The Owner of the Profit accumulator claims that you can make a lot of money with Matched Betting by using his System. In this review We are going to discuss about the Matched betting using Profit Accumulator. 

In case you are new to matched betting, you may not be aware of the fact that Bookmakers offer huge money as an incentive  to attract new customers and to keep them betting

.Profit Accumulator helps you to exploit these offers by placing the required MATCHED AND LAY bets and cashing out the bonuses.

The income earned varies widely, depending on the individual's circumstances. The main factor is how much time you can dedicate to it.  You can make up to  £1,000 per month or more using Profit Accumulator depending upon the time you can spend.

Profit Accumulator Review

Name: Profit Accumulator
Website: Click Here
Owner: Sam Stoffel
Price: Free Trial and  £17.99 /per month

Domain: Matched Betting


Summary  : Is Profit Accumulator a Scam

Profit Accumulator is not a Scam and helping the betters earn money online with Matched Bet.

Profit Accumulator is one of the biggest company in this domain and a good option for all those who want to make money with Gambling niche.

 What Is Profit Accumulator?


As claimed on their sales page, Profit Accumulator is the biggest Matched betting community in the UK. It was launched in the year 2014 and has its headquarters located at London and Nottingham.

Since its launch, they have acquired more than 340,000 members who are making money with the Profit Accumulator.

Profit Accumulator is a platform created for offering online betting services. They teach their members the complete concept of risk free betting to enable them make money online through matched betting.

They provide their members with various tools and offers to get started.

Before we discuss further about the Platform , you must know the difference between matched betting and Lay Betting and how to use them for exploiting free offers and making money online.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting may be best explained as a system of betting where the bet is placed on the both the outcomes. Since the bet is placed on both the outcomes, you can not loose. The bookies offer money for matched betting as a sign up bonus. Matched betting still work in UK in 2021.

Generally Matched betting is considered as safe and without risk, if done properly.

Matched betting involves a couple of bets to trigger free offers.

Let us suppose a broker is giving away £10 if you bet £10 on Football. Let there be two teams playing Football and You Place a back bet of £10 on Team A to win and then you place a Lay bet of £10 in betting Exchange for Team 'B' to win i.e for opposite result. Regardless of whether 'A  wins or 'B' Wins, you have got your money back and also have won £10 bonus given by broker. You can repeat the process of Matched betting to win as much as you want.

What is Lay Betting?


Lay betting can be placed on betting exchanges like Betfair. Here instead of backing a bet, you offer odds to sell. This is a part of Matched betting techniques used by punters to make money online.

Let's repeat the example above and suppose you have already placed a bet for 'A' to win and now you want to cover your losses and also win the bonus offered by the broker.

Now you would place a bet in an exchange like Betfair and lay team 'A' i.e you place a bet stating that any other team can win but not 'A'.

Instead of Backing Team 'A, you lay team 'A'

Training offered by Profit Accumulator:

Once you become a member of Profit Accumulator you have access to the Matched betting Basic training. The tutorial have a series of training videos that you can watch to learn the whole process of Matched betting

It is recommended that you must watch these training videos before actually getting started with betting so that you know the terms and how to find the closed matched betting.

In case you do not prefer videos , you can access the written material available on the site to get accustomed to the betting procedure.

How Profit Accumulator works:

Profit Accumulator works on the basis of matched betting i.e placing various betting by finding the matching odds on reverse outcomes to avoid the risk and win incentives offered by the brokers.

Profit Accumulator will help you cover all the outcome of the Game to ensure your win irrespective of the Outcome of the Game.

You are not placing the bet on the reverse outcome for making money but rather winning incentives and Free bet.

The common believe is that incentives are only available for the registration offers and you may not be able to make money once you have registered with the bookmakers, this is not true.

Sam Stoffel informs that you can make a  lot of money each month through the reload offers offered by the bookmakers from time to time. Profit Accumulator have appointed sufficient dedicated staff for the purpose of finding thgese profit making opportunities.

In addition to these reload offers, You will also come across  many other attractive and profitable offers like casino offers and bingo offers. There are two different threads i.e  £ 300 and £ 1,000 threads and they are updated daily. They have the lists of all the deals of the day that would earn you a monthly profit of at least £ 300 or £ 1,000 respectively.

 Before we further dig into the subject with real time example , we need to discuss about the free Odds-matching Software Provided by Profit Accumulator

The Role of  Oddsmatcher:

Oddsmatcher is the Odds matching software is provided to the members and have the features to help the betters to find the bets base on Mathematical calculations and prevent them from placing the random bets.

The tool will save you from the tedious exercise of searching all the odds manually on Bookmakers Website. You just have to select the bookmaker in the odds table and place your bet.

Real Time Scenario:

Suppose you come across an offer by Coral that they are giving away £ 20 to the new Customers and to qualify for the bonus you have to place a bet worth £5.

You will now have to open an account with Coral and deposit £5 using your debit card.

Once account is opened and Active , you have to follow the following 3 steps:

1. Find the Bet


You will have to match the odds on Coral for back bet with the Lay bet on the betting Exchange say Betfair.

In case you find Japan at the odds of 1.04 on Coral , you would want them to be closer on Betfair also i.e 1.04 or 1.05 may be. You can find these odds using Oddsmatching Software as described above. Once you select the Coral from drop down and press search, the software will automatically find all the odds and display in the form of a list with date, time and ratings. I would advise you to place bet with a rating above 95.

You can put the filter for higher odds but you must keep it in mind that higher the odds, you will have to keep more money in Betfair.

2. Calculate Your Bet:

You can use the simple calculator provided with the system tom calculate your Bet.


On the top of calculator, you must select Bet type as Normal and Mode as Simple. Now you have to enter the amount of bet you have placed on Coral as Bookmakers Stake. Then you need to Enter the Back bet and lay Bet odds from the Oddsmatcher Software to get the following result.

The results indicate that your lay stake will be £5.25. This is the money , you will need to lay at Betfair.

The lay stake will change if you change the Odds.

The liability is the money. yoi should have in your Betfair account for placing this bet. For higher odds, this liability will be Higher and you will have to keep more money in your Bet-fair Account.

3. Place the Bet:

Once you have done the research work , you can place the £5 bet on Coral and £5.25 Betfare. By placing these best you have unlocked your incentives of £20 being offered by Coral.

Apart from the OddsMatcher and Calculator , you will have more tools to make your betting safe and risk free. These are

  1. Match Cather: Provide you the recent ratings for Horse Racing and Special Offers.
  2. Accumulator Software: Helps you make profit with Accumulators.
  3. Profit Trackers: Tracks your bets and Profits.

Profit Accumulator Betting Forum:

In side the forum , you will receive a lot of help. You will have the opportunity to interact with bettors with different levels of experience, moderators, and staff willing to help you succeed in Betting industry and make money online.

You will also be able to share your own experiences on 24X7 basis.

 Profit Accumulator Pros:

Tools and Training:

You will have access to the step by step training on how to use the system for placing Matching Bets. The actual training will impart enough knowledge to get started and make money online with betting.

Money Back Guarantee:

Profit Accumulator offers a 30 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the Program.

Customer Support Service:

The Customer Support is excellent and staff would be available any time to answer your queries. They provide support over phone or through emails.

Profit Accumulator Cons:

Betting can not be risk free. There is always a chance to lose money. I will not advise you to get involved with the betting without following training provided by Profit Accumulator.

There are chances of being addicted to Matched Betting and you may lose some money, if you are the following the instructions properly.

In general, Matched betting is a risk  free option but people after making some money start playing irresponsibly and that led to losing money and the the person losing the money would try to gamble more thinking that he would recover his losses and win back the lost money but it never happens.

The addiction will get the person into a vicious circle with an increased craving for Gambling and the ability to resist would drop.

I would rightly advise you to bet responsibly following the training and don't bet for huge money at once. 

Bottom Line :

Proift Accumlator is not a scam. Though it seems to be a risk free option but betting can never be supposed to be without any risk.

Though company claim that Matched Betting is risk Free, You can not avoid the risk of being addicted to gambling and start losing money.

How much money can you make with Profit Accumulator, will largely depend on how much time you can spend. You can easily add few hundred pounds to your monthly income and even 1000. 

As far I am concerned , I rarely advise someone to get involved with betting or Gambling but Profit Accumulator is really amazing and may be one of the best income building opportunities using matched betting.

Though Profit accumulator is very safe ad risk free, there are other alternatives available for all those who do not like to make money by betting.

There are few more better opportunities available to make money online with almost no risks. Being an Affiliate Marketer myself and making 6 figure regular income, I would recommend you to start affiliate marketing.

I hope you liked this Profit Accumulator review. If you have any questions or comments, I advise you to leave them in comment Section. I would definitely get back at earliest possible.

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