Is Offernation a Scam ?

You have landed on the right page if you are searching for more information about Offer Nation.

You might have come across certain advertisement making huge  claims about how they are making money with Offer Nation and decided to do your own research before investing your time and Money.

Over the last few Years, I have reviewed hundreds of program and have helped thousands of people avoid online Scams and join a legitimate program for making money.

Is OfferNation a Scam or Legitimate money making Opportunity ?

In this review, I will show you everything you should know about OfferNation so that after reading the OfferNation Review you can make an informed derision if you should join it.

Offernation - Quick Review 

Name: OfferNation
Website: Click Here
Owner: NA
Price: Free to Join




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

Offer Nation is an online platform that offers you an opportunity for making money online by taking surveys, Watching Videos and clicking on Solo Ads.

I have already reviewed few survey based money making opportunities like, Dollar True and Zone Cash Review etc.

Some of these opportunities were found to be Scams whereas some others were not Scams but not recommended.

You can make some money may be to the tune of few dollars by taking surveys but you can not make a fortune out of it.

There is no doubt that you can make money with OfferNation but the Opportunity is not for every One.

Continue to read my review to find out What I meant by that but in Case you are Serious about making money, You may click the button below to check the Opportunity that has helped me in making $10,000 or more every month Last Year.

What is OfferNation ?

Offernation is a website where you can make money in your spare time or working from Home.

These type of site are known as "Get Paid To" or GPT websites where you make money by doing certain tasks like Taking Surveys, Playing & testing Games or Participating in Cash Contests.

As per the claims made on their website, Offernation have till date paid more than $800,000 in cash.


Have a look at one more Image


Let's not challenge the claims made by the organization.

In more than 7 years they have paid about $800,000,. That comes around $300 per day to all the members.

How much money would each member be making per day ? if they have 1000's of subscriber. It would less than half a dollar.

If you are looking forward to making $1 or less per day, you may join OfferNation and waste your time or You may check other legitimate Opportunity for making money online.

How Does OfferNation Works ?

Offernation is very much similar to other survey websites. You will have to follow a Simple 3 step process for getting started as described below.

Step 1 - Register with Offernation :

Unlike Other GPT websites, which restrict the membership to only some Countries, Offernation offer its subscription to the people across the Globe.

You will have to fill the basic information like name , Email, Address and Payment account Details i.e PayPal or CoinBase or Skrill.


Step - 2  Complete Tasks for making Money

After signing up, you can start taking surveys for making money online.

Most of these survey companies screen your credentials before allowing you to participate in their surveys.

The Screening process is normally part of surveys only.

 It may happen that after spending lot of time and filling so much information, you are not allowed to participate in the survey due to geographical or other conditions set by company.


Step 3 - Redeem Your Rewards :

you will rewards for every completed tasks. You can exchange these rewards points with money after reaching the thresh hold limit. 

The thresh hold limit is very less but still it may take months to reach the limit before you could withdraw this amount.

How Can You make Money With OfferNation :

There are Various options available. Most prominent one is the Paid surveys. 

                 1. Paid Surveys :

There are different type of surveys available on Offernation.

  • Daily Paid Surveys: These surveys pay more than the threshold limit so hat you get paid same day.
  • Tap Paid Surveys : You can take as many as possible surveys in one day without any restriction. The payout is generally less than Daily paid surveys.
  • Revenue Survey Wall : These are kind of surveys where chance of getting acceptance is more but payout is very less.
  • Live Paid Surveys : This is another website offering surveys and they have joined hands with Offernation for providing more surveys to its members.

                 2. Offer Walls :

Here you will find different type of tasks which you can complete for making money online. These tasks include

  • Watching Videos
  • Playing Games
  • Clicking on Ads
  • Visiting Websites

             3. Offernation Referral Program

You can make money by referring your friends to Offernation.

Upon joining the platform, you will be given a unique link which you can share with your friends or on social media.

When someone join through your link and start making money, you get paid upto 25% of their income.

How Offernation get Money to Pay You ?

Many organizations conduct market surveys to collect information about the target markets, competitors, customer loyalty, and awareness.

To achieve this objective they approach third party GPT companies like OfferNation.

OfferNation might be charging a hectic amount for its services and paying a  very small %age of it to the actual people participating in Surveys.

Who Should Join Offernation ?

  • People Looking For making some additional Money along with their regular Job
  • Students Looking to earn Pocket Money
  • People who can spend their spare time without making huge amount

Who Should Avoid OfferNation ?

  • People Looking forward to Full Time online Income
  • People who want to become successful online Entrepreneur  and establish Own Brand
  • People who do not want to waste their precous time for few dollars.

OfferNation Pros :

  1. Easy to get Started.
  2. No Prior Skills Required.
  3. You can make real money online, though it my not be sufficient.
  4. Multiple ways of Money Withdrawal.
  5. Very Less Threshold.
  6. Available in almost All the Countries.
  7. Not a Scam

OfferNation Cons :

  1. Low Income Potential
  2. You may not be eligible for all the surveys.
  3. Very Less offers.
  4. You may not find new offers so often.

Bottom Line : Is Offernation a Scam:

No Offernation is not a Scam and you can make money with Offernation.

But is Offernation worth your time and efforts?

You may not make a full-time income with Offernation.

You can make $.5 to $1 for most of the surveys and tasks that take almost an hour to complete. I know your time is much more valuable.

More often than not, you may not be allowed to participate in surveys after spending lot of time on Screening process.

There are other legitimate options available for making money online. I started affiliate marketing few years back and now I am making more than $10000 per month.

It was not easy to start with and I had to learn the skills but Now I can tell my decision has yielded the results.

In case you are also looking for a full time income to support your family, you can join my recommended training program and learn affiliate marketing to make a similar kind of money in few months from Now.

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