Most of the newbies searching for an online home based business end up losing their hard earned money. They would jump into any opportunity seeing the buzz created around it and treating it to be a real deal without doing proper research. 

I feel you have landed on this page after hearing about the Finish Line Network. I congratulate you on your decision to collect the complete information before joining it.

It is always good to read the transparent review before putting your money and avoid online scams. More often people who got scammed initially would just not just lose their money but also the hope to find any legitimate money making the opportunity.

Is Finish Line Network a Scam or Legitimate money making opportunity? You will be able to decide after reading my Finish Line Network review.

Since I am not an affiliate of FLN and My review is based on my independent research and information collected, you can expect this review to be unbiased.

What is Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network is an MLM company claims to be doing its business in online education niche. The company is owned by three experienced digital marketers Chad Stalvey, Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellen. The company is a collaboration of three different organization working in different Domain. These three organizations are

  1. Traffic Authority (TA): The company has been dealing in traffic packages for promoting websites and online businesses. The main products are Traffic conversion tools and training.
  2. Online Sales Pro: OSP is a software company dealing with the lead generation Software for creating landing pages and Mobile Apps.
  3. Success Counts: Success counts deal with the online marketing company promoting with various digital products in sports and related niche.

From the profile, it seems that the company may be capable of bringing a win-win formula.

As per the information available on the website, FLN is an online education platform concentrating on teaching you email marketing and  Social media marketing. But I feel they are selling the same products sold by the different organizations separately and bundled together for more profit.

The cost of the products packaged together have gone very high and can be treated as a high ticket product which is very difficult to sell through MLM.

There are four different product Levels which I would discuss separately but to qualify for the commission either you have to buy those products or sell at least 6 of each product. In case you want to get the commission at the highest level, you may have to buy the products worth $4997 or sell 6 packages of $4997.

Forgetting the affiliate commission, buying the product is not compulsory as you can become a member by paying a membership Fee of $20 per month.

I have my doubts that if someone would really be interested to spend $4997 on such products to make money online when other legitimate and cheaper options are available to get started with your online business.

In case you can afford to spend $4997 to start an online business, you would better be looking for a one to one training.

I have already reviewed some other high ticket online programs like TTI or MOBE which have shut down its operation after making huge money from its members.

How Does Finish Line Network Works?

Finish Line network make huge claims that they are providing very useful training modules to the people interested in establishing an online business. But the narrative does not provide an answer to go for MLM base.

In case the training is useful and worth its price, there is no need to follow the MLM route as people would otherwise be keen to buy the training. But it seems that they are not teaching anything related to online marketing but just forcing people to sell their digital training product to make money online.

In case they stop their platform, people buying their products may not have acquired knowledge to make money online through affiliate marketing.

I have followed a comprehensive training program which has taught me to make money by joining any affiliate program available on earth and not be dependent on selling just one product. That has helped me being a successful online entrepreneur and make money online.

Finish Line Network Product Line:

Finish Line Network offers the following four basic packages and a combination of these.

  1. Silver Package or Automation Package - $47 Per  month


The package contains a product named Traffic conversion Software. The product aims at teaching you lead generation by creating landing pages creation with Opt-in forms and monetizing them.

A Landing page without targeted traffic will not serve any purpose. I use Thrive themes to create and manage Landing pages.

2. Gold Package or Education Package - $130 per month

The training program followed by me give access to the live weekly webinars at no additional cost. I do not feel that you will spend $130 every month for just attending one webinar.

3. Digital Training or ePOD (email Profit on Demand) for $1997


This module deals with email marketing, building your own email List and monetizing the mails. They also provide Pre-written emails.

I am really doubtful if the pre-written emails work any more. Just consider a scenario that a prospect getting the same mail from more than one source. These Pre-written emails do not establish a personal connection with your prospect and will not help in conversion,

I firmly believe that once you have an email list, you must make a personal connection with the members to create faith and trust. People will not buy your product unless that have the faith that you are not leading them to a scam.

4. Events or Digital Domination for $997:


Live events are arranged to interact with experienced digital marketers and learn online marketing skills. The events help you in learning and making personal connections with experienced marketers. They are charging $997 per event as participation Fee. 

You can buy all these packages as a bundle for $4997 or Just Silver and Gold for $177 per month.

Finish Line Network Compensation Plan:

When you are joining any MLM for making money, you would like to see the compensation plan offered by them.

You will have to sell the products offered by them or recruit new members into the Network. To get the commission, you will have to keep your membership active by paying $20 every month from your Pocket.

Finish Line Network offers two types of compensation i.e direct commission and Bonus.

The Direct commission is paid weekly for against the products sold by you. It varies from 50% to 80 %, depending on the number of products sold by you. To be eligible for 80% Slot, you will have to sell 6 products from that category.

Apart from the Direct commission, you will also be eligible for Bonus Pool which is funded in 3 ways.

a. Through Personal Sale

b . Through Team Sale

c. Through Everyone's Sale (Even if they are not in your team)

The Bonus Pool commission vary with your ranking. The rankings are based on the products sold by you. Higher the ranking, more commission you will get.

You can download the compensation by clicking here.

Is Finish Line Network A Scam?

Finish Line Network provides you an opportunity to make money online. The commissions paid by them are also attractive. I do not think that Finish Line Network is an outright scam.

But still, I have some concerns about the program. The training provided by them under different packages is not up to mark and will never help you establish your own brand and online business. You will only be making money by recruiting more people into their MLM network.

In case something happens with the organization or they plan to close their platform all your efforts will go waste and there will be no income thereafter.

I do not think that Finish Line network MLM scheme has ever made someone rich. On becoming the member you will end up paying $240 per month for no reason and in addition, you will have to pay for the products, you want to sell.

Bottom line: Is there an Alternative Available

I started affiliate marketing some time back and now I am a full-time online entrepreneur making more than $10,000 per month.

I have established my own business and have been earning affiliate commission now from more than one platform.

In case you are interested to learn affiliate marketing, you can check out my recommended # 1 training

In case you need any more information, Please leave a comment below.


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