You might be planning to Join Social Sales Rep as a remote Worker to make some money online using your Social Media Accounts.

As you know, there are many Scams out there; it is always better to do proper research before Joining any Platform.

It is not always just the money that is at Stake but also your online reputation. You would not like to get associated with a scam and damage your online reputation.

In my Social Sales Rep transparent review, I will discuss how it works and if you can make any money with Social Sales Rep.

I will share the Pros and Cons of Social Sales Rep and leave it up to you to decide if Social Sales Rep is a Scam or a Legitimate online money-making Opportunity.

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Social Sale Rep Review - Quick REPORT

  • Product Name:Social Sales Rep
  • Web Site:  Click Here
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: $27



Social Sale Rep Review - Summary

Social Sales Rep is a legitimate program that can be used to make money online. In addition, they Provide some fundamental tools and training.

You can make money with Social Sales Rep if you have a good number of followers on Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.,

As the Social Sales Rep does not go beyond Social Media Platforms, it provides minimal options.

Moreover, I could not find any information about the program owner, which created some doubts in my mind.

In a nutshell, an excellent program to make some money online but not as good as my recommended program to lead you to make 6 figure income..

Would you please continue to read the complete review to know all the program's pros and cons before joining it?

What is Social Sales Rep?

Social Sales Rep is a sort of Affiliate Network acting as an intermediate between the Product creators (Employers) and Remote Workers (Affiliates).

However, the name Social Sales Rep gives a false indication of it being a Freelancing portal and providing Social Media Jobs. You will not find any such Job here.

In case You are looking to work as a Free Lancer, You may better join Fiverr or Upwork.

Social Sales Rep offers the product creators an opportunity to promote their product by paying a commission to the remote workers.

On the other hand, if you Join the Platform as a remote worker, you get some training to promote the products on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Social Sales Rep will connect you with the companies looking forward to promoting their product and provide you an opportunity to make money.

The website claims that you will have access to innovative software to help you succeed and inbuilt virality after joining the network. As a result, your promotions go viral, and you make money very fast.

The site does not look like a typical Scam, but these kinds of claims are definitely over-hyped. 

Though tools like Social Captain grow Instagram followers, they do not claim that your product will go viral instantaneously.

Being an affiliate marketer myself, I feel legitimate companies must avoid such marketing gimmicks as they raise red flags on their legitimacy.

As many other big platforms like Jvzoo and ClickBank are absolutely free to Join, You may not like to invest $27 for being an affiliate.

Social Sales Rep may be charging one time Fee for the training, but it has to be seen if this training is worth money?

Before you decide to join, let me explain How the complete process works? And how much money you can make with social sales Rep. I will also share the Pros and Cons.


How Social Sale Rep Works?

You can join Social Sales Rep by registering at their website and making a payment of $27. 

I had joined the program as I wanted to review it thoroughly before giving my recommendations. I wanted to check what is included for $27.

Immediately upon joining, I came across an upgrade for $37. It is known as video Rebrander.

Video Rebrander is a software to create a video for each product you promote.

I already have two great Video-maker, invedio and explaindio.

Invedio is an excellent tool for converting your blogs to videos with a text-to-speech facility. In contrast, explaindio can be used to create whiteboard animations.

So I ignored this upgrade and decided to proceed to the Dash Board to check further Details.

To work with Social Sales Rep as a remote worker, you must follow the steps given below.
  1. Join ClickBank and Create your Affiliate ID.
  2. Go to Social Sales rep Market place and find the product or niche you want to promote. You will find the products in various categories like Health, travel or SEO, etc. You can select one or more products of your liking.
  3. Once you have selected the product, you will have an eBook with your affiliate links embedded.
  4. You will promote the Free eBook on Social Media, and people will download the same.
  5. When someone click the link given in the eBook to purchase the product, you will make commission.

Affiliate  marketing generally works in the same fashion, except social media is just one way to promote the product.

If you promote the affiliate links vigorously, your social media account may be banned.

There are other ways around building a successful affiliate marketing business and start making 6 figure income

If you are interested in creating a permanent stream of money, you can check out the most  recommended training program.

Is Social Sales Rep A scam?

Though Social Sales Rep teaches you very little about affiliate marketing, It is not a scam. Social Sales Rep can be used for making money online.

I recommend using Social Sales Rep for making money. You can Join Social Sales Rep by clicking the button below and get an advantage limited-time promotional offer.

For example, you may get a discount of $10. Thereby, you can get started by investing $17 only.

Social Sales Rep Pros:

  1. You can join the Social Sales Rep by making a one-time small payment. There are upgrades available but you can wait till you start making money.
  2. Real Work and Real Money: You shall be promoting various genuine products as an affiliate marketer. You are getting a real money-making opportunity. Social sales Rep is different from  Scams like Quantum Ad Code, Finish Line Network or Inbox Income reviewed by me.  Affiliate marketing is a Legitimate money-making opportunity. Once you have learned the techniques you can scale up your business to any level.
  3. The Platform offers training to promote the products. The training, however, touches only one aspect of the affiliate marketing i.e social media marketing. That may not help you to earn 6 figure income but still, you can make sufficient income.
  4. Social Sales rep comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

Social Sales Rep Cons:

No Information about the Owner:

I don't like the idea of owners of the platform hiding behind the curtain. This creates some doubts in mind. I have already reviewed some of the programs without the owner's identity, and they were scams.

Though I do not categorize Social Sales Rep as Scam due to the opportunity it provides. I personally feel that owners should never hide their identity unless and until they have been involved in some other Scams.

Limited ClickBank Products:

You would like to learn the affiliate marketing techniques extensively so that you can promote products from any platform and category.

There are an unlimited number of products available on ClickBank and can be promoted by you directly but Social Sales Rep has selected a very limited number of Products.

There may be some reasons behind as all the products on the ClickBank may not be free of Scams and also Social Sales Rep owners cannot create an eBook for each and every product.

Having said that, I am following extensive training which has not restricted me to promote the products only selected by them but have trained me to promote any product from any affiliate marketing network.

Fake Scarcity:

I don't like the idea to create Scarcity for a legitimate product. Rather I would like them to give some time to evaluate the product before making payment.

A lot of emails for bad offers:

When you join any affiliate Platform, you do not like your inbox to be bombarded with emails for Poor offers. So at least there may be an option to filter the emails or completely stop receiving emails in the member area.

I have joined many other affiliate programs, But I just filter the information to be received in my inbox. I only select information about a change in Platform and new Sales.

But I Could not find such an option there. On the first day of my joining, I started receiving emails for other affiliate products. Some could be identified as Scams or products of poor quality.

Not Suitable for Newbies:

When you are just starting with Affiliate marketing, You need a step by step training to succeed.

At first, when you Join Social Sales rep, you may feel that it is the easiest thing to do. You would think that you will get unlimited customers by sharing the links on Social media platforms.

However, this is not the case.

There are thousands of marketers promoting their products on Social Media, and I doubt if most of them are making any money.

To get substantial sales from your social media account, you must have a huge fan following, not just your relatives and friends.

In case you do not have a considerable following, you will have to build this.
The social Sales rep is totally silent on how to build the Social Media Following.

The best way of promoting any product is to create your own blog and start writing content. Unfortunately, the social Sales rep does not touch this aspect, which is the first step towards successful Affiliate marketing.

You can never underestimate the benefit of step-by-step training, which is not limited to sharing the Links on Social Media platforms.
This is not the best platform for a beginner.

Social Sales Rep V/S Wealthy Affiliate:

Social Sales Rep Review -Conclusion :

Social Sales Rep is not on the top of the list of my recommended Programs.

As you have seen in the comparison above, there are a lot of features completely missing from Social Sales Rep which cannot be ignored.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way of making money. You can make some money with Social Sales Rep. Still, you are not building your online business to achieve financial freedom.

To build a sustainable business and create your own identity, you must develop your own website. You must follow a step-by-step training, and you must be able to get help whenever required.

Inside the wealthy Affiliate, You will have access to all required to build a successful online empire. You can follow the training and whenever in doubt you can ask questions.

I hope this Social Sales Rep transparent review will help you in making an informed decision.

Is Social Sales Rep a Scam? I have shared all the facts to let you decide.

In case you need further information, just leave a comment below in the comment section. I will respond at the earliest.

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    1. Hello Divyam
      Thanks for visiting my website. You have not explained why do you want a live chat? Are you planning to join Social Sales Rep?
      If you have read this article, I have given them a rating of 4 out f 10.
      Typically, I treat these types of programs as Scams. The reason for giving a bit high rating is that you will find some training inside the dashboard.
      Moreover, I have clearly mentioned that this program is not for newbies.
      Have you come across any program asking for some money for assistance or live chat? That should raise a red flag.
      Unless you have a huge fan following on social media, you will not be able to make any money.
      And even if you have a fan following , you would not like to promote a scam and earn a bad name.
      So Stay away.
      Now if you are looking for a legitimate opportunity for making money online, You can learn affiliate marketing from “Wealthy Affiliate”. By clicking this link, you can enroll for a 7-day free training. No credit card is required. Test it and see if it is good for you.
      I am making money by following step-by-step training but don’t go by my words. Evaluate yourself.

      1. I was deducted $47 this morning from social sale they are scammers they took my money and they didn't give me any job,first they asked me to pay $1.00 for registration and made me to believe that I will start earning per hour and I should not worry but after 3days they deducted my money from the internet, scammers everywhere,guys be careful they are fake

  1. Thanks for the review, I tried it and I got a bit sceptical when I was asked for 1 dollar to get permission into their website and I thought oh well its just 1dollar after all and their description sounds really promising, but as soon as I started the training, I felt like I was reading a blog instructing me how to get online money using, upwork and some other free Lance site.

    I totally feel like it's a time waster and a dollar lost as well, great click bait for them.

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