Squishy Cash connects you with the advertisers across the globe so that you can make money from home for doing simple things which you may otherwise already be doing online.

The website allows you to make passive income online by completing offers, surveys and tasks etc.

Is Squishy Cash Legit? If you have come here before joining Squishy cash, I would advise you to read the complete review before deciding to join it.

I understand you have landed are searching for a legitimate opportunity for making passive income. You have decided to research before joining as you might have been led to some be-rich-quick scheme and lost your time and money or you may just be a newbie pushing hard to make money online.

You can continue to read the squishy cash review to find out if you can make any money with it or Just click the button below to learn about the program that has helped me earn more than $10000 or more per month last year.

Is Squishy Cash Legit -Quick Report

Name: Squishy Cash
Website: Click Here
Type: GPT (Get Paid to)
Price: Free to Join



What is Squish Cash ?

 Squishy Cash is a well known Get to paid (GPT) that has been paying their members since 2007 or taking surveys or completing other offers promoted by the companies.  

When You can join Squishy Cash for free, you are paid $3 as one time joining Bonus.

When you first land on the Squishy cash website and get registered , you may treat it as a Scam as you might see the page full of promoting stuff.

But company is legitimate and pay you each time you complete the tasks.

You will not only earn money but also earn coins that can be exchanged for gift cards. 

You can make some money with squishy cash that may buy you a pizza in few months but you can not achieve financial Freedom.

You may Join squishy cash for fun and can earn some some money online but must not waste much time there as that won't make you rich.

In case you are serious about making money online, You must look out for some other good options that can help you support your family or come out of 9 t0 5 shackles.

Being an affiliate marketer my self making 6 figure income, I can recommend you to start Affiliate marketing. If you are not aware of affiliate marketing, you can learn it with a step by step training by clicking the button below. 

 How Does Squishy Cash Work?

In order to make money online, you will have to get yourself registered with Squishy Cash Website.

The registration Process is very simple and you will have to fill the email ID, username and Password. Optionally you may add your address and Phone number.

After filling the desired information, You will have to click the Join Button.

You will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox with the signing in Link.

Once you have completed the registration process the website will add $3 in your account and you may start receiving the targeted surveys and offers on your email.

The site does not allow spams and therefore limit the account to one per home. Therefore only one person from the can open the account on Squishy Cash. 

The site will map your IP address. In case you have more than one account or try to use VPN, you account may be permanently Blocked. 

The web browser will have to be setup for accepting the cookies and when you are going for a new offer you are advised to clear the cookies.

All the USA residents who have made more than $500 in cash or prizes  are required to  file W-9 form and in case you reside out of USA, you may have to fill 1099-K form. You can check if your country is excluded from this form.

How can you Earn with Squishy Cash?

Squishy Cash will pay you  either in cash or You may earn chips for completing tasks on the site. 

Before attempting any task, you can check that how much cash / chips will be able to make for competing the task.


  As shown above, you will make %.50 for taking opinion survey whereas you would earn $30 and 30 Chips for registering as a new member with William Hills Casino, depositing minimum $20 and playing thorough that $20.  

The chips can be converted to Dollars at a conversion rate of $1 for 100 chips.

As you might notice that you will struggle to make money by just taking the surveys as surveys on the site are very low paying.

You will have to go for the tasks for making some money and you need to spend from your own pocket before you make money with tasks. You can make approximately $5 or more for completing every task.

While task do pay you more money, but you must be careful while leaving the credit cards information on the task completion site. 

Some of the task may demand recurring monthly subscription and it may happen that you forgot to cancel the subscription after making money with Squishy Cash and instead of making money, You would end up on losing site.

You can earn money the following ways.

  • Taking Surveys
  • By Clicking on Paid Ads.
  • For completing the different trails.
  • You can earn cashback for using the the site for shopping online.
  • You can make $1 for every friend you refer to the Site and earn referral commission up to 5th Level varying from 25 % at first level to 1% at 5th Level
  • You will earn chips or Cash for Completing various tasks on the Site.

How You are Paid?

Minimum cash out amount is $15. It means you can withdraw the amount if you have minimum $15 in your account. You can be paid online in your PayPal account or may request for a account payee check or Amazon Gift Cards. 

Chips in your account can be exchanged for Amazon . Walmart, Target or Visa Gift cards.


Squishy Cash Pros:

  • Low Threshold Amount.
  • Fast Payments.
  • Making Payment sinc last many Years without Fail.
  • Not a Scam

Squishy Cash Cons:

  • Low Paying Surveys
  • Need to Pay for tasks From your Pocket
  • Have to Share Credit Card Details with the Publishers.
  • Can not make enough money to be financially free.

Bottom Line: Is Squishy Cash worth Joining?

Squishy Cash is a legitimate website that has been around for so many years. You can earn cash and chips. Chips can be Exchanged for different gift cards. Customer support is good and if you have some problem, you will find someone to help you.

Legitimacy of company is not in doubt but earning potential is very less. 

Website is good for the people who are already making money with their regular jobs and looking for some online activity to pass time and make few dollars but it is not for the people looking forward to make money for their living.

Squishy Cash do not provide any opportunity to establish your business and secure your future.

There are better options available.

I hope you have liked the review. In case you need more information, just leave a comment below. I will respond at the earliest.

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