Is a Scam?

With unemployment on the rise, it is impossible to ignore any opportunity to find employment. Anyone desperately searching for money-making opportunity online is a soft target for scammers too. 

These scammers would know that you are searching for a job in open market and you may observe a lot of pop ads while surfing.

One of the main use of the Internet is searching for an online job. People tend to search and apply for available positions online using special platforms such as

So what is this Is a scam or legit? we will try to review and find an answer.


This is one of those companies providing jobs online and has come under the scanner of late. You can find mixed reviews online. was founded by Shawn Boyer in the year 2000 and its headquarter is in ‎Inns brook, Virginia, United States. is an hourly marketplace where Employers can post a job to hire workers on an hourly basis.

By now has more than 80 million register workers and 300,000 employers’ locations.

They use peoplematter, all-in-one software for sourcing, tracking and employee scheduling.

How does work? on the face look like another job portal or online job search website built with the aim to connect employers, recruiting agents and job seekers. It seems to provide following functionalities

  • An employer can post the job ads for a vacant position for a listing fee. They get volume discount for posting more than one job.
  • They have to pay USD 89 for one posting for one location and then for further posting they get the discount.
  • If they want to post jobs for more than one location, each location will cost them USD 39.
  • An employer can share the job postings with other job listing site by paying $10 extra.
  • Job seeker can create a profile and apply for the suitable job.
  • Job Seekers can search
  • Recruiting agents can search for employers and job seekers.
  • An employer can search through the database and contact perspective employee directly.
    • Hourly jobs.
    • Part-time jobs.
    • Full-Time Jobs.
    • Summer Jobs.
    • Entry level jobs.
    • Weekend jobs etc.

Job Seeker’s search can be more specific to Industries, categories and Locations.

Whom is meant for?

The platform is designed to help both employees and employers searching for prospects within the United States. The platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and may not be free from scams as it may not always be possible for them to scrutinize all the job listings.

is a Scam, before we conclude, you would like to read all Pros and cons about

Pros: What I Like about them?

· They do not charge job seekers for registering with them and availing the services.

· Most of the Jobs I scanned on their platforms are Legit.

· They charge a very nominal fee from the employer and keep their job posted for 90 days.

· Website is very user-friendly and searches can be customized as per requirement.

· Platform has helped many job seekers to get the Jobs.

It can not be possible to get so many awards without reason.

Some recent award they have got are:

Corporate Awards:

  • Fortune Magazine: Great Places to Work awarded by Fortune Magazine. They got this award for 8 continuous years.
  • Great Places to Work award by Washingtonian Magazine
  • Arlington Best Business 2016
  • Best Company for Young Professionals: HYPE

Product Awards:

· Top ATS Software 2017 (Jobs2Careers)

· Top 20 Most Promising HR tech Solutions: CIO Review Magazine.

Cons: Some common Complaints:

After examining and analyzing various resources, I found that most of the people have the same type of complaints.

Some of these are:

  • · After registering with them and sharing the details, people found an increase in SPAM emails from various sources. There is a feeling that website is selling their personal information to third-party vendors. This information is being used for spamming in the form of emails or Telemarketing calls.
  • People have found that some job listings are outdated or scam like the paid survey or other work from home job scam while some other Jobs were non-existent.
  • Job seekers have applied for many kinds of Jobs and due to the exorbitant number of applications; many applicants don’t get the chance to get recruited.
  • But with so many employers and job seekers on board, it is really a difficult task to scrutinize each and every recruiting source.

Moreover, due to increased employment, Number of Job seekers searching and applying for any job has increased tremendously and it is beyond their control to offer any limitation on the number of application.

Mixed Opinion-What People say about

You may find lots of negative and positive review about any such organization. Many users are disturbed as instead of getting a job they are receiving unwanted emails or Phone calls. Many users who have got legit jobs opportunity and got recruited are completely satisfied with them and have lots of praise for the platform.

It is not right for you to stay away and miss the opportunity of being recruited by availing their free.  But you should not entirely be dependent on  for finding the job but take it a tactical gambit. You are advised not to share your personal details there but use the platform to browse the available Jobs and apply directly to the companies.

In my opinion, you must search for the suitable opportunity matching your profile, experience and requirement and research about the company your self, you will have the better chance of getting a legit job. Rather than applying directly through, you may approach the employer directly who have posted the Jobs. This may not be possible for each company as many companies who have availed the paid services may like to invite applications through these portals only.

Conclusion may have some problems but their responses on various platforms suggest that they are trying to sort out the problems. I have seen them providing the resolutions to the complainant in many cases.

Overall, I have observed the mixed reviews, cannot be simply termed as a Scam as they have helped job seekers to find the jobs. The only caution is the demand of time.

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