Impact Mailing Club has recently created lot of waves on Social Media and YouTube with their big claims. Their Facebook group has managed to get more than 4500 fans even before the official launch of their website.  Impact mailing club claim that you can make $500 to $1000 per week simply by mailing out letters and Postcards. Can you really money with Impact Mailing Club? Is Impact mailing Club a Scam?

I am going to share all the available details transparently without holding back any information so that you can decide if the program is worth joining after reading the complete review.

In last few years , I have dealt with a lot of online scams and websites with fake promises to newbies that they can make a lot of money by doing nothing online. I will warn you not to join any such program. If making money is possible without doing any work then you would not have been seeing all those websites . Even all those scammers promising you money without doing anything are putting lot of efforts in building those scam websites and promoting them to make money.

Quick Report- ​Impact Mailing Club Review

  • Product Name:Impact Mailing Club
  • Web Site: Click Here
  • Owner: Rose Alameda (Supposedly)
  • Price: $100 to $2000

Over All Rating :



​The claims made by the Owners of the system sounds ridiculous. They claim that you can make $200 to $2000 per week without any experience and without Possessing any skills just by posting letters. ​

​The impact mailing club make lot of promises and I am going to reveal the actual truth in this detailed Impact mailing club review. After reading the complete review You can decide if you can make any money with this kind of Ponzi schemes.

​In ​case you are interested to be a part of direct mailing program, you may continue to read the complete review. At the end of review You will be able to decide if the Impact mailing club a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity.

In case you are fed up with the Scams review and looking for a legitimate money making Opportunity, You can Join my highly recommended online training for your financial Freedom.

What is Impact Mailing Club?


Impact mailing Club is a direct mailing system for making money. It is supposedly crated by Rose Alameda. In case you visit their Facebook group you will find that there are five administrators. So they may be associated with the system in a big way.

When you try to find more information about Rose Alameda, you would be able to find much information there, That would just lead you to believe that she is using a fake identity for promoting this offline mailing letters program available in United states and Canad.

No successful business person in the world would used a fake identity for promoting their business unless it is a Scam. This immediately raises a red flag.

Impact mailing club came into limelight in Social media in the middle of 2019. As per the Whois-lookup details the domain name of the website was registered on 28th June 2019. But till date (at the time of writing this article) , they have not provided any details on the website except a ling to Join their private Facebook group. I am writing this review based  based on the information provided by an insider.

Impact Mailing Club Working Explained ?

As per the claims made by the owners of Impact Mailing Club, you do not require any special skills or prior experience for making money with the system.  I have seen many online programs and MLM making similar claims but once you Join them, you would come across the hidden truth. Most of these companies charge lot of money for providing the training material included in the welcome Kit.

The cost of joining the program is somewhere between $100 to $2000 depending upon the four different subscription Level. The four Levels are as mentioned below.

​Levels ->





​​​​Joining Fee










​Direct Commission





​Tier 2 Commission






The above mentioned cost is the cost of Joining the Impact mailing club and it does not include the operational expenses like cost of printing, postage cost and cost of local travel.

Once you buy the subscription , you become a reseller. Now You get the package and leads. You post the letter to the leads

I would like to explain the expenses required  with an example. Lets assume you join at Ruby Level where you get 200 Leads. Hence you would be required to take print out of 200 nos 3 page letter i.e 600 pages in total. Apart for that you will have to buy 200 Envelops and 200 Postal Stamps.

I presume that  you may already own a printer and you would only need paper, printer cartridges and of course some expenses on electricity consumption.

In case you don't have your own printer, you may be spending close to $250 on printing 200 Letters and say another $250 on posting these letters.

After posting the letters you keep your fingers crossed and hope that recipient of letters will buy the membership and   send you the money. Once they join the Impact mail club, you earn a commission.The buyers would then repeat the process.

Does it remind you of an MLM.? Yes, Impact mailing club is a Ponzi Multi level marketing Scheme.

The conversion rate for this type schemes is very low, much lower than even product based MLM if you leave apart other legitimate affiliate programs. I doubt if more than 2% of the recipients even read your letter and show any interest. All those who read the letters may not necessarily buy the membership. In my opinion the conversion may be less than 1/2%.  It is extremely difficult to assume that a stranger would send you some money upon receipt of a letter. At least I would not do this. What about you?

As you can see, the program is like every other Ponzi scheme out there. The only difference between Impact Mailing Club and most of Ponzi schemes I have reviewed on my website is that this one is done mostly offline.

 Impact Mailing Club Pros:

Impact Mailing Club is a Ponzi scheme and there is nothing to like about it.

I am running this blog to save the newbies from the online Scams and I never promote such schemes which are not legitimate.

Impact Mailing Club Cons:

There are lot of red Flags which would prevent you from joining Impact mailing club.

Only membership based- No real Product:

Impact Mailing club is Ponzi scheme selling the membership and paying you commission. There is no real product involved. Such schemes can any time come under legal scanner and may be banned.

Fake Owner:

It seems that the real owners are hiding behind the curtain and do not want to associate themselves with this Ponzi Scam. Rose Alameda is probably hired to promote the scheme. I have reviewed many scams like​ 22 minute to Profit, 100K Shout Out and FreeDom Cash System Review where owners had hired the actors from Fiverr to be the spokesperson of the Program. This does not seem different either.

No Information on website:

Though Impact mailing club has a website but that is being used to divert the visitors to their Face Book group. They have not shared any information about the program on their website. Even the Facebook page is very conservative and they would allow you to be a part of the group after seeing your profile on the Face Book. 

Bottom line - Is Impact Mailing Club a Scam?

I feel by now you might have realized that Impact mailing club is nothing less than a Scam. They are just recruiting members for some money and use part of it to pay commissions. They won't let you know before joining that you are being involved in an illegitimate Ponzi Scheme.   I will advise you to stay away from this scam.

Arun Affiliate Marketer

​Is There An Alternative Available?


One Question Commonly asked by my readers is: How do I make money Online working from Home?

Making money online is not much different from making money from any other business. Of course you get more freedom and can spend much time with your family.

Like any other business , you need to offer some product or services for making money. Incidently many people do not have their own product to offer online.

If you fall into this category, do not worry as I also do not own any product and offer services in the Form of recommending Products created by others. This is known as affiliate marketing.

Many people are making money by recommending products being sold on Amazon , eBay or other market networks.

I started online after being laid off from my Job at the age of 51. After much struggle, I got introduced to a step by step training in affiliate marketing and that changed my whole life.

Though It was not easy but my hard work and consistency paid off. There are millions of others like me who are making 6 figure income with the same training.

You can also make money online, However it requires work and commitment. If you ​are ready to do some hard work and can  put minimum ​12 to 14 hours a week, You can succeed online and can achieve financial Freedom.

​I Hope I have been able to save you from ​falling into a trap and have saved your time and money. In case you need more information on making money online, Do not hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below in comment section. I will try to get back at the earliest possible.

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