The first time I heard about Sweatcoin App, I could not believe it. You get money for walking and Losing weight. It sounds too good to believe.

Why should someone pay you just for walking and getting fit?

Walking is my hobby and if I could some extra money just by walking, there's nothing like that and that's why I decided to try Sweatcoin App.

In this Sweatcoin App review, I will share all the details about Sweatcoin, How does it work? How much money can you make with it and my personal experience?

What is Sweatcoin?


Don't Get Confused. Sweat coin is not a cryptocurrency and has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Sweatcoin is an app that pays you for walking.

The fitness trend is not new but it has gained a lot of importance in 2020 particularly the Post Covid-19 Pandemic. There are many apps on the Google Play store that would help you keep fit but this is the First app that pays you for getting healthy.

Sweatcoin may not be treated as a way of making some passive income but only a health app that offers you some incentive to encourage you to walk more and lose weight while making some money.

How Sweatcoin Work:

  1. Downloading App: The first step towards getting started is to download the App from Google Play or the Apple store. The app is available in selected locations at present but soon they are planning to expand. You can download the app if you reside in any one of the following locations.

2. Walk and Earn: Now you should keep the App running in the background to register your steps and start walking. Sweatcoin will register your outdoor steps and reward a .95 Sweat coin for every 1000 steps. That does not look like a big amount but if you keep the app running in the background always when you walk, every step will be counted and you will be able to get good offers in lieu of Sweatcoins collected. Health experts advise to walk at least 10000 steps a day to keep yourself fit and if you follow their advice, you will be able to earn 9.5 Sweatcoins a day and 285 in a month (30 days).

3. You can enhance sweat coins earning by upgrading to different levels. A base-level allows you only to earn 5 sweat coins a day whereas upgrading your membership trial to the breaker, you can make up to 600 sweat coins a month.

Different Membership Levels:

There are four different levels in the free version of App and each offers you a different earning potential. These levels are

  1. Mover: Mover is the basic level and costs you nothing. This level restricts the earning potential to 150 Sweatcoins a month.
  2. Shaker: The earning potential goes up to 300 Sweatcoins a month but it will cost you 4.75 sweat coins per month.
  3. Quaker: You can be a Quaker member by investing 20 Sweatcoins per month with an earning potential up to 450 coins per month.
  4. Breaker: You can earn a maximum of 600 coins per month at the level. The membership will cost you 30 Sweatcoins a month.

In case you want to earn more Sweatcoins, You can opt for the Paid version. It will cost you $.99.With paid "Trouble Maker" subscription, you can earn up to 50 Sweatcoins.

 So You can collect a maximum of 570 (600 -30)  coins per month. But Does Sweatcoin give you real money?

Is Sweatcoin worth It?

You will be disappointed, If you are planning to use this app for making passive income. In case you are also looking for ways to make some additional income / full-time income to support your family, there are other ways that I will discuss toward the end of this article.

For your kind information, Sweatcoins typically trade for 5 cents to 10 cents on Reddit or Oher similar Sweatcoin forums.

At this exchange rate, you can make $28.5 to $57 per month maximum. That is not a big amount but considering you are getting paid only for walking and maintaining your health, It is not bad either

How Would you get Paid :When you earn Sweatcoins, there is no official way to cash out. But I mentioned above, you can check Reddit or other forums for cashing out when you reach a specific value. One of my friends has 22000 Sweatcoins for $1100. It might have taken him a year to collect that many Sweatcoins. Even if someone is ready to pay for Sweatcoins, how would they afford it? They might be using them somewhere for a higher value.

The first place where you can exchange Sweatcoins is their store.

What can you buy with sweatcoin?

In the early days, Sweat coins could be exchanged with mainly fitness-related products like Yoga classes, Yoga Mats,  and Other sports equipment. In partnership with NHS, they have designed a special program where the app offers even footballs and Goalposts.

But nowadays you can get restaurant discounts, holiday vouchers or even get amazing products like iPhone, an Apple Watch, or a Samsung TV with 20,000 Sweatcoins!

Is Sweatcoins a Scam? 

I would like to discuss this in detail. People have devised different ways to scam you online.
Some scams like Profit Mate or Website ATM can be identified just by looking at them. Here the scammer or the site owner will assure you to give some done for you system for making money online which would never work.

Most of the Products being offered on digital platforms like ClickBank, Jvzoo, and Warrior plus fall under that category.

There are a few other Multi-Level marketing scams or Ponzi schemes selling only memberships without any physical products.

Here Sweatcoin is offering you free Money then how come it can be a Scam?

They do not offer any cash, they just offer digital money i.e. Sweatcoins, and what would do with them, You will give them back in exchange for some offer.

Retailers do not mind giving you free products. They normally keep on offering discounts or free products even without installing any App or even without walking.

If you like the product from a brand, you are more likely to buy more products of the same brand and even if not, there will lot of mouth publicity.

Is it not a win-win situation for all?

Brands are happy offering you free products in their store and you are happy to get free Yoga Mates or Football and Sweatcoin is happy in making money by promoting the brand's offers.

Where's the problem then?

There's a big problem Your freedom is at stake. Sweatcoin would track your location always. In case you want to earn Sweatcoins,  you will have to allow the app to track your location always.

The apps like Sweatcoin make money by tracking you and sharing the data with third-party vendors. They promote themselves in such a way that you won't hesitate to share your location.

They are not offering you something free. Nothing comes free in this world.

Where you go and spend time (and of course money) is very important information and can be sold for an extremely high price. Big companies are ready to pay the price.

Would you allow someone to keep a watch on your every single step by just paying your few dollars a month? I will not.

If this App can tell the that I prefer Burger King over McDonald, there is no need to conduct big surveys. The information is a goldmine and you are not being compensated worth a single survey for losing your independence.

Money is in the data only and app developers know that. The more an App can crack this code, the more money will be made by the company.

I leave it up to you to decide if Sweatcoin is a Scam or Legit.

How Can you Make Money?

Even if you decide to Keep Sweatcoin App on your phone, you are not going to earn make a substantial income. People are making money using other ways. Affiliate marketing the most preferred and legitimate way of making money online.

If you are not aware, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other's products. You do need to keep any inventory. You will just have to find the product you like from networks like Amazon or Walmart and start promoting. Surely you will have to join their affiliate programs before promoting. You can join these networks absolutely free.

Affiliate marketing is not a "become rich overnight" type of Scheme and needs a lot of hard work and some training. Once you have learned the art, you can make up to $10,000 per month.

A lot of information is available on Social media about Social medial and YouTube but that is neither compiled in a proper manner nor sufficient.

For learning all the techniques of Affiliate marketing, you should Join a step-by-step training.  I would advise you to join the Wealthy Affiliate university being run by the experts in this field.

They have trained more than a million online entrepreneurs. Training is available at a nominal monthly fee but you can join a wealthy affiliate as a starter member and test it absolutely free for 7 days without any credit card and check if it works for you.

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