ORU marketplace is getting lot of attention these days. Networkers are promoting ORU marketplace as if nothing great has happened before this program.

Therefore I decided to gather all the information about this opportunity before writing this ORU marketplace review.

I appreciate that You have decided to do proper research before joining ORU. The detailed review will definitely help you in finding the answers to most of the questions.  Is ORU marketplace a Scam?  the Complete review to decide.

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ORU Marketplace Review -Summary

Name: ORU Marketplace
Website: Click Here
Price: $5.95 monthly




Arun Affiliate Marketer

Author: Arun

ORU is an abbreviation for One Race United.

The Japanese meaning of ORU is weaving. The owner of ORU marketplace have used this word to weave or unite the people to sell their products via Network marketing Route. 

ORU stands for one in Malayalam and Tamil which are more than 2000 years old languages.

Nick VandenBrekel is the architect behind One Race United. He is a programmer and Network designer, who has vast knowledge in financial field.

Unlike other typical MLM Schemes ORU does not sell the herbal products or juices .

In general I do not recommend  MLM or network companies mainly those without any physical product.

Despite the denials by the company, ORU marketplace is an MLM scheme and by the end of this review, you will be able to find if it delivers 

What is ORU MarketPlace?

ORU stands for One Race United. In Japanese ORU means "Weaving" where as in Tamil Language ORU means "One"

The owners of ORU have cleverly used this acronym for both the meanings. The weaving means recruiting them in one network chain by building Stronger relationship and communities.

The twenty first Letter of Greek Alphabet Phi is also ORU symbol which signifies that all the things are synchronized  in perfect harmony and unity.

If you try to find out where ORU based out at, you may come across the following information.


 You will also find something mentioned about the Aztec Limited company on their website but when you visit the companies website, you’ll just find a login form for the members.

When I checked the facebook page of ORU, I could gather that ORU is global platform for social sharing and payments for buying, selling and trading transactions etc which gives back upto 50% of all income back to its members on weekly basis.

Where ORU Marketplace is Located:

As per the information available with me, The corporate office of ORU Marketplace is located in Florida in the United States.

On the FAQ page they have mentioned  that  ORU is a global cloud based network and operates from the secured data centres located at various locations  across the world. These data centers are designed with proper redundancy so that uninterrupted services maintained during some failures as well.

The access to the data centers is provided to only authorized employees. The process for the approval of such application is thoroughly laid  and followed very strictly. Every individual employee can access the privileges in the approved area and access is removed once the request time for such access has expired.

How Does ORU Marketplace Work?

ORU marketplace offer international opportunity for for one-stop global sharing to the people across the world. They offer various opportunities in travel, healthcare, Social Sharing , trade and financial Support.

ORU marketplace App is designed for making money on the smartphones running on Android and IOS platforms.

The Software allows you to sell and advertise your products to global network of buyers. Every member can list the business and sell services or the products on the marketplace.  

The company pays the participation reward on every friday to its members for using the software. The inbuilt payment processor  ORUPAY can be used to send reward money to other members joining your network.

As per the claims made on the website ORU is perhaps the world's first Reciprocal Economy Platform which connects people with people for benefits.

  • Savings on all Your Travel Using ORU travel Software.
  • The people staying in USA can save upto 50% on all prescription at over 60,000 pharmacies.
  • ORU saving Centre Software allows you to save on daily Grocery Items.
  • You can use the Audio and video conferencing Software for delivering webinars your business.
  •   Business owners can promote their business with revolutionary advertising and content sharing Platform. 

How Much Does ORU Costs:

The ORU lite subscription is free but comes with very limited functionalities. The premium subscription of ORU at $5.95 per month is very much affordable.

All the Premium subscribers get the benefits of ORUTRAVEL, ORU HealthRX, ORU Savings Center and ORU Communications.

Besides above benefits, all  the premium members can participate in ORUScore for acknowledging the participation of members. 

Transaction Fees Explained:

  • There is no Transaction Fee while transferring money between memebrs
  • Cash withdrawal at ATM's in USA will be charges at $1.95 per transaction plus the ATM operator Charges whereas outside USA every transaction would cost you  $2.5 plus 3% transaction charges. 
  • If an ATM decline your card, you will be charged a declining fee of $.5 per declined transaction. Similarly you will be charged a declining fee of $.5 for every decligned transaction at bank.
  • $,5 would be charged on Signature purchase transaction outside USA whereas a transcation fee of $.59 will be levied for a debit purchase outside USA
  • ACH direct debit and ACH bank transfer fee is $.5. However ACH stops, reversals and returns etc would attract a transaction Fee of $5.
  • You can fund your card though Paypal/debit or Credit card.

How Much money can you make with ORU marketplace?

ORU marketplace offer you various options for making money as mentioned below:

  • You can sell your products or services to other members by listing them on the platform. 
  • You can list your business or store on ORU market so that members can take advantage of the products or business opportunity being offered by you.
  • The platform can also be used for promoting various products by using advertising participation Rewards.
  • You can money by recruiting more members. ORU marketplace pays $10 per direct personal affiliate recruit and $1 atg second level for the affiliates recruited by your direct referalls.
  • The residual income is paid upto 10th level of Joining

Is ORU Marketplace an MLM?

ORU tries very hard to believe you that ORU marketplace is not an MNL or network marketing company. The company informs that their program is a subscription based program just like Netflix,  Amazon Prime, AARP and many other.

They say though new members can join the ORU marketplace on being recommended other members, it is not compulsory for any one to promote ORU membership and recruit member. New members can keep on enjoying other benefits of the membership like selling products and services or promoting your business.

Despite these denials, ORU marketplace is an MLM. They have  a compensation plan which pays upto a certain level. Since they do not have any physical product, such MLM schemes can be compared with the Ponzi MLM schemes being run in the name of Network marketing.

 Bottom Line - Is ORU Marketplace a Scam

Though ORU marketplace sells its membership through Network marketing route and have signs of Ponzi Scheme, It actually is not.

ORU Marketplace is a legitimate company that offers you a marketplace along with SaaS. The company offers a platform to sell and promote your business and make money in the form of rewards every week.

You will earn a commission when some of your friend become a premium member of the company.

But You should be careful while buying something on the marketplace. Most of the offers are not legitimate and  transactions are non refundable. Once you make the payment to the sellers, there's no way to get the refund.

The company is new and to find a way to remain in the market, the company will have to devise a way to ensure that only genuine products and offers are being sold on the market place.

The company is allowing to promote the shaddy offers does not auger well for the company and if it continues for a longer period, the company may lose its legitimacy.

I am not a premium member of ORU marketplace and do not promote it. I have tried to write a very transparent review researching all the facts carefully to the best of my knowledge.

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