this review. Is Ecom Profit Sniper a Scam? or Legit. Read and decide. Ecom Profit Sniper is created by Tom Parker. First of all, I just googled “Tom Parker” and I could not find any link associating both i.e owner with program and that raised a red flag. But many times creators use a Pseudonym,  so only one red flag is not enough to declare it a Scam. There is more to it and we will conclude later after researching various other aspects.

 Quick Report

  • Name: Profit Sniper
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Owner: Tom Parker (maybe)
  • Price: $ 27
  • Overall Rating: 2 out 10

What is Ecom Profit Sniper?

The Ecom Profit Sniper is a training module to help you create your own online dropshipping based e-commerce store on Shopify. No doubt, Dropshipping is a legitimate way to make money and Shopify is the biggest hosting platform for Dropshipping websites and many sites have been successful also. But I have never come across a business or website making $500,000 per year just working 20  minutes a day as claimed by sales video. Does it raise a red flag? yes, it does.

Like many other money making scams, Ecom Profit sniper claim to make you rich in a few days. That is a false claim. Tom Parker does not reveal any secret in the sales video about how you are going to make so much money and how much do you need to spend?

How much do I need to spend?

Ecom Profit sniper at entry level will cost you only $ 27 one time and they probably will teach you to make money by establishing your e-commerce  Dropshipping store on the Shopify platform.

Shopify is not a scam but a paid hosting platform. They charge $ 29 per month for website hosting if you use free themes available. I would further like to inform you that though you can use a free theme however, the options are very limited and to make for a professional site you will have to buy a paid theme.

Even buying a theme is not enough and you need to buy different Apps or plugins and those costs a lot of money. One such plugin is Oberlo which costs $ 29.9 or $79.9 per month.

Add to this domain cost and probably your fixed cost would be between $100 to $150 per month apart from the cost of the paid theme.

Is there a running cost?

Once you have set up a Shopify e-commerce store does not mean that you would start making a profit immediately. To make the profit, you need the customers. Now, where would customers come from? T bring customers to your store, you must get some traffic to your website.

Now traffic can be generated in two ways

  • Free or organic Traffic using SEO
  • Paid Traffic using Paid social media Advertisements, Google Ads and Solo Advertisements

While watching the Ecom Profit Sniper sales video, you would realize that they are not going to teach you about organic traffic or SEO.

Ecom Profit Sniper would specifically be focusing on Facebook ads to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. Through Facebook ads can be very effective but they would cost money. In case you do not have any experience with paid ads, you may end up on losing side. Like any other business, your profit will depend upon the cost and earning. You can only earn a profit by controlling the cost. PAid Ads can give instant results but they do not give long-term benefits. Once you stop running the ads, traffic to your site would also stop. Tom Parker does not share the details about how much money you need to spend on paid ads to earn $10,000 per month. You may end up spending more than $10,000.

More Tom Parker claim some claims about Shopify revenue but these are not merchants profit. These are the shopify’s total revenue most of which come from paid hosting and sale of themes, Apps and other paid services. Shopify also sells the readymade site for generating revenues.

Is Ecom Profit Sniper a Scam?

After all the red flags, I won’t call it a scam but they are using dirty tricks to promote their product. Drop-shipping business on Shopify is a legitimate business. I have explained the complete process in my post “How to start Dropshipping business” and promoting any business using social media Ad is also not a bad thing.

The entry price tag of $ 27 for training on Dropship is also reasonable but I am sure there would be upselling also and you may be asked to take their monthly membership.  I can not endorse the dirty tricks used by them for promoting their product. They are making false promises of making you rich overnight which can not happen in any business. Genuine training program does not make such lavish promises rather they tell you the ground reality. If you are keen to learn Dropship business, you can buy Ecom Profit Sniper but do not expect to be rich overnight.

Is there an alternative available for making money online?

I am a member of entrepreneur certification program run under the name of Wealthy Affiliate University. You can join this program for free without any commitment as a starter member. You can evaluate the platform and training. You will have the access to complete training for 7 days. You can read my complete review of this program here or you can join now without wasting your time any further by accepting my invitation below. Inside I  will help personally you understand affiliate marketing and earn money online.

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  1. I have been interested in drop shipping for quite some time and actually have been looking into ecom profit sniper. So glad I found your review before I spent the $27, which I would have done, thinking that it is not a huge amount to lose. But, with so many people doing that, they are really making money scamming people, and I do have an issue with that. It is so disheartening to know there are still so many scams out there…taking innocents peoples money who, most of the time, do not have a lot to give. That is why they are looking. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Drop shipping is a real business and needs a lot of skills and techniques. Shortcut won’t work. You can be dependent on a few Facebook ads to run a business. Programs like Ecom Profit snipers are created to make a profit and not with an aim to teach something. They sell their programs by encashing the emotional sensitivity like greed. They hit the right area and create a desire for earning quick money and encash them. no one will make money except the owners of these programs.
      I always advise to properly research before joining.

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