First of all, I would like to congratulate you that you have decided to research “Global Affiliate Zone” before joining. I have already reviewed another high ticket educational stuff  AWOL  by the same team of Julian Sherman, Mathieu, and Kameron George. They claim their opportunity to be the highest path from employee to Entrepreneur.  To me, it seems like the old package in new Box. I am very cautious about the online scams and unless review thoroughly, I would not join any online activity. This is just not a question of my losing money but also the trust my readers have in me. Since I have not Joined     “Global Affiliate Zone”.  I am reviewing GAZ  based on my online research and information collected.

Any activity designed to take your money without providing the value for money can be termed as a scam. I will review GAZ on the same line i.e money being taken and the value provided.


The first look at their website does not give a good impression and it seems like the old network marketing or MLM website. The video playing on the landing page is similar to be seen on network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing websites. In pyramid schemes, the majority of payment is distributed amongst the owners and top-level marketer who have got rich experience in promoting and marketing dreams.

Quick Report
• Name: Global Affiliate Zone
• Website:
• Owner: Julian Sherman, Mathieu, and Kameron George.
• Price: $99 per month
• Rating: 1 out of 5

What is on Platter?


GAZ offer a Pro membership for $99 per month. They would offer some online videos giving no value addition. These training videos will either have basic information about social media marketing or false success stories. You will be asked to promote these videos and someone joins through your referral, you will get $29.70 if the new subscriber remains active for at least 14 days.

There are few metrics, I normally check before joining any affiliate program

 What is actually being provided by them?


When they claim that they provide mentorship, We must find out What actually do they mean? What kind of knowledge do they have and what they are going to share with you. You are aware of the fact that there are lots of free resources available online sharing the information they claim.

I understand a mentorship is required in Affiliate marketing but if they are so sure of the content they are providing why they do not let you join for free and once you have the complete access you can pay them money. It clearly indicates they lack the model, plan, help, etc.

I would never recommend a platform which would not allow free access to their program at least for a limited period before enrolling as a premium membership.

Is GAZ an affiliate marketing Training Program?

Affiliate marketing training is not a direct sales job. Many seamsters have defamed and scandalized affiliate training program to such an extent that people just entering in this domain actually start doubting the real affiliate training programs. GAZ in my knowledge is just promoting membership to sell its own videos without imparting any step by step training to promote other affiliate product also. The major problem with such kind of programs is that they would disappear after making a huge profit and you would be left with nothing and your so-called business will vanish in a single day.

In real affiliate marketing, You are not required to keep any product or inventory as you are selling others product. Real Affiliate programs like Amazon associate never ask for money for joining them and promoting their products. Rather they pay you if any product is sold through your links and efforts.

On the other hand, a real affiliate training program would not force you to promote their training though they offer their own affiliate program those are always optional. They provide you with step by step training to build your own website, rank in Google (SEO) and how to promote any affiliate product.

Are you willing to follow?


Click by Click training is not equivalent to step by step training and that is the catch. They would provoke you to set up a landing page to promote those useless videos. Your landing page would generate traffic for their website. irrespective of the fact whether a person joins or not, they would achieve their motive of generating traffic and ranking Google. Once you have joined them, you will search new recruitments and once joined they will be asked to duplicate what you are doing.  A lot of newbies would fall into this trap expecting desired results taking these shortcuts but when they are not able to achieve the results, they will acknowledge that they have been scammed.

What is Promoter’s track record?

One of the best ways to identify scams is by identifying the promoters. Are they real?  I tried to google the names of promoters Julian Sherman and Mathieu. To my surprise, I could find a single website associated with their names. If they are real people, there must be website ranking very high.

Now if you search for the names Kyle and Carson, you will find the difference immediately.

Bottom Line:

Nothing comes free. Selling something online is not a crime. But if but something which is not worth its claimed value, this may be referred to as a Scam.

A better way to make money Online:

I have quoted Kyle and Carson above. They are the promoters of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is my Recommended # 1 program.  and here are few reasons to Join

  1. It’s Free to get started. No credit card is required for Joining.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the no Obligation Training. You can become a premium member. The Premium Membership costs you $19 only for the first month and  $49/month each month thereafter.
  3.  NO upsells
  4. You are not required to promote wealthy affiliate for earning. Rather you will be taught to successfully promote any affiliate program, on the earth through your won website. Hence you have the total control over the system.
  5. Wealthy affiliate won’t provide you with ready-made websites or sales funnel but they will impart the skill set to become a successful online entrepreneur.

In case you like to have any information regarding Global Affiliate Zone or wealthy Affiliate, Please leavc a comment below

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